Multiple Foreign Languages Added

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Local languages have been added to help ease readership from around the world. As many languages as possible have been added to help spread the good news of the Kingdom. Jesus (Yahshua) said that we will be a witness of His Kingdom law governance in the earth to all the nations, and then the end would come. Still no one group of people yet have been a witness of the full Kingdom on earth. TCAWW is working on the roadmap understanding that we will be a bright shining example of a soon coming jurisdiction of His Kingdom on earth. A place where we can be FREE to obey all the commandments of YAHWEH. We are all supposed to confess and repent of all sin. 1John 3:4 tells us “sin is the transgression of the law”. So we must confess any time we break any of the laws. Including the 70% of the law that is only national law.

Now everyone can enjoy the edification for the Kingdom in whatever local language they prefer , as follows:

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