Non-Electric Wash Machine for the future

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If anyone wants to save money on their electricity, just buy one of these new inventions to replace your wash machine. Clothes ready in 5 minutes, easy to turn the handle.

This is a hand-cranked, non-electric mini washing machine that washes loads clean in only 1-2 minutes using 90% less water and detergent. No maintenance required….

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Price: $51.00 FREE ShippingDetails
  • Hand-crank unit washes a 5-lb. load super clean in just a couple of minutes.
  • Has a patented pressure system that forces detergent into the fabric at high speed for a fast, efficient, economic and very easy wash
  • Is ideal for campers, single persons and even for the housewife with small frequent loads like hand washables and diapers.
  • Is ideal for delicates such as woolens, silks, knitted dresses and cashmere garments.
  • Uses far less water than even hand washing and no electricity.
(If you want to order one of these from Germany or the UK, email and we will send you the amazon url for getting this great deal at about $50 and paying some of the costs at the Christ’s Assembly. Now you will be empowered more to wash your clothes yourself (without the electric company). Also no need to ring out the clothes by hand, it drains very well together with the pressure system out the tube at the bottom. This is great for those who wish to be more free with their camper, or just to save money and time washing clothes.) If you buy ten this could cover a few preaching conventions for Rev Stephen M.K. to camp out at the synagogues of satan, to cast off the dust of the city in the city square like Jesus said we are to do, and utter specific words for all to hear shouted from the rooftops in the city center (not at the city gate, that’s a mistranslation). It’s time also to get out the sackcloth! Anyway Preppers eat your heart out! 🙂


Updated: April 19, 2022 — 5:59 am

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