Global Warming Exploded

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Global Warming Exploded 1

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Himalayan Glaciers Advance Again

global cooling acceleratedFOOTAGE of retreating glaciers in the Himalayan mountains has been one of the most oft-used images of ‘global warming’ in recent years. Yet, as the Times of India reported on 3rd December 2012, three years of heavy snowfall have now reversed the previous decade of retreat.

More than 1,000 Himalayan glaciers have now completely recovered and further heavy snowfall this winter means that they are now expected to continue their slo

w, icy march back down their valleys.

Nick Griffin (BNP UK) has written to Sky TV to urge them to stop using an old report about shrinking glaciers in their international news trailer. After pointing out the error, he told the Murdoch broadcasting giant th


“With Climate Change Act targets now costing British taxpayers a staggering £18 Billion a year, the continuation of the political elite’s man-made global warming hoax is not a victimless crime. Sky should be reporting the facts, not aiding and abetting the most costly fantasy in human history.”

Sky have since emailed Mr Griffin to say that the misleading report has now been removed.

Global Warming Exploded 2

Alaska In Rapid Cooling

exploded global warming2

THE rapid rise (after thirty years of cooling) in average annual temperature of Alaska from the 1970’s to 1998 was often quoted as an example of global warming. Not anymore!

A new report by scientists at the University of Alaska’s Climate Research Centre has announced that the average temperature of the USA’s vast 49th state has dropped 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 2000.

The researchers studied reports from 20 weather stations across Alaska and found significant and steady temperature drops at 19 of them. They also noted that the Bering ice sheet has expanded as a result and now threatens to reach to the Alaskan coast.

The inconvenient truth was first revealed in the Alaska Dispatch on 23/12/12 under the tongue-in-cheek headline “Forget global warming, Alaska is headed for an ice age.” The story was recycled by the Daily Mail on 2nd January.

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Bulgarian Government Resigns Over Electricity Price Hike

The Bulgarian government of Prime Minister Boiko Borisov resigned on Wednesday in reaction to mass protests against high prices of electricity in the country, which were partly targeted at the local distribution branch of CEZ.

On Tuesday, Borisov said CEZ‘s distribution licence in Bulgaria should be revoked within the coming hours. According to the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office, CEZ “systematically violated” rules.


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