Tracing Our Ancestors (British Israel book of the month)

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For our British Israel book club subscribers (local or online members), the book of the month is “Tracing Our Ancestors” by Frederick Haberman. Freely available for download below.

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As Paul told the Greeks: “do not be ignorant that your ancestors were with crossed the red sea” 1Corinthians 10:1 (to the Corinthian Celtic peoples of 12 tribes of the House of Israel, exclusive to the Jew’s separate 1 tribe / House of Judah destroyed in 500BC.) And as Christ said many time’s He is only sent to the House of Israel, not to other peoples. Read the book “Tracing Our Ancestors E-Book page” here online at or Download the PDF.

This book answers many of the questions about the racial origins of the Europeans who settled America and transformed it from a sparsely inhabited wilderness into the greatest Christian Nation of all time.

Haberman traces America’s ancestors back beyond western Europe ever eastward to their origin.

The author also reveals the results of his long and arduous study and research that covers the location of the Deluge or Noah’s Flood, the identity of the “Covenant Race”, ” the Golden Age of Phoencia”, Drudic Britain, Ancient Ireland, the Throne of David, and the United States in prophecy.

If you haven’t read this remarkable account of a “special people” who are rarely traced back to such an ancient period you owe it to yourself to read Frederick Haberman’s “Tracing Our Ancestors.”

It’s now available in Paperback 190 pages – plus two fold out maps!!

Read online e-book version, download pdf

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Tracing our Ancestors