NOTICE FOR NON-BELIEVERS – You Are On A Private Website For Fully Converted Christians

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HOMEPAGE FOREWORD: You won’t hear the promotion of abominations and blasphemies from our church. “These days” some people say that our Orthodox beliefs will scatter the flock. Manmade traditions might do that, but we only have God’s word at our assembly. There is “no private interpretation of His word of Scripture”2Peter 1:20, but it is taught widely in all generations. We will hope to open people’s eyes to the bondage of sin they have been in. We do find God’s Divine law will always prove to be the best and most enjoyable way of living life to the fullest. By learning His law it will eventually persuade His true sheep not to be scattered, but to come back into the fold.

We unite the whole body of Christ. Teaching the commandments is a very basic requirement in all circles of Christianity. Without daily repentance from sin, and taking a stand for righteousness in His name then we are not eligible to take the Holy Communion nor of the sacraments of confirmation or baptism. It is universally taught that we must completely turn from all sin(“sin is transgression of the law” 1John 3:4) or you cannot partake of the Holy Communion. Only some have forgotten what sin is, or have forgotten their baptismal vows. It is also important to daily remember our position in Him, and ask that through His grace that He would enable us to live godly and holy lives in accordance with all His laws(both national 70% and personal 30% of His laws). We encourage everyone to do the daily morning and evening services with us, as from the Book of Common Prayer.

DISCLAIMER: We are a private association, and the content is for several stages of membership in God’s church. For the rest who are not converted, confirmed and baptized they will not be at the Spiritual level to perceive our Spiritual points and intentions in Christ Jesus(Yahshua). Non-believers would only coincidentally gain irrelevant headknowlege from reading the site, totally absent from our spiritual intent.  Only through the heartfelt conversion process, by anointing, laying on of hands, by teaching and churching the individual, can one become spiritually fed, and start making your spirit grow to be useful. Non-believers would totally misunderstand our website of all our points and intentions. All our points and intentions are strictly Spiritual, and demands freedom to enjoy the purity of the gospel (like our early Pilgrim Fathers). With the Spiritual warfare going on you’ll need your Spiritual eyes and ears activated, and your spirit fed daily, and nourished in order to utilize the word of God (also preserved in the King James Version) for His path of victory. Our spiritual ears must be intently listening, eyes fully open and heart completely willing, and desires to be completely obedient to do all that He has commanded, as “Faith comes by HEARING THE SPOKEN WORD” (Romans 10:17). As faith comes through hearing (and obeying) it may be good to begin by hearing His word taught. If you don’t have a good assembly that teaches His pure word, you can begin by listening to our mp3s. You’ll need to put on your Spiritual armor and wield your Spiritual weaponry against the spiritual devils that control “spiritual wickedness in high places” and have “high things that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God”. As it says in Revelation, they only attack those who have the testimony of Jesus(YAHWEH Yashua) and His Commandments. Both of these items (Jesus and the Commandments) are the criteria for engaging in the struggle (Rev. 12:7). Yes the Eternal God YAHWEH and all of His unchanging word is to be honored. The articles at the Christ’s Assembly and Watchman News and even our whole library is intended for fully converted and mature Christians who know how to worship God in the balance of spirit and truth. It’s for those who have already said the sinners prayer (turned and repented from all sin) and have received and do nourish their born again Spirit that was purchased for them by the blood of the Lamb. Everything is Spiritual that we deal with. So our intentions are only to be properly understood if you have been Spiritually “Born Again” (unless God is somehow really calling you to these truths and to the saving knowledge of Jesus and His laws. All creation agrees that His law is good). We advise for all who are not believers, to become converted at your nearest local Christian church (one that still holds to basic fundamentals) before reading any further. After being born again and growing until you no longer need milk, but need strong meat, you’ll then be ready for a great number of our articles. However, don’t let it slow you down, you can also call us and a minister will guide you through this conversion process, at 714-983-6968. If you reach voicemail, leave your name and number, and say you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, and recieve that His blood has paid for your sin(and the sin of Adam) and you want to be empowered to live the new life by His word, as found in the Holy Scriptures. If you have confessed this short statement to us, then we will say congratulations, you’ve taken the first step and we will work with you in the new life in Christ, leaving your old life behind. You can also go to our “new believers” section for more information on giving your life to Christ. Don’t think God can never forgive you. Say this “sinners prayer” today and turn from all sin with all your heart. All the scattered True Israel nations can return to be grafted back in to His wonderful laws of liberty that He has given for our benefit and covenant promises for many more blessings. God’s contact to earth is made possible through His Son Jesus the Christ, and to His covenant nations to be empowered all to be sovereign royal priests wherever they live.

If you’re a new believer, please call 714-983-6968 to pray together with a Minister. Or use our “contact page” to schedule an appointment. There are several sages of membership. If you cannot find an assembly who worships on Sabbath and teaches the commandments, then please listen in to our mp3s until you locate one. Also note, we’re helping to start new assemblies all the time.

We are all now in crisis, under the “great persecutions” of Jacob’s Trouble, as was foretold.

The word racism was invented by the mass murdering communists (who killed 66 million of their own people). One of the most evil people who ever lived, Trotsky, the biggest mass murderer of Stalin and Lenin, invented the word racism. RACISM IS A COMMUNIST WORD! They wouldn’t just label you as being a racist, they would kill you. Just like today so many leftist leaders in society are saying “Kill All White People” and they say they want to kill the US president when he has never said anything racist. They all don’t just label they attack and often with lethal attacks against those who they call racist, which are furthest from being racist.

Trotsky invented the word racist, used it as a justification for killing millions of people.

So do you have this communist word in your vocabulary? Under US law then you ca be arrested and tried for supporting communism and their successor organizations like ANTIFA. One can argue that using the word racism to overthrow the government, can land someone 20 years in jail. We recently covered those laws that several US Mayors may be found guilty of, who are presently conspiring with terrorist communist organizations to shut down ICE and promote sanctuary cities.

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