At Least Animal Rights? Abortion Medical Procedure Disclosed. It Clearly Causes Pain. Some babies have emotions more developed than apes!

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We hope the left-wing extremists will stop their brutality! In the below video an abortion worker exposes the Planned Parenthood agenda. She also fully discloses the gruesome medical procedure known as abortion, as babies scream, show emotions, and try to get away from the torture equipment as they are ripped to pieces slowly, or are burned with acid (like being lit on fire)! Second and third trimester abortions are true horror. Left-wing extremists will always cry and plead for the smallest animals with brains no bigger than a pea, however these new born babies are much more sensitive and aware with emotions far more advanced than apes! The left wing radicals we hope will turn around once they realize and are no longer ignorant towards what they are doing. Where are they protecting humanity when it really matters?

Obama’s cohorts not only wants women to “choose” but indoctrinate them that it is totally OK to torture full term babies. All the babies had full emotional reactions to all feelings even 7 months before these abortion procedures (far beyond any capacity of any ape, understanding love, and humour etc). The main procedures include being horrifically ripped from the womb, piece by piece, one foot at a time, one leg at a time, etc, or the other tortures such as burning with acids which feels to the child like being lit on fire. Instead of taking in millions of foreign refugees, a REAL REFUGE should be built for our own children being so horrifically tortured in their last moments of their short lives. These barbaric practices must end!

Abortion is a “sin unto death”, meaning under Biblical law (and still under Federal law if it’s a double homicide if a woman is pregnant when killed) it carries the death penalty.