Ukraine Crimea rights discussion. Brunswick Romanov Imperial duties

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Ukraine Crimea rights discussion. Brunswick Romanov Imperial duties

A short discussion from the House of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick on the true Imperial of the House successors of the lawful senior branch of Romanov-Brunswick. An obligatory dignity through God’s Grace in Christ, to be a matter of inner house arbitration.

This study focused more on the Brunswick lines of Russia, the Kiev-Rus and other senior originating tribes of the Royal house, which have remained to this day as active lead members.

*below* Russian (Romanov) Emperor Ivan VI Duke of Wolfenbuttel Brunswick. 


The rightful Imperial House of Russia (Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick) was suppressed after the illegal palace coup. After the usurper Empress died, Emperor Ivan VI was released from prison. He was killed by the prison guard on the day of his release, although it is undisputed that he was completely the official lawful (Brunswick) Emperor of Russia.

Our last fully reigning Chief Duke (of the Principality of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick) Charles II claimed all estates that were then replaced in the council of Vienna and replaced by new constitutional (illegal) entities created by Hanover. Several of the estates were re-iterated in the French/UK Brunswick Treaty of Ham, that listed all German states belonging to Brunswick as one Empire. At the same period of this Imperial recognition, there was a Brunswick – USA treaty that went as far as to be ratified in the Congress and Declared in a Presidential proclamation that the Government of the USA fully recognizes the estate inheritance of the descendants of Brunswick. This “inheritance treaty” ensured that all transfers of Brunswick estates successfully made their way to the heirs although they were American citizens. The illegal usurpations of our rightful estates were formally repudiated and those that were not fully taken back, were formally protested against by Charles II. The Duke won many court cases claiming back the estates up until his death in 1873. This struggle was continued by his Grandson (our Uncle) Ulric d’Guelph fully publishing the Imperial claims in several books. He had fought not only in the front lines in battles of war against the usurpers (Hanover and Prussia) but also in numerous court cases with some measured victories, and several losses along the way. He did not relent. His last appeal had a conclusion for a minimum of half the estates being returned to him (which already was guaranteed as per Swiss law). As the final steps were done, and the custodians (Switzerland) were due to deliver, he was assassinated outside the courthouse at the tomb of his Grandfather on that very same day that he filed that final winning appeal. As filed at Geneva in 1935.

The Imperial rights and the actual inheritance is long established in the House of Brunswick. The main blood-rights in our main missions of our House were not covered in this video discussion. Those other topics include the Brunswick Imperial blood-rights and actual inheritance of the largest Polish estates, German estates (whole German Empire as listed in several recent treaties for Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick), and England. While these were not delved into, several such studies are available from the Priory of Salem, the College of Electors, and at St Andrew’s OCC. Just use the search tool and lookup any of these subjects.

You may also like the artifacts covered in this presentation, although many other’s like the Altar at St. Blaise with the Imperial bloodlines engraved and listed on the Altar. This demonstrates the core principle of the church of the region that the inheritance to these houses of Gothia (Swedish/Danish/and Baltic European Germanic, and generally Ottonian and Saxony Imperial) houses recognize the inheritance as formally descending down to belonging in possession to the descendant heirs of Brunswick.

We discuss the Spiritual protections and realities ongoing for the Divinely promised victory for Christ’s true Nationalist people. God provides so many solutions that lead to absolute victory for His true tribal nationalist people (Christendom). He made a special covenant to the Royal house who will follow all His Bible Nationalist laws for His actual true Christian people.

All Christians have the same mission (if obedient) to “seek first the Kingdom” and daily pray the kingdom law righteousness of law keeping is “done on earth as in heaven” through us His body. He promised those who overcome and endure to the end will be saved. We are to continue in faith until finally the Father has made Christ’s enemies His footstool and then Christ may return to be our judge. Christ foretold us that final end will not come until there is an ultimate climax example of His kingdom being done on earth for all the world to see. When the whole world sees the Royal and true Nationalist Kingdom (and laws being followed) of His people, with His word being exercised in the earth, and know the “kingdom witness” of Christ’s body doing what they are commanded in that “gospel” of not only His death, burial and resurrection, but empowerment of His body of people, which all the old testament prophets dedicate their most time to describing. The final climax of the ages must come when His people rule supreme and all know it is right, at least in some form as a great “witness to all nations” of Christ and His laws for His true Israel people (not the Rev 2:9 and 3:9 “they who say they are Judah but are not, but do lie and are of a synagogue of Satan…”). After the true seed raises up the true witness in obedience to all His Nationalist laws to finally fulfill them in Christ and the true British Anglo Saxon people do it, “then the end shall come” (Matt 24:14). As Christ said “I’m not sent but to the lost sheep of the House of Israel”(Matt 15:24). The Nationalist laws of God are still a long way off from being fulfilled by Christ’s Nationalist body (true unmixed Aryan Celtic Saxon Israel). Although we have  had thousands of kingdom church assemblies celebrating what the nation will be like, and how His Nationalist laws will be done on earth, still many stop short and are awaiting to hand everything to a tribe of Jews which have no relation to the true Israel of God. We have hundreds of books on what the Kingdom should look like once His laws are being done on earth as in heaven. Our daily prayer is for His order, His law and peace be finally reached as Christ who is THE WORD is being exercised in His body (His new born, spirit filled Christian people see Romans 9:4-5 the true flesh of Israel who are reserved exclusively to be adopted…), for His will to be done on earth. His same bride, many call the church isn’t to be confused with Rome although many in the Roman Catholic church will be in His body / Bride, they don’t constitute the summation. The Eastern Orthodox may have more than the Roman latin sects. Some may argue that the Western Orthodox (Anglican and Other Protestant) are more Orthodox and more Catholic than the Roman latin version. Every Century or so, there is an East Orthodox Patriarch such as Cyril Lucarius who recognizes the Anglicans, and other Protestant sects to be part of the valid canonical Western Orthodox family. 

We must continue till the Kingdoms of this world become our Lord’s (Jesus the Christ). Every knee will bow, and every tounge will confess He is God and Lord, King of kings and Lord of lords.