CREATION… or CHANCE! God’s purpose with mankind proved by the wonder of the universe

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Creation or Chance!
God’s purpose with mankind proved by the wonder of the universe


  • “A World Gone Wrong”
  • The Theory of Evolution The Cause
  • How Clever is Man?
  • The Evil of Evolution
  • Has Man Penetrated Space?
  • When Pygmies Look Up!
  • Symbols in the Sky
  • The Evolutionist Caught in a Fly-Trap!
  • The Marvel of Man
  • The Evolutionist Stung by a Bee!
  • The Evolutionist Reveals God’s Wisdom

Did the limitless heavens, this vast globe we call “earth,” and the amazing diversities of life upon it, come merely by chance or caprice? Are the complexities of life a mere whim of fate — or is there some real purpose behind existence?

A vast change has come over the world in the last ninety years. Prior to 1914, the tempo of life was far more leisurely; motor cars were few and inefficient; airplanes were flimsy affairs that inspired little confidence; electricity was still largely in its infancy. And morally, the world was still governed by the standards and conventions of the Victorian Age.

The first World War brought great changes. It introduced a period of great inventiveness when, in the words of Bible prophecy, “knowledge was increased” (Daniel 12:4). Speed came into its own; the use of electricity was developed; radio became more than a mere toy. On the battlefields, millions died as mighty armies became locked in terrible death-struggles; and, in the widespread catastrophe, conventions were thrown to the winds, and morals were measured by new standards. In view of the remarkable developments of technology, and the widening influence of information, people began to doubt the existence of God as theories of evolution and “natural development” were exploited.

On the one hand, men found themselves controlling mighty forces, and penetrating into previously-unknown space, so that they could almost imagine themselves to be gods. On the other hand, they saw destruction so appalling as to cause them to doubt the existence of a benevolent and loving Creator.

A World Gone Wrong
A materialistic philosophy gained ground in recent times, which explained life in terms that left out God. It propounded the theory of evolution, claiming that creation, in all its complex diversity, originated from mere chance and not from the hands of an intelligent Creator with a well-defined purpose in mind. As mankind struggled through the crisis and slump that followed the great wars, and saw widespread misery and want in famished areas, featured so evidently in the news media, the principles of evolution became indoctrinated into politics. Communism became popular, to further challenge faith and belief in God, so that it is claimed that Karl Marx did for politics what Darwin did for science. Today, most forms of political thought, from right to left, are colored by the principles of communism, as is manifest in a growing State totalitarianism evident in every country.

Meanwhile, mankind’s faith in religion was shaken. The influence of the Bible steadily lost ground and was pushed into the background. Morals were relaxed until today chastity is “old fashioned.” As the concept of a heavenly Father grew dim, so the principle of fatherhood on earth waned. Divorce and juvenile delinquency grew with their heritage of misery and evil, as the whole world became delinquent towards God. Today, mankind generally, has turned its back upon God. It is morally in a shocking condition, whilst racially and nationally it faces the prospects of such terrible and widespread destruction as could completely destroy civilization.

The Theory of Evolution the Cause
No teaching has contributed more to destroying man’s confidence in the existence of God than the theory of evolution. Yet, that theory is completely false, and there is no scientist of any standing, who would dare claim that it has been proved indisputably true. The theory is propounded on the basis of implication and circumstantial evidence, that fails to satisfy the truly enquiring mind. This theory cannot provide any answer to the insurmountable problems that face society, but is itself responsible for the decline of morals, the break-up of family life, and the political antagonism that disgraces today’s world. Yet the Bible, with its remarkable confirmation of prophecy vindicated beyond all shadow of doubt by the amazing fulfilment of that which it has predicted, can direct to a satisfying way of life that provides for the good of humanity and also presents a hope for the future (1 Timothy 4:8).

The most seriously perturbing aspect of all this conflict, is that evolution has been gullibly accepted by people who do not understand how fallacious is its teaching, nor how dangerous its influence. It has now become incorporated into the educational systems of the schools, and though it remains an unproven theory, it is often taught as fact, as true beyond all doubt, and in such a way as to completely discredit the Bible.

Thus, from early childhood, people are taught to question the standards of previous times, and to scoff at the Bible with its message of hope and its offer of personal salvation. People reject the idea that Jesus Christ is to return to this earth (Acts 1:11; 3:19), to raise from the dead and give eternal life to those who have lived in accordance with his teaching (Matthew 19:28-29); they ridicule the doctrine that shows that God will set up a kingdom upon the earth (Daniel 2:44), over which Jesus Christ will reign as king (1 Corinthians 15:24; Zechariah 14:9). In doing so they deny themselves the salvation that God offers to perishing humanity (John 3:16), and cut themselves off from any hope in the future.

How clever is man?
The Bible demands faith, however, and in this materialistic age, when man has probed so many secrets of life, it is popular to mock at a Bible faith. Man imagines that he has grown beyond it, and thinks that he has all the answers to life’s problems. But how mistaken is such a view! Man might be clever in a superficial way, but he has not all the answers. He is clever only to the extent that God has permitted him to stumble upon discoveries which have enabled him to use certain elements, the fundamentals about which, however, he remains ignorant.

Consider electricity, for example. We are absolutely dependent upon it for the basics of life, yet the scientist who harnesses it cannot explain what it is, or where it came from! Consider, further, a marvel of modern times: radio and video transmission. It is entirely dependent upon elements that man has discovered, but which he cannot create. No man has ever made an electron, or the smallest quantity of tungsten, from which electrodes are made; no man has ever created a scrap of copper used to form the casing of valves. Thus the radio — advanced as a triumph of man’s ingenuity — is entirely dependent upon elements he never made, but found! Who put them there in the first place? Who, but God!

Now, consider yourself. Eight hours out of a day you probably rest on a bed and try to sleep. Why? Why is sleep so essential? Ask your doctor, and discover that he does not know! He knows that it is important that you should do so; he knows that it restores and revives the whole of the human frame, and that it is as important as food. But your doctor does not know why the human body must sleep! With all his professed knowledge, man is very limited.

The word “miracle,” is frequently used today to describe what man does, but it is an unpopular word to use in association with the Bible. The massive jet plane flying overhead is a “miracle,” but a loud laugh goes up when we refer to the miracles of the Bible.

The Evil of Evolution
With the foregoing in mind, carefully consider the theory of evolution. It claims that “life” came into existence by mere chance; that its complex, harmonious and diverse forms which are seen on every hand, developed out of slime; that it just happened without direction or purpose; that it all came into being by blind accident; that it is merely remarkable luck that we have hands, feet, head, and eyes!

Now such a theory is incredulous. I look at a watch. I observe all the intricate mechanism. I know that there is design and purpose in it all, though (not being mechanically minded!) I do not understand the functions of all the little pieces of machinery. But the science of evolution would teach me that the watch manufactured itself; that it evolved all the little springs because it wanted to tell the time for some reason it did not know itself, and therefore, by forces working outside of itself, and a desire from within, it ultimately became a watch!

My little bit of sarcasm is not far-fetched, as every scientist will know. It is the principle upon which the theory is based. How did life come into existence? One man told me that in some remote past, mighty primeval waves beat upon the shores, and life was created! But who caused the mighty waves to beat upon the shore? He did not know. And the whole of his theory, to my mind, moved out of the range of miracle into the realm of magic! Blind chance waved its magic wand, and life was created!

But then another scientist told me that the first one was wrong! And, as I searched into this matter, I found so many mistakes that scientists had made, particularly in relation to this theory of evolution, so many involved and contradictory theories, all cancelling out what the other taught, that I was pleased to get back to my Bible, with its sound, clear, and plain teaching: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

But what you need to bear in mind is that these God-defying theories are taught to children in the schools, indoctrinating them with principles that encourage them to treat God’s Word with disrespect, and induce in them a spirit that can lead to delinquency.

The greatest heritage any parents can give their children is a respect for God, and an education in spiritual matters.

Has man penetrated space?
The telescope reveals our earth as a very small, insignificant speck floating in unlimited space. When you look into the sky, you are facing infinity! What is beyond space? And what is beyond that? So, as we think upon the problem, there is borne home to us that there is something greater that mortal man, and we only have to gaze into the heavens to be brought face to face with the infinite.

Our nearest neighbour (excluding the moon, earth’s satellite) is the planet Venus, which is 39,000,000 kilometres away when at its nearest point. With Venus, and other planets, we revolve around the sun which is 150,000,000 kilometres away.

The sun is the centre of a little system of its own, called the solar system, and the nearest star to the solar system (and itself the centre of its own system, for every star is a sun in its own right) is Alpha Centauri, some 42 million million kilometres away.

The solar system is a very small dot in the vast Milky Way, which we see on a night spread across the sky. Every point of light seen (excluding the few planets associated with the sun) is a mighty sun controlling its own vast system like our sun. Train a telescope upon the heavens, and for every dot of light you see with the naked eye, you will see another thousand! The larger the telescope that man produces, the more he realizes that there is no limit to discoveries! He is face to face with the Infinite.

Yet it is all governed by marvellous precision and order, more meticulous and exact that the best watch that man has ever made.

Did “Lady Luck” cause all this to happen? Did blind chance create remarkable order? To pose the question is to answer it!

So tremendous is the vault of heaven, that ordinary measurements are inadequate, and man has adopted another unit called light year. Light travels at the rate of 300,000 kilometres per second. Multiply that by 60 for the distance in a minute, again by 60 for the distance in an hour, again by 24 for the distance in a day, and finally by 365 for the distance covered in a year, and the total of nearly ten million million kilometres is the enormous yardstick, our nearest star-neighbour Alpha Centauri) is four and one-third light years distant from the earth! In other words, if the rockets that landed on the moon were directed to our nearest star, they would take 5,000 years to reach it! And long before that, I should think, those who launched it would have lost interest in the progress!

Yet scientists glibly speak of “man’s conquest of space”!

How puny is man in comparison with creation about him. God could well say to Job: “Canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?” (Job 38:32).

Astronomers have ascertained that this giant of the sky, at least a million times larger than our own sun (and the sun is over a million times larger than the earth), flies through space with its retinue of worlds, or “sons,” at the rate of more than fourteen hundred thousand kilometres an hour! Surely only Omnipotent power can “guide Arcturus with his sons” on their furious race through space. How true are the words of the Psalmist: “When I consider Thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the moon and the stars which Thou hast ordained, what is man, that Thou art mindful of him?” (Psalm 8:3-6).

Yet God, in His infinite mercy, has bridged these mighty distances, and has revealed Himself as a Father unto humanity, that He might save some for His glory (see Psalm 103:11-17).

When pygmies look up!
When man gazes into the heavens, he sees something of the glory and wonder of the Creator. The Bible describes God as “hanging the world upon nothing” (Job 26:7), and speaks of the “circle of the earth” (Isaiah 40:2). Have you ever thought of the weight of the globe which is computed at 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tonnes, and considered the mighty power of God who projected it into space at a speed of 29.7 kilometres per second and continues to hold it in position by His mysterious force of gravity? This speed makes the fastest, most powerful jet-plane seem stationary! Have you ever pondered the mystery of those mighty heavenly bodies all hurtling through space at tremendous speeds; and yet all subject to such laws of precision that astronomers can predict their position in relation to the earth to the minute?

Is this mighty power and marvellous precision an evidence of Creation eller Chance?

Immense as is the earth, it is small in comparison with the sun. Because of its vast distance from us, the sun, when viewed through colored glass, appears as a small red disc; but actually, its diameter is approximately one and a half million kilometres.

The sun is nature’s hearth, for terrestrial life depends upon its rays. Nothing is more interesting than the wanderings of a ray of light. First there is its long journey through space at the speed of 300,000 kilometres per second. It reaches the earth and caresses the fields. Every blade of grass seizes it with delight, and solar heat becomes imprisoned in its frail organism. The beasts of the field are allured by the fine green tufts of grass, and thus the sun’s rays enter into their bodies and become transformed into milk, flesh or wool, finally ending upon our tables in the form of food, or upon our backs in the form of clothing! We can admire with gratitude the magnificent sun which provides in its rays the means of life for man, and can respond to the wisdom of God by giving thanks for His wonderful and beneficent creation; and at the same time, leave the evolutionist to his slime (see 2 Peter 2:22)!

The sun, with its health-giving rays, and its power to dispel darkness, is a fitting symbol for the Lord Jesus Christ who proclaimed himself to be “the Light of the World” (John 8:12), and who will not only give life to those who come under his beneficent influence, but will ultimately destroy the spiritual darkness and superstition that holds mankind encased in gloom (Isaiah 60:1-2). Concerning his coming reign on earth, the Psalmist declared: “His name shall continue as long as the sun, and men shall be blessed in him; all nations shall call him blessed” (Psalm 72:17).

As we look towards the heavens, and view the mighty forces that God has projected into space, we see the tokens of His power, tokens which illustrate His ability to execute His great purpose in the earth: “The God of heaven shall set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed, and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever” (Daniel 2:44).

To accomplish this purpose, God will send Jesus Christ back to this earth (Revelation 1:7).

Symbols in the sky
The great fires of the sun never go out. They burn with a surface heat of six to seven thousand degrees, whilst the internal temperature is considered to be approximately 50 million degrees. Of this output energy, the earth receives but a minute part. If the earth was any closer to the sun, the heat of the latter would destroy us. If it were as close to the sun as the moon is to the earth, the earth would disintegrate! But God’s wisdom arranged that the earth should be positioned where it is in order that it should sustain life (Isaiah 45:18).

The greatest works of man are puny compared to those of God. Supposing a fog existed over Sydney Harbour (Australia) 90 metres deep, the amount of air to be dissipated would be more than five million tonnes. Man cannot devise means to disperse it; yet the sun, the great dispeller of gloom and darkness, can accomplish the work within an hour, and this is but a fraction of fog to be shifted during each twenty-four hours.

Many an astronomer has extolled the glory of the sun. Its surface is called the Photosphere, because it gives out the light which illuminates the earth. Under normal circumstances, it seems to have a smooth surface but, actually, it has large waves upon it, so that it has been described as a great ocean of fire. Sun spots appear on the photosphere which are really great fiery storms, during which tremendous hydrogen flames are cast out, reaching over 300,000 kilometres. Near the edge of some of the spots are bright ridges called faculae, which form the most brilliant part of the sun, and are sometimes 65,000 kms in length and 6,500 kms in breadth. Outside the photosphere is the reversing layer consisting of cooler gases. Above this is the Chromosphere, or color sphere, so called because of its rose tint appearance. It extends to a depth of 6,500 kms. Beyond this is the marvellous white glory of the Corona. It is a kind of rarefied atmosphere out of which emerges long, slender, luminous filaments called streamers. Some have extended to a distance of sixteen million kms in length. They were seen at the time of total eclipse in 1878.

The Bible likens the sun to a great fiery brazier of unparalleled strength and splendour, whose fertilising rays bring life to the world. In Psalm 19, David likened the sun to an army general surrounded by his troops who do his summons; or to a bridegroom appearing with glory and splendour, before the assembled gathering. The sun’s great heat, light and strength, reminded David of a strong man running a race, and he saw it as a symbol of earth’s coming king, the Christ in whom his hopes were centred. David was a “man after God’s own heart,” to whom God made promises of eternal import (see 2 Samuel 7:12,13; Isaiah 55:7), and he loved to contemplate the omnipotence and omniscience of the Creator as revealed in His works. He declared: “The works of God are great, sought out of all them that take delight therein” (Psalms 111:2).

The glory, strength, fiery heat, revealing light, dominating power, and life-giving properties of the sun are used as symbols of the Lord Jesus. He is represented as coming to the earth “as the great Sun of righteousness with healing in his beams” (Malachi 4:2). His glory will commence a new epoch, a “new day” for the earth, when he shall shine in the political heavens as King of kings (2 Samuel 23:4). His rays of spiritual light will disperse the gloom and evil of this Gentile night and irradiate the world with divine Truth (Isaiah 60:1-3). He will come as a bridegroom to his waiting bride (Revelation 19:7), and she comprises all those who have earnestly sought to live in accordance with his precepts in anticipation of his coming, and, joined to him in immortality they will live and reign upon the earth in glorious unity (Revelation 5:9-10; John 17:20-21). Christ will be “a strong man to run a race” (Psalm 19:5), for he will cast down all opposing kings and rule over the earth in righteousness (Daniel 7:27). Then shall all men praise him, for the nation and kingdom that will not serve him shall perish” (Isaiah 60:12). In the effulgence of his spiritual light and understanding there shall be dispelled the fog and “gross darkness” that encompasses mankind today, and by his revelation of divine Truth men will be forced to exclaim: “Surely our fathers (spiritual, political and scientific!) have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit” (Jeremiah 16:19).

The Evolutionist caught in a Fly-Trap!
Simply put, evolution can be defined as the developing of new and complex forms of life, from simpler forms by natural processes rather than specific creation. God is thus replaced by Nature; and evolutionists claim that all the amazing diversities of life on the earth do not speak of His wonderful creative Power, but of the remarkable vicissitudes of chance!

To see how absurd this teaching is, examine carefully God’s handiwork in the insect-devouring “Venus Fly Trap,” found in North Carolina, USA, and consider whether this is an evidence of wonderful design at the hand of an intelligent Creator, or of blind chance working through amazing luck!

A — flower
B — plant
C,D,E — trap in action.
 Leaves of basal rosette each with terminal trap.
2. Trap.
3. Fly on leaf.
4. Contact hairs that set off trap: closing mechanism.
5. Teeth that close the trap.

From the accompanying drawings, identify the different parts of the flower, and consider how the trap works. The leaves (see sketch B1) of this plant lie in a “rosette” flat on the ground. Each leaf ends in a leaf-blade that looks and acts like a steel trap. The two halves of the trap, hinged in the middle, are attractive on top, being colored pink, red or green, and having the lure of flowers. But there are three little “triggers” (sensitive hairs — see sketch C4) on the upper inner surface of each side of the trap, making a total of six “triggers” for each trap.

Insects land on these traps and walk around in search of nectar. When an insect disturbs the sensitive hairs on the trap, it will instantly snap shut, with tooth-edges meshing and preventing escape (see sketch E). These six sensitive hairs even distinguish between a living and a dead object, for the leaf-trap will not close unless two hairs are touched in succession, or the same hair twice. Small sticks or pebbles will leave the trap undisturbed!

Once shut, however, the trap gradually pinches tighter and tighter, squeezing its prey against the digestive glands on the inner surfaces of the trap. These traps are strong enough to crush soft bodies, while the glands secrete an acid that can digest any insect caught.

The glands are able to give a continual supply of acid for a week once a victim has been ensnared. When the trap closes, functions are set in motion which virtually turn it into a “stomach.”

This plant, with its many traps, is designed to work in unison with co-operative sequence. This is obviously the rational design of an intelligent Creator.

Consider again the various parts of the trap, two leaves, the hinges, the toothed edges, the “trigger” hairs, the digestive glands, the copious acid secretion at the right time. How could random chance, without intelligent design, produce such an organization? It is impossible. The theory of evolution is revealed to be absurd in attempting to show how the Venus Fly Trap evolved. In fact, in trying to do so, the evolutionist is himself caught in a fly trap!

Consider the alternative. The parts of the trap either “evolved” one after the other over millions of years — or God created the plant! The evolutionist claims that it took millions of years for the trap to evolve, but, until the whole plant is completely formed, it won’t work! In other words, for millions of years the plant has been evolving a trap that won’t work! Fortunately, the plant has no brains, otherwise it surely would have destroyed itself in sheer frustration! But though it lacks brains, apparently, according to the evolutionist, it went on busily evolving away over millions of years, attempting the impossible, trying to make an incomplete trap work until, supposedly at one stage, a particularly bright plant, by superhuman effort (we won’t use the word “miracle”), suddenly thought out (without brains, mind you) what was required and proceeded to grow it!

Please excuse the sarcasm in our description, but how else can evolution account for this amazing plant! There is only one way that plant could come into being: by specific creation.

Look at it again. Notice that the flower is separate from the trap which is situated at the end of the leaf. Any variations in the shape of leaves are not handed on to its offspring, unless they are transferred to the seeds. Can the flower do this itself? Of course not! The alternative is for the evolutionist to “suppose” that somehow evolution takes place inside the seed itself.

Now consider what these so-called scientists are asking you to believe. They ask you to accept that the intricate insect trap, with all its functions is the result of “changes” inside the microscopic cell from which the seed is developed, and that during this evolutionary period these changes were useless (for the trap would not work), and therefore they were “evolved” for no apparent reason!

The cell, itself, is made up of many complex parts and substances, the most intriguing being the chromosomes and genes. The former are the tiny ribbons of proteins and nucleic acids that dictate growth and heredity, thus determining the shape and function of the whole plant.

What possible “natural forces” could work in a cell, whose fluid interest is in an almost continual state of upheaval, in order to influence those tiny ribbons of protein, so that when the cell reproduces itself millions of times, a “Venus Fly Trap” is formed on the edges of each leaf to catch insects and any other small creatures around?

Obviously, the theory of evolution dispenses with reason and truth, and substitutes absurdity; but what is more serious, it dispenses with the need of a Creator in the marvellous living things around us, seeking to explain all existence as the result of “natural causes.”

But, it may be objected, do not differences in environment bring about changes in persons? Does not interbreeding produce better animals? That may be so, but it cannot change a sheep into a horse, and that, virtually, is what evolution claims. Leave the well bred animal to itself, and what will happen? Every breeder knows; it will revert back to type.

The Marvel of Man
The human body is a wonderful and intricate piece of living mechanism. The heart, the blood-stream, the lungs, and so forth, are all working hard and constantly to maintain life in being, and yet so wonderfully is this done, that we are unconscious of it all until some disarrangement or accident causes us to heed it.

Is all this the result of chance working away in a pool of slime? The Bible teaches that man was made for the glory of God, and was given the intellect to reflect His glory. Unfortunately, that same intellect is so often prostituted to the cause of folly and stupidity.

As an example of the marvellous mechanism of the body, consider the wonder of light as taken into the body through the eye. Science says that light is a series of wave movements in the ether initiated by luminous bodies such as the sun, and which vibrate up and down at right angles to the direction of light. Light is made up of a combination of various waves, the colors of which are shown in the rainbow when the light of the sun is reflected in falling rain. These waves vary in size according to the particular color or shade but they average approximately 0.00042 of a millimetre in size.

We appreciate the beauty of light and color through the sight of the eyes, and that is possible because of the delicate membrane of the retina, which is an expansion of the fibres of the optic nerve, spread out at the back part of the eye. Although only 0.3175 millimetre in thickness, it is composed of no fewer than ten different layers, each 0.3175 millimetre thick. As light travels at the speed of 300,000 kilometres per second, it is a matter of simple mathematical computation to determine that when we look at a violet flower (violet color waves being the shortest), the retina vibrates at the tremendous rate of 750,000,000,000,000 vibrations per second!

No wonder the Psalmist declared of the Creator: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well” (Psalm 139:14). In the marvel of the retina of the eye, we have an example of the infinite power of the Creator, who has thus created a living substance 750 billion times more delicate than the escapement of a watch. It would take over 22 years for a watch to tick as many times as the retina vibrates in a second! Yet “the fool hath said” (Psalm 14:1) that man is a monument to the marvel of chance, not to the moulding of a divine and intelligent Creator!

The Evolutionist Stung by a Bee!
Consider the amazing wax-cells that abound in the beehive. Each cell is a perfect hexagon which the bee by instinct makes without mistake. Try to do this yourself! Without ruler, protractor or set square, endeavour to carefully draw a perfect hexagon. You will find it impossible! Yet the bee does it! How?

Moreover, each comb contains two sets of cells, one opening on each side of its faces. The cells of one side, however, are not exactly opposite to those of the other; for the middle of each cell abuts against the point where the walls of the three cells meet on the opposite side, and thus the partition that separates the cells is greatly strengthened. This partition is not flat, but consists of three planes which meet each other at a particular angle, so as to make the centre of the cell its deepest part.

It has been ascertained by measurement that the angles formed by bees are 109.28 and 70.32 degrees respectively. By very intricate calculation, it was determined by the mathematician Konig, that the best angles for such a purpose should be 109.26 and 70.34. In other words, the mathematicians and the bees differed only by the small discrepancy of two minutes of a degree, or 1/10,800th part of a circle, an infinitesimal space in so small a thing as a bee-cell.

Were the bees by this minute fraction at fault? Or did the geometricians err? The latter proved to be the case. MacLaurin, the Scottish mathematician, not satisfied with this explanation, applied himself to a fresh and careful investigation of the question. He showed that, owing to a slight misprint in the logarithmic tables, the result previously obtained was erroneous to the exact amount of two minutes of a degree! So the bees were right, and the mathematicians were wrong.

Whence came the knowledge of the bees? Even Darwin was stung into silence by these little creatures, saying, “What shall we say concerning the honeybee…?”

What, indeed! The special instincts which cause the bees to make their cells perfect hexagons, the sparrows to build their nests with straw, the beavers to build a dam, and the rabbits to burrow in the ground, are all proofs of the creation of separate species: a silent testimony to the existence of an infinite Creator working according to intelligent plan.

The Evolutionist Reveals God’s Wisdom
Unconsciously, the evolutionist gives his witness to the marvellous prescience and wisdom of God, because the growth and influence of his theory in these last days is clearly predicted in God’s word. The Bible declares: “Know this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming?… for this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth…” (2 Peter 3:4-5).

Here is a Bible prophecy clearly stating that in the “last days” men would be “willingly ignorant” of the facts of creation! The widespread teaching of the evolutionary theory, in spite of the evidence that can be brought against it, is a fulfilment of this prediction. Is it not a remarkable thing, that God should predict the very trend that is so obvious today? Scripture shows that the theory will be responsible for the moral declension that would be a feature of the “last days” prior to Christ’s coming to set up his kingdom on earth, so that the widespread, blind acceptance of this myth of evolution is a significant “sign of the times.”

We need to heed these warning, prophetic words of the Bible, and refuse to bow down to such a God-defying doctrine as evolution, which in spite of the claims of so-called learned men, cannot be proved as true, and remains in the realm of magical imagination.

Let people consider the wonders of creation, whether viewed in the heavens above, or upon the earth beneath, and here will be instantly recognized tokens of glory that speak of the wisdom of the Creator’s hand. Let them closely study the Bible, and they will be compelled to realize, that in this wonderful Book, there is found something equally as marvellous as the intricate patterns of life in its diversity, as is manifested on all sides.

It is inconceivable that God should have arranged for creation without purpose, and inasmuch as we see design and wisdom in the heavens and the earth, in man and in all creation, so there must be a future purpose for life on this earth.

The Bible reveals that purpose. It declares: “The whole earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord” (Numbers 14:21). It is for that reason that Jesus Christ is to return; it is for that reason that the Bible has come into existence: to bring man God’s revelation and to call him to salvation. That Book offers you life eternal upon the earth at Christ’s coming (Romans 2: 6-7; Revelation 22:12; Daniel 7:27).

What can the present offer you? A life of frustration and difficulty ending in death! But what of the future? That depends upon what you do with Jesus Christ and with God! Are you really satisfied with things as they exist on earth at the present? Are you happy about the future in which families must grow up? Cannot you discern the growing evil on every side? The increasing immorality? The tremendous problems that are already facing humanity?

The Bible has the solution to these things. For, although people are being subjected to pressure today that can drive them away from the things of God and the Bible, wisdom dictates that you show sufficient determination and independence of mind to resist these influences, and seek that which can be of inestimable benefit.

The issue is up to you!

— Logos Publications (edited by G. Mansfield)