**video** Restoring Honour Pilgrimage Festival – Day 2

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Quick intro is given on the Kingdom of YAHWEH and why we are keeping the three Pilgrimage feasts.

Now you can unite together with us in prayer by video. For all those who couldn’t join us in person in Germany and the Netherlands in the opening days of the Holy Festival week on the Sacred Calendar., please use our video link: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bLBdj9gMms[/youtube]

Here’s the video you can watch and participate with us in Prayer and in this evangelistic outreach. This is for day 1 of the eternal feast of YAHWEH called Unleavened Bread. Join us as we pray for True Honour to be restored as per the 5th Commandment of YAHWEH.

Restoring true honour in a time of dishonour. Being honoured by every word of YAHWEH and earnestly contending for it in this sinful and adulterous generation.


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