Scandinavian Legends and the Hebrew Bible

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I would like to circulate this Bible Study from John R. Salverda, as Goths’ Nobility are a title of hereditary and well as was confirmed anointed into, we must teach the older (pre-Moses’) same stories/texts that agree as well. In this work he lays out the fulfillment of Odin and Thor as being the Hebrew God and His soon coming son who will redeem the world from the snake, and kill it (all Biblical prophecies).

While these aren’t canonical Biblical texts (and are considered nowhere as authoritative) they are important historical texts. The conclusions may be incorrect but stand as one of many areas of research for students of Biblical history.

The quotes from the Norse Eddas are all from the Biblical Genesis accounts. The whole creation story of the tree in the midst of the garden, fruit from Eden, the snake who made them fall from paradise, throwing the snake out to go on his belly through the earth. Even the flood of Noah and the rainbow, to name a few exact quotes from both.