Biblical Definition of Grace

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Definition of Grace:

Biblical Grace is power from God to obey, Divine enablement to do good rather than sin.

(From the Good News of the Kingdom)

Grace is the word Charis or Charisma in Greek, i.e. a very charismatic or gifted person. Grace is the power of the Holy Spirit giving us supernatural power to finally keep the commandments.  Jesus said we must repent. Repent from what? 1John 3:4 “sin is transgression of the law”.

It is grace to obey, not grace to sin and disobey(that is mercy). Falling down and hurting yourself cannot be called a “gift” from God.

Grace is not to be confused with mercy, Grace is broken down in the word of God always to be connected with GOOD WORKS.

The Holy Spirit gets all the credit, as “it is God who worketh in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure”(Phil 2:13), and “no man seeketh after God, no not one”(Rom 3). Praise YAHWEH if you are seeking after Him, that is God working in you, calling and electing you, not of your own choice, but God Himself!

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We are on every Sabbath discussing the subject of walking in the Spirit , as we are “saved by grace unto Good Works”, not saved by Grace to continue sinning.Start keeping the law, and not falling short so much. Jesus Christ sees our heart if we are willing to do it or not, or if we have limits with God.

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