*Mp3* “Is America the Last Frontier for Manasseh/Israel”

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This last Sabbath we discussed the topic of finding and claiming our birthright jurisdiction of His people so we might one day be free again to fully  separate from Babylon. Today is almost forced disobedience or unlawful bullying going on against Christians very selectively.

Our King told us to pray for that freedom and “Seek First His Kingdom law governance on earth as in heaven”.

Pray for His mercy as we are living within a Babylonian Empire, and that we in our attitudes and in our personal life can be a bright shining Ambassador for His Kingdom in the earth. Ask Him that we might be free to move on and be independent again so we can worship the God of Israel in Spirit and in Truth.

We are all supposed to confess and repent of all sin. 1John 3:4 tells us “sin is the transgression of the law”. So we must confess any time we break any of the laws. Including the 70% of the law that is only national law.

Listen to our MP3:

“Is America the Last Frontier for Manasseh/Israel”

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