Windmill Power Wind Energy Bad for Environment not bio friendly

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Dear Watchmen of the Christ’s Assembly,

The verdicts are all out. Windmill power is bad for the environment and especially very bad for human biological organisms who are too closeby. It is also under major debate whether it will help humans 1,000 years from now etc.

Here’s some information about Wind power effecting human health for the now, and in our local environments. These figures below are only magnified when very large ones are put within dangerous distances to houses.

Rotation of the large blades from wind turbines create very low frequency pressure fluctuations known as infrasonic sound.REFERENCE The average human ear can not perceive this as sound because it is below the limit of hearing perception. (hearing sensitivity varies with age,sex,health,exposure to drugs,alcohol,time of day,weather,hearing impairment,state of mind,training,bodymass,previous exposure,etc.) REFERENCE
The most intense of the broad band noise created by these larger designs is of this nature REFERENCE REFERENCE
This noise can be understood by Fourier analysis to consist of a complex combination of many sine waves of many frequencies,harmonics and intensities. REFERENCE REFERENCE
The larger the blades – the lower this frequency content.
A collection of turbines is like an orchestra all playing slightly out of tune.
They are independent mechanical devices and start and run at slightly different frequencies and phases.
Due to constructive or destructive wave phase interference this will create oddities such as beats and irregular impulsesREFERENCE REFERENCE
These can combine to create levels many times greater than the original individual sources on occasion. REFERENCE
The frequency difference can create sum and difference products. REFERENCE
Suitably sized objects within range can be forced into resonance via sympathetic vibration from the expansion and contraction forces created by this constant unnatural disturbance and also by its wavelength harmonics REFERENCEREFERENCE
It will resonate the buildings (rooms,basements,attics,stud spaces,closets,ductwork,manholes,tunnels,etc.) near a site the same as a “box” resonates and amplifies the sound of a guitar or violin string or speaker, and possibly the ground & thewater table and increase the overall frequency selective amplification effect. (piezeoelectric-pressure to electric field generation effects can be possible in quartz bearing rock).
The wavelength of 20 cycle sound is around 50′
These effects will unpredictably vary at different distances and orientations around a site.
Low frequency infrasonic sound travels great distance before the energy is absorbed and attenuated. REFERENCE 1 OF 4REFERENCE 2 OF 4 REFERENCE 3 OF 4 REFERENCE 4 OF 4
Much more than the higher human audible frequencies which are affected moreso by the vegetation ground cover.The 20 storey height of some of these puts them above the trees in fast flowing air. Debris from blade breakup has been found many hundreds of feet downwind.The infrasound can be channelized /focused by differing thermal layers(moisture layers in coastal locations) REFERENCE REFERENCE
Low frequency sound travels easily in water and rock.
It can be focused and reflected off of rocky seabed and via thermal or current density water layers REFERENCE
It also travels faster here than in air so there will possibly be phase interference anomalies at the material boundries.REFERENCE
Add to this the constant resonant sway of the 20 storey towers on their huge concrete bases,the natural resonances of the blades and metal tower structure and you have a slowly pulsating ground environment which will vary by season and moisture content
How this all will couple to the subsurface geology and what effects will be produced is up for discovery and is site specific.
I read of seismic test activity 10 miles from an installation in Ontario.
These unnatural and constant repetitive low frequency pressure fluctuations are capable of altering natural physiological andmental health via processes of sympathetic resonance vibration of internal organs, fluids, cavities,etc.
and possibly other effects from piezeoelectric — pressure to voltage activity. REFERENCE 
The molecular organization of bone, keratin, tendon tissue are known to be piezeoelectric structures.This could have an effect on the natural balance of the bio-electric nature of the body REFERENCE REFERENCE
The science of cymatics has demonstrated certain sound frequencies can be detrimental to ones health. REFERENCEREFERENCE REFERENCE 1 of 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2 REFERENCE REFERENCE 
Basically the wind turbines are generators of a constantly repetitive low frequency compression and rarefraction which will vibrate and shake the bag of water that supports all living matter in a manner it was not designed to handle continually!
The pressure and vibration senses will be in constant overload trying to find homeostasis within an organism
Low frequency sounds are capable of disturbing the natural balance between brain hemispheres REFERENCEREFERENCE
On the internet GOOGLE -military infrasound(infrasonic) – to get an appreciation of what decades of military research utilizing high impulse levels has discovered and experimented with for use of its non-lethal weapon potential (that which is presently unclassified) REFERENCEThis will manifest itself in time as health problems for the people and wildlife and marinelife of an area within range of these installations.
Aquatic life are sensitive to sound in a manner different from the human species. REFERENCE
Some marine mammals communicate in the infrasonic range sometimes over hundreds to thousands of miles.
REFERENCE 6 of 12 REFERENCE 7 of 12 REFERENCE 8 of 12 REFERENCE 9 of 12 REFERENCE 10 of 12
REFERENCE 11 of 12 REFERENCE 13 of 12
I read of some bird deaths around a site out west as being thought to be from internal hemorrhaging.
The human species is the only one that doesn’t have to hunt for its meals anymore.
Many others depend on being able to hear or sense the vibration of their dinner or their enemies.
Small creatures have small,intricate hearing systems evolved and tuned to the demands of their natural environment.Unnatural noise can be stressful to them.
These turbines will be trouble for their survival.
Typically this means nothing to the human population.
There has been a mimimum input(if any?) from animal or marine or plant biologists,entomologists,etc. as to the harm this can cause the rest of the species living in the ” hood “.
It’s not inconceivable that for micro-instant periods the pulse levels generated from a
” farm ” could approach those levels found effective in the military realm by way of these phase interference and resonance effects in combination with the wind!
Most sound level information provided by wind industry propaganda convieniently fails to take all this this basic physics into account.
“If you can’t hear it it can’t be a problem” is often used as grounds for dismissal.
These groupings of independent electrical generators also generate extreme low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field radiation .
They can be considered as high wattage ELF electromagnetic broadcast – transmitter towers and due to their high current output create strong alternating magnetic fields.REFERENCE
Although their radiation efficiency may be low they are still sources-notwithstanding the possible inadvertent induced coupling into the connected grid and thousands of miles of its transmission lines which might make for a more efficient antenna.
Could trees constitute another unforseen antenna system?REFERENCE 1 of 8 REFERENCE 2 of 8 REFERENCE 3of 8REFERENCE 4 of 8 REFERENCE 5of 8 REFERENCE 6 of 8 REFERENCE 7 of 8 REFERENCE 8 of 8
Could highway pavement in combination with road salt and moisture act similar to a trace on a circuit board and increase the signal strength? REFERENCE REFERENCE
The US Navy had a system -project SANGUINE -located in Wisconsin that used some thousands of miles of antenna and some millions of watts ( megawatts) of input power to communicate worldwide to its submarine fleet at 76hz.ELF readily penetrates seawater to great depths. REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE
The Russian system uses the sub-surface geology as part of their antenna system REFERENCE
What effect will the subsurface geology under a site have on its radiation? REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE
How will this affect the natural subsurface environment REFERENCE
Magnetism penetrates everything and affects at the atomic level.
There may also be charge build up on the moving blades from the friction of air motion which could constitute another novel souce of electromagnetic radiation.
Some designs utilise a gearbox to couple the slower blade rotational speed to the generator so as to try and sync the generators with the standard 60 cycle per second power line frequency.
They can use solid state power circuitry to step up and match the difference which is another source of higher frequency radiation.
Some designs utilize armature brushs which can contribute higher frequency EMF from arcing as they wear.
Each signal generator is an independent mechanical sysem and the phases and frequencies do not match.
This combination can create extreme low frequency electromagnetic energy phase and frequency interference effects (beats,sum and difference products,intermodulation products,heterodyning,etc.) REFERENCE REFERENCEREFERENCE in the lower range of natural brain bio-rhythms (3 to 35 cycles per second ) REFERENCE
and the earths natural electromagnetic pulsations known as the Schumann resonances which are centered around the 8 cycles per second range which cellular life has evolved bio-entrained to. REFERENCE REFERENCE
Our mental and physiological connections to this are not yet well understood.
Because of the long wavelengths these effects can influence the electromagnetic nature of the environment far removed from the source.REFERENCE 1 of 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2 REFERENCE 1 of 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2 REFERENCEREFERENCE 1 of 4 REFERENCE 2 of 4 REFERENCE 3 of 4 REFERENCE 4 of 4
10 cycles per second has a wavelength of 18,628 miles in air.The circumference of the earth is around 25,000 miles.
This energy can radiate great distance with minimum losses via ionospheric reflections ,and other atmospheric effects..REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE
It also penetrates easily to great depth thru the earth REFERENCE Satellite data have shown our present power plant and broadcast transmission tower installations and heavy industrial areas are known to affect and alter the upper atmosphere/magnetosphere and possibly the weather in ways that are not completely understood.Power line harmonics radiation has been seen to modify the natural activity. REFERENCE 1 of 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2
Typically there will be differences in near field/far field radiation characteristics/responses REFERENCE REFERENCEREFERENCE
Measurement made near the base in the near field is not necessarily an indication of what can be expected at great distance in the far field with very long wavelength electromagnetic energy these produce.REFERENCE 1 of 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2
Once released into the environment this energy can be coupled or induced and transmitted with minimum loss in the existing power line grid, communication lines, underground piping, railway lines, metal framing and re-bar structures in buildings, bridges, guardrails, fences, possibly ore bearing sub strata,etc.
These metal objects can passively resonantly amplify (similar to a radio / television antenna principles via magnetic permeability ) and re-radiate these signals.
They can also focus their radiant/reflection patterns depending on wavelength and harmonics and shapes and can create standing waves.
Again frequency effects (sum and difference/etc.) can add to the mix with the typical 50/60 cycle power line and its harmonics which we all are now unavoidably bio-entraned to.These 2 frequencies can be found together at different levels when measured globally REFERENCE REFERENCE
Is it coveivable these effects in combination can alter the natural frequency? REFERENCE
We are already subjected to interference from ground return currents. REFERENCE
The phase difference between the continent’s grid systems (120VAC at 60 hz in North America and 240VAC at 50 hz in Europe) already introduce a 360 volt RMS difference across the planet on a continuing pulsating basis! (surges and spikes can put this into the thousands of volt range on occasion) REFERENCE 1 OF 2 REFERENCE 2 of 2
Interference peaks can occur in a totally unpredictable manner at harmonically related distances.
These could temporarily alter normal brain electric fields and dependent physiological processes which are controlled by the interaction of its natural bio-electric and bio-magnetic fields REFERENCE
These could detrimentally bio-entrain the brain structure of all living creatures in a manner not understood nor easily explainable at the present time. REFERENCE
Glitchs,twitchs,black-outs,memory problems,behaviour disorders,sleep problems,heart palpitations,etc. are all demonstrated possibilities from this.These types of effects have been reported as reasons why some people living near these installations have had to move away to seek relief. REFERENCE
Life has evolved entrained to the earth’s naturally occuring Schumann resonances frequency range which is all modulated by solar and cosmic activity. REFERENCE
NASA has had to artificially generate this in all its manned space flights because of adverse health experiences learned from earlier missions. REFERENCE
This has been a force in directing the evolution of cellular life and the circadian rhythms followed by all cellular forms of which we are composed from about one-hundred trillion.
This relationship could possibly be ingrained into the life molecules at the genetic atomic or nuclear level in a manner yet to be understood. REFERENCE
All living matter is composed of cells each of which is a living entity having an unknown
form of intelligence.They have evolved from beginnings in seawater.Some species of fish are known to be extremely sensitive to electric fields while millions of others remain to be studied,ELF penetrates seawater to great depth..REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE 1 of 2 

Some bird have shown disorientation in ELF fields REFERENCE
Research has shown that what we sometimes consider as miniscule/irrelevent manmade levels as having a greater adverse health effect than extremely large signals in some instances.
Intensity and frequency windows have commonly been noticed.It can be expected that unnatural intensity levels close to the natural would be most capable of creating interference in life processes.REFERENCE REFERENCE
Again military research has demonstrated the ability of state of mind control via external electromagnetic intrusion in this frequency range. REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE
Transcranial neuronal electric and magnetic stimulation using external fields is a common medical procedure with demonstrated mind probing or altering capability. REFERENCE REFERENCE
Much research into the adverse effects of manmade non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation we are all now exposed to has demonstrated a link to the low frequency pulsations/modulations of high frequency signals creating interference for the natural balance. REFERENCE REFERENCE Light flicker in this frequency range has demonstrated the ability to entrain and cause epilectic fits in some. REFERENCE
They have pulsating red aircraft warning lights which would dominate in the rural night darkness.
The shadow flicker created by these has a hypnotic effect and possibly the same capability at times.
The rotating blades could create a similar effect with microwave transmissions and reflect a flicker of pulses off them around an area at times. REFERENCE
There is some indication these create blind spots that radar cannot penetrate due to an interaction of electromagnetic origin.REFERENCE
The presence of these high grounded tube shaped metal tower structures can alter the natural atmospheric electrical micro-climate of the surroundings.Lightning is attracted to tall metal metal structures. They are susceptable to difficult to repair lightning damage REFERENCE
The degree of all these unnatural effects in isolation or combination is subject to conjecture and difficult to measure accurately due to the unpredictable nature of these types of events and the distances and all the variables all the time.
The complexities of the bio-electric and bio-magnetic nature of life makes it difficult to predict or define the health effects from these interactions in the short or long term.
The affect this will have on the millions of other species on the planet is unknown.
The ramifications are immense! REFERENCE
Presently many of these are being built and imported from Europe.
These are mechanical devices and wear out in time.
Their designs and parts will become obsolete and unavailable in but few decades.
Mechanical type noise will increase as they wear.
In the future as oil supplies dwindle and the big guns start shooting it out to get whats left these parts may not be readily available in short order(in wartime these factories would be prime targets).History repeats itself.
The cost of and availability of oil will be a dominant factor in the coming decades with the reality of none in the coming century(s). REFERENCE
Airplane travel is only possible because of oil.
Ocean going freight is oil intensive.
With the estimated extreme weather events forecast from global climate change it’s not inconceivable to find a localised installation immobilized from the power of the wind we’ve only begun to experience.
Ice buildup on the blades can keep them offline.
Their off and on operation leaves them susceptable to condensation related problems.
The newer design methodology require large cranes to reach the top of which their are only a few capable.
These are also easy targets for those in the terrorist business.
We will be vulnerable in the long term if we become dependent on this technology.
The wind does not blow all the time at the speed required to operate these at rated capacity and there are technical issues of switching these smoothly in and out of the grid.
No wind No juice!
Although well meaning in terms of reducing CO2 emissions these could turn out to be a environmental mistake of their own design and possibly an expensive blunder in the long term.
The gains from these will soon be absorbed by the present hominoid madness growth process.The forces putting these into the environment –those in the business of making money from these are very efficient at deceptively preying on the naivety, clean green gullibility and scientific ignorance of the masses in promoting these.
The legal tactic of using the catch-all phrase “no credible or reliable evidence “will be used to great advantage by the promotors of this technology in downplaying the unknowns on the environment …which is due more to the fact that nobody is looking at this relatively new phenomena and because there is no money to be made -it will be a long time coming.
Its worked wonders for the wireless industry when 40 years of worldwide research in the effects of non-ionizing radiation has indicated otherwise. REFERENCE
Would it not be much wiser to educate the young and old to learn how to turn off the switchs to achieve this much touted reduction?
Not only would that instantly reduce the human created emissions but it would also reduce the electro-smog we all now are forced to endure.REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCEREFERENCE REFERENCE
The bio-interference this is creating to the natural life processes will only lead to unalterable genetic changes for the future to deal with. REFERENCE

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