Word “virgin” is totally different from words “maid” or “woman”.

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More proof from Original Texts He was born of a virgin.
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The Original Hebrew Bible Text word for “virgin” is totally different from the Hebrew word for “wife”, “woman”, or “maid”. [spacer height=”20px”]

Virgin is Hebrew word H1330 – bĕthuwlah
Woman and Wife is Hebrew word H802 – ‘ishshah
Maid is Hebrew word H8198 – shiphchah
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Yes, we can see very clearly that they’re totally different words. Virgin has no similar root form to the word for woman or wife.
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The Originial Aramaic Bible Text word for “virgin” is totally different from the Aramaic word for “maid” or “woman”. 
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I’ve checked every time in the Aramaic when the word “betulta”/virgin shows up in the whole Aramaic Text. It is exclusively refering to a virgin. In no cases in any way can the word Betulta refer to just a maid, or any kind of woman who has become married or lost her virginity. Nor in any case could it ever in any situation be twisted to be so, in any place in the Scripture.
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This totally dispels the myth of false Jehovah Witness cults which say Mary was only a maid and Jesus was the son of Joseph. When Luke 1 and Matthew 1 , and numerous other verses say she was a virgin. So well known to be a virgin that hadn’t yet had her marriage ceremony (only engaged) so Joseph said he had to put her away, at least secretly. He was about to close off the engagement until an angel of YAHWEH came and told him not to.
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The Aramaic uses very explicit words that cannot be misused like the English word for “maid”. 
“317c betulta nn virgin” (as in Virgin mary, in every case it is virgin, leaving no room to say it can refer to a 
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Also see
317a betula nn virgin
317b betuluta nn virginity
(roots for 317c betulta nn virgin)
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take these in contrast from the Aramaic words for maid or woman:
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107 ’amta nn maid, servant
131 ’antta nn woman
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His name was Elohim with us,  Emannuel like it says in Isaiah 7:14 (also Aramaic word for virgin) the sign from YAHWEH is that the “virgin shall concieve” I quote from the prophet.
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So many times He was called in the Scriptures to be “YAHWEH YAHSHUA” Not the mistranslation as “Lord Jesus”…
Read more on the name YAHWEH YAHSHUA, and Yahshua being diety is found in this text: YAHSHUA/JESUS IS YAHWEH (a literal quote of the word). May we all be baptized into His rebirthing process (not of the physical level) but of the spiritual. Also to “recieve of our new accomplished spirit” just like Yahshua breathed on the apostles and told them “recieve ye Holy spirit” , who is different from THE Holy Spirit who didn’t come yet until Pentecost.
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We must be accurate, there’s a big difference, and we’re held to account for every word, not to add to it, or take from it.
Lets separate those who TRULY TRUST YAHWEH vs the goats to get out of our camps.
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More to publish soon! (with your prayers to do so)
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