Saying “No Politics Here” is a Cop-out, and a Protection of Evil

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For those who say “no politics here”. I fully I agree with you, I hate politics. The biggest problem is people say what is evil is good, and what is good is now evil. That’s not politics, it’s just wickedness really, but now they call it politics. This comes from many directions and traps. However the traps are doing just this, to “subvert, steal, kill and destroy” against regular Christian families.
Christ’s prayer says we must Daily ask for not only the bread for this day, but also today’s deliverance from evil, and for His Kingdom LAWS to be done more on earth, as they are done in heaven. Until it becomes like King David’s time. Do you pray our Lord’s prayer? Then you said all of these words. Do you call that politics?
I would like to share with you how it says His laws will become more and more on earth. However before we do this we must acknowledge all the psalms we sing daily as clergymen , 150 Psalms per month, MINIMUM all talk about delivering us from the many traps of the wicked (meaning real activists of evil to be taking over, blaphemies and wickedness that no Christian would ever imagine). You will know full well they attack believers on all sides if you read the word and believe it. That’s what the present lawless politics is setup to do. for those who seek sins, those who teach wickedness, those who are stealing from people etc.
If you write off “justice” and “order” and goodness as just being politics, (it never has been in the same category and shouldn’t be). If you just name-call it says all scorners will be cast in the lake of fire. We also don’t want to give everything a title and do away with it. Such cop-outs are negligence. In many countries there’s still laws that if your neighbor got stuck in the mud or is in danger and you didn’t help them be brought to safety you would be charged with a crime. These are good laws also from the Bible. To sit by idle not to protest against unrighteousness (unrighteousness is anything going against God’s laws, regular families, exalting evil etc), then you are taking the side of those who are committing damages and injuries rather than defending those who support the law. And if you bid them “god speed” although they are doing crimes against God and their neigbors, then their blood is on your hands and you’re a partaker of their evil deeds. You’ll be guilty of the damages of all the ones that their “politics” is setup to destroy etc.
True Christians support LAW especially in times where such pillaging and lawlessness abounds, destroying and killing our neighbors, and as the Psalmist enlightens us “on every side”. I encourage you to chant the daily psalms together with us, 2 in the morning, 2 at night. Join us in the regular Celtic liturgy at
However, “todays politics” that are run by the mob, corrupt politicians like Hillary etc who should be in prison, is a mechanism that is primarily for atheists and chaotic transgressors who want to go against the good Christian laws of the land, of nature, of nature’s God. To give cover for more crimes, rather than make opportunity for good. To profit off of destroying the dominant culture, promoting obscenities, promoting destruction of families etc. Now that is thought of as the ONLY politics. However, no one should confuse this! They think the only politics is aiding and abetting felony crimes, etc (which are abounding at this moment). Supression of our rights to do what is good and lawful through lies, slander and violence. Anything that is unpatriotic is now considered the only politics that is allowed. Loving your Christian nation however they say is “forbidden speech”. We must warn of the present lawlessness as it’s commanded by God, to “watch” and “give warning” about the “sword on the land” that is presently pillaging everywhere.
Peace comes through law, not politics (atheism) that seek to subvert laws of nations.
The law is clear, United States Code, Article 4 section 4 makes it very clear that the agent created by the states “shall guarantee to every state in the union a republican form of government” We might comment here. It did not say democracy, it said a republic. By legal definition that is a government of law, not of men nor of the opinions of men. And of course it is not a democracy which is mob rule.
Trump also sees and understands that we have to get rid of such counter-lawful politicians and get back to just following the law. Ron Paul as well, with the End the Fed movement, “follow the constitution” and “freedom solves everything” get the government out of our lives! Then we will not only barely survive, but will again have days of prosperity. We’ve had many years of seeing our rights trampled on and society being destroyed by an evil system that has gone against the founding articles of the nation , America’s first constitution and first 300 years (before Britain claimed all of it) said that we made a “perpetual union” That union is today’s same union. It was the constitution of every state, and for all that time, with the text that our PERPETUAL union was for “the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and maintaining the purity of the gospel” . As this was written in connecticut, as the first state and “articles of confederation” there, Connecticut got the name “constitution state”. It became the law and legal basis for America to one day declare indpendence without any submission to any worldly power.
As every lawman has sworn to “protect and defend the constitution”, the law, and our constitutional rights. Those who break the law are to be brought to justice. Politicians of this day are against the justice to be sought when injuries and crimes have been committed. However with politics they punish those who have done no wrong. They attack and wound with much damages, the regular Christian families who “SWORN ALLEGIANCE, AS ONE NATION UNDER GOD”. That in a nutshell is today’s politics. It punishes those who have good intent and merely follow the basic laws of the land that everyone is held accountable to follow. Things like “do not lie, do not steal, do not kill, etc”. If they do those crimes, you hae witnesses catch them in the act and bring them to justice etc. Pastors are being arrested, schools shut down for not teaching transgenderism to 5 year olds, and people are being persuected for having good intent to follow their Christian and spiritual convictions to help their neighbor. Even in extreme cases like when such neighbor was process of being injured, still there is a reverse accusation no matter how good the person was. Now it’s just a one way persecution against Christianity primarily. Should they be forgiven? Yes of course, AFTER the transgressors have confessed their violation of law (God’s law being the highest law of the land) then they should be shown mercy. However, what today’s politics are doing is just protecting crimes of religious persecution. However, this is nothing new. In many generations the peopel have had to daily pray for His deliverance. May Christ save us and help us! We have the victory through all the persecutions, to those who will be wise as serpents, and gentle as doves. Religious persecution is not tolerated in our church. More on this prejudicial discrimination aimed at Christians, and additional articles below: Beliefs – Watchmen of the Christ’s Assembly
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“Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.” (Mark 8:38)

Today’s Sabbath Bible study was on “Restoring Honor” and God’s great path that has always worked.

Gathering at the honorable places at the 3 pilgrimage feasts is a basic requirement by God.

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We must follow the model God laid out for praying for the restoration of honor upon the land. We with nuerous other assemblies associated and unassociated assemble at these three pilgrimage festivals under the Ensigns and Banners of Israel. Also under the ensigns and heraldic emblems of our father’s houses like YAHWEH commanded to the true Israelites (please note no jews have any heraldry, only the true Israelites have this Biblical evidence of their true identity).

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