Tribulation and the Greater Depression

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It always amazes me how many people think we will never see a “depression”, or even any “tribulation” for that matter.
We are already in a much greater depression than the one our Grandparents endured. Even during the “GREAT DEPRESSION” America maintained a perfect credit rating and had hardly any debt at all.
Remember the last few years America’s credit rating keeps getting downgraded?
Remember all the tips Grandma and Grandpa would make about canning food, growing it? How about honest work, and how working by the sweat of your brow for food will always be available, etc? Their tips were vital for surviving the Great Depression.

Did you know about 60 million good God fearing, Bible Believing Christians died during World War II?
The rest who survived did so barely through the most worst tribulation you can imagine.
Most died from starvation after the war, and that isn’t even counted in the 60 million figure. Not to mention going without things like toilet paper, proper infrastructure, sanitation, etc.

I remember reading the statistics of believers (Jesus professing Christians) registered before WWII. For example Holland it was about 99% confessing Christians, which normally included having the Bible open and read after each meal time (Dutch Reformed practice). Homes didn’t break this rule.
Germans and Americans were also more than 95% confessing Bible believing Christians.
Yet still about 60 million of these Christians died under the most severe conditions during World War II, and the rest barely survived under the most severe tribulation that is unimaginable to most today.

While it says we will always have tribulation, remember, that is nothing compared to the great tribulation coming in the end days. Even if the “great tribulation” isn’t for another 300 years, that doesn’t matter. We should see our covenantal God of Israel honor His promises, and treat His people proportionately for their rebellion and sins in this generation, just as He has in every generation. He has been a loving heavenly Father, child training, correcting and punishing to bring us back to Him through His son Jesus, rather than face eternal damnation.

Question for everyone. Just think, If 99% of the population being strong believers. not only confessed Jesus was King, but they also had prayers in school, they had Creation in every single school science book (not evolution), they respected the sanctity of marriage and family, most rampant crimes today were thousands of times lower per capita, sexual promiscuity was lower, diseases were lower, education was higher, hearts were more giving.

So you think we’re better than them and God will treat us better, although now more than half the population curses and hates Him?

Is it too late to learn all those skills Grandma and Grandpa had? Absolutely not! Let us all share and fellowship even on the little things, like how to make things at home like bread, pasta, etc. There are a number of things we can make better than is available in stores, might last longer and save a lot of money. Who knows, you can make a few extra and friends want to buy them or pay for half the supplies to go in business together. Work is always a win-win situation. (read proverbs 31, it highlights all the qualities of a true Christian lady, she will run several businesses of her own, have many employees, vineyards, manufacturing products, international trade, etc) , what more could any modern woman want? God always provides the BEST.

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