Grassroots Knights Templar, not part of the NWO

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Grassroots Knights Templar, not part of the NWO

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The Grassroots Knights Templar


Important Background Info On The Defensive Crusades:

Although Mohammed’s followers conquered Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica, as well as a large part of Spain, enslaving all infidel nations as required by his sharia law, Our Christian people remained blind to what was happening.  The majority remained complacent, although they were being openly and boldy attacked in a war (all except for Charles Martel of France, in 732) who as a wealthy politician. He organized himself independently to hold the Muslims back from overtaking all of Christendom.

However, the rest still remained "passive" until finally the announcement by the Saracens in 1095, that Christians would no longer be allowed to even continue their pilgrimages to the Christian Holy Lands. The declaration that even the pilgrimage roads even inside Europe would be attacked! It was then, and only then that finally every ruler in Christendom realized the severity of the theft, rape and enslavement.

Palestine was a Christian land longer than it has been a jewish land, and of course longer than it has been a Muslim land (Islam being one of the world

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