Potential Orthodox Blessings for Repentant Sinners (as the Latin Pope would agree?)

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Open letter to ministers of the Gospel:

I feel led of the Lord Jesus Christ to share this bit of admonishment with you to continue on the great work of the faith you’re doing.

As from: https://celticorthodoxy.com/2023/12/potential-orthodox-blessings-for-repentant-sinners-as-the-latin-pope-would-agree/

Many of our Clergy have been asked by sworn enemies of Christ if they will be giving a blessing to their sinful lifestyle.

Good priests of the Orthodox Church can never bless sins. As it says “do not bid them any godspeed, for then you would be a partaker of their evil deeds”.

Proposed Orthodox blessing for sinners who come to you:

As no sinner can be joined to the body of Christ, it is good you have come forward to ask the church to lead you back to Christ. The good Lord forgives and blesses all those who truly repent and turn from their sins, to convert their lives to His requirements that lead to eternal salvation. He Blesses all those who forsake the past lifestyle stained with any form of sin, and becoming converted to His lifestyle of sexual purity, abstaining from any forbidden sexual gestures not outlined in the Bible as sex being exclusive to marriages between 1 man and 1 woman. He rewards all those who commit to live a holy life in obedience to His word of sexual purity, in Christ Jesus. May the good Lord lead you to His path which leads to salvation.

Contact us for more information about going beyond just being an inquirer, and to potential membership to those who become converted.


Stages of church membership:

*Inquirers* (Those who may be pagan or non-believers who are visitors, and are not allowed to partake of the Sacraments.)

*Catechumens* (Christians who confess they believe, and are new to the conversion process. They’re learning instruction and showing they are fully willing to do it. As they are not baptized, they have only a special set of the Sacraments.)

*The Energumens* (Those still possessed with demons, willingly or by affliction.)

*Candidates for Baptism* (Completed stage of preparation and trial, and are ready for baptism.)

*The Baptized and Confirmed* (Engaged in the process of transformation and sanctification with special help of the church.)

*The Penitents* (A convert who has fallen backslidden into sin. One who is in the process of confessing sin, getting rightful counselling, prayers for his soul to be forgiven and for healing. He is under a program that is constructive toward changing his life to come back again to the path of life.)

*The Faithful* (The regular status of a converted Christian. They live their lives as examples of fidelity to all their baptismal promises as Saints and new creatures in Christ.)