ANNOUNCEMENT: Late Bp Pastor Leroy Crouch Teachings going online

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Messages are now on youtube: Pastor Leroy Crouch, Restoration Ministries Youtube Playlist

Lets give a great thanks to our Associate Minister Rev Jeff Smith (Orthodox Church of the Culdees Bishop, successor of Bishop Boyle), House of Joseph Ministries. He was most hospitable receiving me on my return from the European mission, at his Texas office. On Sabbath I did successfully receive the relics our our late and great Bishop Pastor Leroy Crouch. This included his shofar, artwork, books, and 2,000+ cassette tapes of his lectures, and more. These will be kept by our institute, YAHWEH willing, for generations to come.

Pastor Leroy Crouch of Restoration Ministries

This is very special to me, as having been dedicated to his teachings 10 years before his passing and have remained faithful to them the last 20 years after his passing. He was a true Celtic Culdee, having all markers of the Culdee church at all the assembly halls, and best Celtic scholars and ministers fully engaged in the services.
We are soon coming up on the anniversary of his passing on to heaven his 17th time (this time to remain), so this is a great moment.
He had called himself like a father to me, and called me to be Evangelist of the Church, and Associate Pastor (by agreement). It was a blessing having him in my life. I’m blessed and glad to have received his memorial items. The webpages are still being redone and ‘restored’ online after the recent hacking.
However, already in youtube we have the uploads of messages going.
Over the coming hours you should see a total of 72 additional messages uploaded at the following church url:

Please pray for our volunteers who will get the rest of the messages up online in due course. The youtube url is the one I’ve been using the longest so it’s more easier to get approved for other youtube features. I will be checking for more items to add all the time, to improve it.
2,000 – 3,000 more teachings upcoming (it will take years to get them all digitized, but I know it is very much worth it for all the body of Christ/Meschiac YAHWEH Yahshua).

Praise YAHWEH!

Regards and YAHWEH Bless
++ Rev Stephen MK Brunswick
Primace, Orthodox Church of the Culdees
Dean, Priory of Salem


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Now on the Power of life and death is in the tongue, teaching series by Pastor Crouch 

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