EU Refugee Rapes to Increase Unless National Repentance of Sin Occurs – the good solution

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Dear Friends, At the below URL you’ll find a video I made on the good solution to the refugee rape crisis. The regular news says just in the one city of Cologne that 1,000 migrants were participating in the rapes.  I have faith in you that we will make it through to witness His enemies being made His footstool and until every knee bows and every tounge confesses Jesus Christ is Lord (in the original language “Yahshua is YAHWEH”). Lets not blame anyone’s beliefs, it’s actually in the national constitutions of most Islamic states that rape is ok, so long as the woman isn’t wearing a headscarf or unacompanied. That’s national law. They will also get at least a fine after being raped. These national laws aren’t just an “ideology”, and it’s counter-productive to play with their theology. Just stick with the laws and what are the accepted cultural norms of those 10 million who have entered the last few years (and the 40 million who have mobilized in 2015 to get into Europe). +++Rev Stephen MK

Migrant EU Refugee Rapes and the Good Solution from God

We witness the mass increase of migrant rapes throughout the EU. Refugee rape and violence against European looking women is shown now to be at alarming levels in the local news of Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, UK, and spreading! (not to mention European areas of the USA, Australia, South America, and South Africa who are facing similar epidemics). Hiding the regular news is a sin of dishonesty. Refugee rapes is an old phenomena only further exaberated by lifting the limits.

The elites have made sure 3 million refugees in the last 2 years can stay illegally in Germany. 1.5 million refugees per year have been accepted to stay there legally. When the mass-rapes continue to happen, the media will continue to put the corrupt politicians on the news who say “it’s just the girls’ fault”. These seek only to hold onto their positions, and their communist “redistribution of the wealth” programs, where they indeed are proven to pocket millions of euros.

Thousands of attempted rapes have been reported across Germany over New Years Eve. 1,000 separate men were documented as participating in “attempted rape” in the city of Cologne alone. Sweden has been having more rapes per capita than even most of South Africa. No matter what police do or the proposed “women training programs” do, to avoid rape, it will only increase. God’s law is the answer, and specifically in this case we need His prescribed holiness or separation. 35 million Islamists are now counted to have mobilized to enter Europe, and this is not counting the non-Islamists.

Even with the spotlight on the rapes, this has not deterred the violent rapists. They see that police have been told to stand down, and those protecting the girls have been arrested for racism. All of it has had had the opposite effect. Now there are 50-100 million potential refugees who are mobilizing to enter into Europe. They have looked at this all as the best imaginable paradise and “advertising” that they can get away with rape and free sex with girls that offer to pay all their bills. That the women are now “free game” in the streets. This is only encouraging more refugees and migrants to come quicker.


Holiness is commanded by God. Jesus, John, and Paul all said “Repent(change your thinking) or perish”. Almost all psychological disorders are from an unopenness and unwillingness to change. We Christians love to change. Promoting this positive and good news is the answer. In the dictionaries of Hebrew, Greek and English it all says the word for holiness is “SEPARATION”, “apart”, or “set apart / apartheid” from all other nations. We didn’t write the Bible, and we will not deny the Bible either. It has always been the national laws until very recently. Only in this recent running away from God’s laws do we have very terrible troubles coming upon the so-called post Christian nations. We are still God’s Israel Christendom and He works with us on that basis in the punishments, as well as in the blessings if we return back to Him. These are very old national covenants. It says that “God is ever mindful of His covenant”, that is to the Israel Christendom “seed of promise” as it says the seed of Abraham which are the well known Christian peoples of the earth. Simply seeking freedom to keep the commandments is a protected liberty in every nation of the world. However some seek to kill those who dare stand up for the name of Jesus the Christ and His prayer He gave us , that His Kingdom laws “come” and “be done on earth”.

National Repentance Video: Rev Stephen MK in this video gives the most stable, good and lasting solution to this crisis. Repentance from sin and turning back to Jesus the Christ as national King. In America, starting from the 1630’s was the first constitution written in Connecticut, it was copied to all the colonies as the “PERPETUAL Union and Articles of Confederation”. That document defines the union, and that perpetual union is all we have today, where it says in today’s constitution, “the perfecting the union”. It says in all the first several hundred years worth of national documents that “the PERPETUAL union” is solely the “advancing of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and maintaining the purity of the gospel.” Leviticus 26 confirms all the types of “national punishments”. As most of the American founders understood we are “regathered Israel, the western and modern Israel of God”, not only America but all of our Christian nations are witnessing these specific punishments for nationally turning away from God.  More info on Felony Hate Crimes for Churches, As Supreme Court’s Tyrannical Edict Goes Against Nature and Families. This is at the root of the rape reasons. As the new “state establishment of religion” or radical extremist communism beliefs are supposedly now to be promoted under threats of bolshevik style persecution, seizing of property, shutting down churches, arresting and destroying people’s livlihoods (for reading the Bible in church or in public) etc. Yes Bolshevik style, except for lining them up against walls and shooting them. However mass rapes are promoted, including the killing of any who won’t be part of the “redistribution of the wealth” to whoever is in the government (who coincidentally make hundreds of millions of Euros and dollars) to “redistribute” into their Swiss and other companies. We don’t blame them, it’s our own nations fault for choosing evil rather than good, so the evil rulers punish us more. This cannot be stopped unless we are all confessing and repenting from sin.

For most who pray our Lord’s prayer He gave us, this should be clear.

We all pray for His Kingdom (national governance laws etc) “to come” and “to be done on earth.” As it says if we “seek first His kingdom law governance, then the necessities of life will be added unto us.

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