Mandatory Gene Editing To “Change What it means to be a Human” says top world leaders.

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It’s important to identify the best Candidates that are fighting the Transhumanism Agenda, and get out and support them to get elected! The mandatory gene editing (discussed by the World Economic Forum leaders such as Bill Gates, Schwab, Fauci and others) is steamrolling over every human right and will redefine humans. As Elon Musk said by the end of this year everyone will have a microchip (new much smaller tech) in their human brains. These all are pushing forward not only the interfacing of our bodies to machines, but the number one part of it is the “gene editing”. These top world leaders are openly calling this gene editing etc “the 4th Industrial revolution”. They boldly say in all events and publications, interviews etc, that it will change what it means to be a human. Gender confusion x 1 million! They say it is going forward without issues, Fauci’s NIH is covering it also as vital for healthcare(saying it will take major proof that it’s bad for health, and then do a risk / benefit anaysis , if you have 10 billion dollars to counter it). These leaders are requiring governments to get onboard so they can continue to function in the system of the central bank credit fraud. This will require all activities of a “consumer” are within their chips / marks / DNA changes in order to upload / download according to the public listed Bill Gates patents and full admissions on the latest World Economic Forum top Agendas discussed as going forward.

the World Economic Forum wikipedia says at, is where annually around 3,000 members meet, mostly leading inventors, politicians, representatives from 1,000 companies that fund WEF. They list their mission as “improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas”.

Although their leadership is careful, they don’t hide that it’s their goal to not only just change the definition of humans but to fundamentally change what humans are through genetic modification, and say they are doing it.
You may want to get the WEF leader’s book “the Fourth Industrial revolution” check on his own book promo page:
The fourth industrial revolution is about ‘gene editing’ which changes you as a human, says the man at the helm, Klaus Schwab.

Even the US Supreme Court and other Supreme Courts have often said that edited dna (unnatural) are no longer protected humans, but at least that part of their dna is owned by the companies that hold the patent. This also agrees with the fact checkers and debunkers who try to clarify they’re talking about the edited part of the dna. This is one part, which probably I will put into a small slide or 2, along with FDA holdups over time, (Fauci’s NIH has mostly tried to say you need to spend 10x as much money as they spend to prove risks before you can get such banned based on a risk / benefit analysis).
Although there’s all this funding on the other side of it, I think if this goes to our free States to decide, there should be a significant legislative challenge. As you can see the implications of damages are not to just one area but many wide ranging areas. When highlighting the damage zones I think each should be kept apart as separate subjects. Probably they can be listed together craftily but carefully. As when it becomes convoluted by whichever skilled and well paid proponent, they will want to bring down all the related topics no matter how truly unrelated these all may be.

Here is another recent interview on the topic of the very real transhumanism threat: (detailed on gene editing technology) from Tom Horn, he regularly holds larger conferences on this topic at Branson and broadcasts on it regularly on SkywatchTV.
I’m looking to make it in my top 5 issues going forward. “Combatting the Transhuman Agenda”. If you think about it, all our laws till now have dealt with humans in their Created state. Now the agenda is no longer to even be human, or change what it means to be human (as they are doing with gender, birthing persons etc). We’ve all seen so many women’s rights thrown out the window in favor of the new definitions of women, and now the human rights (so long fought for) are going out the window.
Thank God Justice Alito and the US Supreme Court have attacked this threat head on recently when implementing the Glucksberg test on unenumerated rights. As presently the radical democrats steamroll over all our natural, established rights that are enumerated in the Constitution. Endless Unenumerated rights for every un-natural (non-Creation related) entities (self avowed new edited creatures) is ongoing and these continue to break off the limits that the Constitution ensured. The trampling of the rights of everyone else in favor of getting the state to guarantee limitless new rights (unenumerated rights) is a very real and present danger. This threat of transhumanism was my last straw to finally go ahead and run for office.

I hope everyone is looking into this major transhumanism agenda that is already taking away so many of our rights, ripping our rights out from the roots in favor of limitless new unenumerated rights now getting guarantees from local governments under the guise of human rights. However these are now declared non-human rights and under new genetic edited status, so it will now have further ramifications. The threat that this is being rolled out more widely is openly discussed at the World Economic Forum. I hope you saw the video with leaders there discussing the implementation. That threat is also very real, and moving along.
Tom Horn demonstrates how it is also moving along under various confirmable programs.
I’ve been in discussions and campaign meetings with the Constitution Party of Missouri. They have pledged to raise the alarm on these important issues of the “Transhumanism Agenda”. Thank God for Missouri. We’re the first state to fully ban abortion after the overturning of Roe vs Wade (Praise YAHWEH). Some didn’t know about what Klaus Schwab and his minions at the World Economic Forum are all planning.
Here’s the very good article exposing the transhumanism agenda (gene editing to be MANDATORY for all humans) discussing at the World Economic Forum the very real actions going on by world powers: , various security firms have been warning about nano technology being manipulated by a wide array of wireless devices, and that these could hack the body when inside the body (as is deployed in various medicines, including the key technology used in the mRNA vaccines), as shown on their youtube channel: “Nanotechnology: Hacking Humans, Its Potential, and Real Risks”

Who knows, if no one else is running on these topics, I could still do a write-in candidate run (so long as I can prove I can win I would). So rather than waiting to 2024 I could already launch my website (that’s in draft) as my Key Issues of Liberty are so vital to get active on this year. The website is basically complete as-is but I would be working on building up my base for the next year or so.

My main issues include moving forward State laws, taking down Federal and Judicial overreach etc through the filter of the US Supreme Court confirmed “Glucksberg theory” where fake rights will no longer be tolerated to destroy State law, or the rights of the rest of the population. No longer will all the new limitless unenumerated rights people think up every year as “guaranteed” rights, secured by the power of the Government. As those unenumerated rights are now confirmed by the USSSC unconstitutional, the actual constitutional enumerated rights for the other 99% of the population must be actively restored.

I will say the Constitution Party is onboard and have pledged to fight on these issues. However they aren’t getting much of the vote yet. So look them over. Any vote for Constitution Party is like a vote for the most Conservative Republicans. Lets make sure they win.

This is a 20 hour per day job just to raise awareness and advance on these critical matters concerning our liberty, so I hope everyone will do their parts in the interim (of my considering a 2024 run).

For now I urge you to find the candidates who are combatting this great threat of the transhumanism agenda, the greatest threat the world has ever seen. I hope America and several states like Missouri will be a refuge against it. However, as Thomas Jefferson said the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.


After reading this and considering becoming more active in protecting the Natural Law of the Creator who gave us His “certain unalienable rights”, please study the truly Organic Tree of Liberty.

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