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  3. Greswell’s “Chapters on the Early History of Glastonbury Abbey” (Glastonbury’s Kings)
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  6. The Life and Works of St Aengus (the Culdee) Hagiographus
  7. The Forgive and Forget Command, for healthy Christian related relationships
  8. The Adverse Influence of Pork Consumption on Health by Dr Reckeweg M.D.
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  10. “Old Races” or Pre-Adamites, the Most Scientific, Biblical and Respectful Theory for all Races
  11. Culdee / Spouses of God Prophecy: Céilí Dé meaning Spouse of God
  12. A Few “Separatist Culdee” Books on 2nd Century St Elfanus and his King Lucius
  13. 1st Century Irish Druids Incorporated Hebrew Christianity at Glastonbury Under Direction of the King of Ulster
  14. WAR AND THE BREED by David Starr Jordan – PS, Institute of Peace Studies
  15. Spiritual, Biblical and Scientific Reasons of Clean and Unclean Meats
  16. St Elfan Avalonius, 2nd Century Welsh Saint, comm. January 1st and Sept 26
  17. Potential Orthodox Blessings for Repentant Sinners (as the Latin Pope would agree?)
  18. Bonus Book: “Anglo-Israel: or The British nation the lost tribes of Israel.”
  19. The Spirit of Lilith, Pre-Adamic Demons, and Worldly Psychiatry **mp3**
  20. Tracing Our Ancestors (British Israel book of the month)