Holy Land Pilgrimage Crusade Festival, Priory of Salem

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Come Obey the National and Personal Commandment to Attend Israel’s Holy Pilgrimage Festival This April!

Join us at Jerusalem. Special invitees will be knighted at these events.
Standing as our forefathers of every Christian nation of the world, our parents and grandparents generation that had boldly and in the mainstream universities proclaimed our identity, that we are the TRUE Israel of God. Top universities like Harvard, Princeton, Union, Yale, taught that our Christian nation is the Western and Modern Israel of God. More than 4,000 books have been written on this topic that demonstrate only the opinon the Christian nations are Israel, and jews are not! That’s just the ones in English. So we too, must today advance the whole book of our faith (the Holy Bible) as our standard (not just the New Testament, but the whole book about God’s one and same Bride of both the Old and New Testaments). This truth of our heritage as being the Modern Israel of God has only come under fire in this last generation. We must finalize the prophetic call and exercise Biblical obedience in keeping the annual Pilgrimage commands to assemble the men of age at the holy lands of our people. We at the Priory of Salem Jerusalem are exercising our religious freedoms of assembly and of Christian self determination to have freedom to obey the commandments of the God of Israel through the accomplishments of His only begotten son Jesus the Christ, and by the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit to reach it more and more, each day of His Divine liturgies, each Sabbath, each New Moon, and commanded pure and holy assemblies as the annual feasts and pilgrimage feasts.
Come and be a part of our assembly, taking a stand with all the body of Christ! (None of us are 100% alike in all the beliefs, but we are united in matters such as the Apostles Creed, and in worship to the God of Israel at the morning and evening services. See the side widget, available for the laymen to worship together with us from the English Liturgy at https://celticorthodoxy.com)

Priory of Salem, Peace Institute

Calling and welcoming all members, and inquirors of the Priory of Salem to join us in the Holy Pilgrimage on April 12th-19th 2017 (the feast of unleavened bread). This is one of the three annual Pilgrimage Festivals of our Israelite and Templar order. Those members who cannot attend at least once in four years should send one of their delegates to assemble with us under His Cross and under the ensigns of Israel and of our Fathers, as it is explicitly commanded as “holy convocations” that are to be “proclaimed throughout the land in all our dwellings, in all our generations, for ever” as “Feasts of YAHWEH” and our “holy convocations” (miqra in Hebrew, and ecclesia in Greek).

If you’re not registered yet with us, please fill in our Statement of Belief and Conduct and send a scanned signed copy to marshalofsalem@yahoo.com.

We will also be hosting a delegation of the Gothian Imperial Knights Templar (GIKT) at Jerusalem and at Gibeon Israel.

Our Marshals of Salem and of Zion are the hosts of the pilgrimage festivals at Jerusalem. The Priory of Salem leads these regular pilgrimage festivals at Jerusalem Israel and at other Holy sites throughout Christendom. For 2017 we will again be holding assembly for the annual pilgrimage feast of Unleavend Bread at Jerusalem and Gibeon.

Priory of Salem will be hosting the Culdee Passover liturgy of Unleavend Bread from Saturday April  23rd – Friday April 29th 2017 at a farm near Samuel’s high place, with the backdrop of the Nabi Samuel Park.

Attendance is by invitation only. Please Contact marshalofsalem@yahoo.com if interested.

Argent, a Cross Gules, is the longest established and most well known emblem of Knighthood in the world.
This cross, also known as the cross of Saint George, and family arms of Joseph of Arimathea, later became the main emblem of the Knights Templar.
Our red cross on a white shield has long been attributed to the arms of Joseph of Arimathea, our first Culdee and the first Christian Bishop. He had earned this sign, as is recorded in the Bible, that he was the Noble who paid for and removed Christ’s body from the actual Cross. Most agree that he would have also had possession of the actual cross, as having been careful enough to lower the cross to remove His body.

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Gothian Imperial Knights More info on the Gothian Imperial Knights at http://imperialgoths.blogspot.nl/?view=magazine in support of projects for the Priory of Salem, Peace Institute . Contact the Gothian Templars at westerngoths@gmail.com to find out about a local Grand Commanderies under the elector states within our Gothian Empire.