The Divinely Preserved Word of God in KJV

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Seminars for your local area on “The Divinely Preserved Word of God in KJV”.

Every believer can read the word of God in total confidence and assurance they hold the authentic and perfect word of God.

Almighty God in heaven has perfectly preserved His word for His covenant people in the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic original texts. Hundreds of copies nearly 2,000 years old match up with all the copies through the ages on down to today. We go on to prove how 99% of it has remained perfectly intact. The remaining 1% being only minor punctuation marks, plurals and singulars, commas and periods.

King James Version being based on the best Hebrew and Greek manuscripts is advocated to be the main text that should be used by every believer. However for deeeper understanding and word definitions there are various Hebrew and Greek word study aides that we reccomend and will teach you how to use.

TCAWW is open to network in combined speaking seminars, and would be glad to bring this topic to your venue.

We have hundreds of booklets and tracts available on the topic KJV is the preserved word of God.

We are planning larger conferences from the general public click here

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