John Nott de Arden’s Bye-law against usury, as Sheriff and Mayor of London

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The Vicecomes / Sheriff John Nott de Arden, during his elected term as Lord Mayor he made a bye-law that banned all usury practices around London. This law was used from the 1300s through the 1500s to keep non-English people from getting a foothold via London merchant avenues. It was called “John Notte’s Bye-law”.
As the love of money is called the source of all evils, we have found this practice was correct to help restrict the destruction of nations. Today making money out of nothing is the status quo. Real values attached to them would cause a great reset. The Central Banks of Credit Fraud make some promised assurances that they say will come to fruition 40 years from now (like reducing the temperatures around the world etc). However, God provided greater assurances when we use integrity and also take care of our own families and environments.
As a close neighbor and peer family of the hereditary Sheriffs of Worcester Lord John Nott co-served together with the Sheriff of Worcester. Centuries later we find the family continued to intermarry with this older branch of the de Arden Saxon family that retained it’s prominence in Warwickshire and there at the family holdings of the four shire stone (where they had from ancient times (as descended from the Mercian Kings and later as Earls under Dane and Norman overlords) ruled their estates from the chief King’s neighboring seat (Kingstone), the 4 Shire Stone / pyramid joins Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire.

John Nott VI of Thornbury-Kington b 1585 Bristol, Lord of Shelsley Beauchamp / Great Sheldesly m Ann Jeffrey, dau of the Sheriff of Worcester, Lord William Jeffreys of Hom Castle, High Sheriffs of Worcestershire for 4 generations and Lords of Clifton-upon-Teme

(Note: This agrees with the American encyclopedic accounts of the Colonial pioneer family of Sgt John Nott, representative of Wethersfield/Hartford, as being the Grandson of a Lord John Nott of Nottingham (as one of the nearest larger cities of Nottingham being Solihull, where the family long held a seat as Earls, Lords, Mayors, and Knights (as representatives of an older branch of the de Arden family). The Shelsley-Beauchamp estate itself was within the Worcestershire Western side of the Warwickshire centered estates. This is one of the illustrious ancestors of our Primace Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick. The Millennia long held coat of arm of this Vicecommital (or Danish Jarl loyalist family of Canute) male line he represents are below.)

Arms Azure a bend, or between three lion’s faces. Crest: Talbot sejeant ermine, ducally gorged or. Motto: Mihi invidus obstat (he alone enviously withstands me).
This house is also of the cadet line of the 1867 branch of Wolfenbuttel, who under protection of the Regent of Mecklenburg, the Duke, moved as per US, French, Swiss, German and UK treaties to transmit the inheritance of estates and domains to the American heir and successor upon the 1873 death of the de jure Duke Charles II von Wolfenbuttel, the sole claimant to said estates which were re-created under constant petition as invalidated by the lawful ducal family. As senior Dukes of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick the family has retained a right to reinstate prince status which was primarily holding 2nd in line of succession to the British throne. However, as the basis in German estates which per the French Treaty included the crown of Emperor over all German states as one new United Empire with a new modern constitution, the first duty is representing the Germany inheritance.