Celtic Orthodox, Preserving Trumpets Feasts in their liturgies

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Celtic Orthodox, Preserving Trumpets Feasts in their liturgies
Heralding Christ’s soon return to His covenant True Israel people!

For our Brethren now celebrating Christ’s soon return, maybe it will be TODAY, this Holy Day and New Moon day (1st day of the 7th Month). As Christ was foretold will return in Glory and we appear with Him on this day of the “last trump”.
We are also in fear of the coming dreadful day of the Lord, known as the Day of Atonement, and are meditating on “National Repentance” for our peoples to find a way to “His service which is perfect freedom”. See my infographic on the Tree of Liberty now in public preview at the Priory of Salem Institute website.
As also in 10 days we will see the feast of Atonement (where prophetically those who did not receive Christ will receive the punishment that they rejected be done in their place, His crucifixion cup).
Today (Trumpets) is a day of sounding the alarm in Israel wherever His true Christian nations are scattered. We have known our identity as the true Celto-Saxon (and kindred) peoples, and have kept it in the major historic documents of our people.

This is but one of the many major documents demonstrating our unity as the true Israel of God. It is the primary basis for the Anglican Liturgy, called the Sarum Missal. Several Orthodox patriarchs recognized the English Liturgy as qualifying as canonical orthodox liturgy as recent as the early 1900s. Today’s English Liturgy is known as the Book of Common prayer. More on that you can find on our website. The Historic Celtic Church and Today’s Orthodox Church of the Culdees.
In Leviticus 23,
God’s people are told to “proclaim these moadim/dates of YAHWEH”, meaning the appointments that YAHWEH will do something.
It says to report these days “proclaim them” as holy convocations, in all your generations and all your dwellings, for ever.
I wanted to send along this inspirational tidbit for our Celtic Church fellowship (OCC):
The Israelite Feast of Trumpets was remembered in the English Orthodox church always in some manner. It even slipped through in the most steeped up Roman Catholic texts in their region, known as the Sarum Missal. In the Celtic church there was much more independence, and these held major strongholds within the English church, and kept Saturday’s higher than Sundays all the way till the last Royal Acts of Uniformity, which merely said they have to hold sunday services alongside their regular Saturday services. This caused an exodus of English Orthodox Ministers out of the Anglican church, as they would not be told to include Sunday among their worship services. These weren’t nearly as resistant as Germany who often invaded drove out the popes and de-populated the papal states when decrees of overlordship came from Rome to German Saxon states. People are fraudulently told that this only started with Martin Luther. The House of Brunswick has carefully kept these chronicles, as true Dukes of Tuscany and rightful owners of the papal states. Any time the Bishops of Rome would say they could pick a local Bishop for any locality in Germany, it was treated as an act of war by nearly all the princes of Germany.
Anyhow, here’s some surviving proof of the Feast of Trumpets traditions being preserved in the liturgies, passing down by the embedded Culdees. The Culdees have rights for all time within the Anglican church to freely use what services they so found compliant, as the independent Celtic church. That freedom of independence from Rome was also reiterated in a Dozen Papal bulls, for example for the Clergy of Glastonbury, co-signed by Kings of England, Germany, Dukes of Austria, Dukes of France etc..
In the Sarum Missal is found a demonstrable proof of the knowledge of the Israelite feast of Trumpets within this Christian liturgy.
You may call it “an Imperfect commemoration in the Anglican Liturgy (Sarum Missal)”. Some may argue it’s not with the 3 high feasts of assembly (pilgrimage requirements under our true Israel / or under the sub-family’s ensigns under their firstborn house banners as they joined the congregation for assembly of the males etc) 3 times per year. So that may be why it wasn’t more vigorously fought for.
However some good scribes ensured these excerpts of the older prayer books passed down to the Sarum Missal as a witness. Also the English prayer books for the last 400 years said you can add as many festivals (per petition to your bishop) to provide as ministers are available to service these events.
Analysis: As the feast of Trumpets lands on the New Moon in September (here called an Ember Wednesday in September), nearly every year like clockwork it lands on this day in September. That’s the start of the Biblical 7th month, as it says in Leviticus 23:24 that it’s the first day of the 7th month that we’re to have a festival of blowing Trumpets. This year, as with many others in True Israel we celebrate the visible new moon (first seen 9/27/2022, Tuesday night, so the 1st day of the Month being Wednesday 9/28/2022. So this year’s Trumpets festival is from even to even on these dates.) So last night we started our Trumpets service, and today continuing.
We’re praying with and for all (true) Israel, whether they’re on other calendars or whatnot. We also celebrate with other trusted Israelites on their other calendars, as we will admit not everyone is perfect yet, and we all need each other.
Why is it important to get the day most correctly?
Lev 23:2 “Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, Concerning the feasts of the LORD, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are my feasts.”
(These aren’t man’s feasts, these are God’s feast. Also as Christ said, they are “made for man” or for our benefit.) The words “for ever” as well as “all your generations” are reiterated numerous times in the above chapter. The proclaiming to “Celebrate” I hope is good news to all. This may be why still the Authors of the then Catholic Sarum Missal of England was allowed to retain such beautiful verses, as they sought to remove traces of the original Israelite texts that took away the supremacy of the first pick of feasts from Rome.
If in doubt, our Bishop Leroy said to our Pastors and elders, “keep both calendars” till you have a new consensus with the experts. He taught that if you miss the “moadim(appointment) of YAHWEH”, you miss the date YAHWEH promised to do something, it’s like missing a doctor’s appointment. He set the time, and like Sabbath, if you miss His day that is “for ever” every year, you might miss what He’s doing. The Orthodox like to say they won’t miss it because they have daily services, and have asked the whole congregations to do the morning and evening prayers daily, with their psalms and readings. So for the rest it’s more likely, unless by a prayerful ask of Christ’s grace, they miss a message from the Holy Spirit ordained for those gathered without doing any work for that day, in delight for His sabbaths, and THEN we will get delight in YAHWEH(Isa 58:13) as an extra promise. The acts surrounding the appointments of YAHWEH climax with worshipping together with other believers, and then hearing His word (the spiritual bread) of heaven, but as it says in Romans 10:17 “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the spoken word of God” and vs 15 “how shall they hear without a preacher, and how shall they preach except they be sent?”(by their Bishop or other that have the rule over us, as we are told to in Hebrews 13:17 to obey these ordained leaders.. “for they watch for your souls” Heb 13:17)
Is it just chance that this day they’re quoting from the Sarum Missal is actually the feast of Trumpets? or did this pass down deliberately generation to generation, as was commanded for the true priests that were sent by the Apostles? Many of these Bishops traced their traditions of the Israelite feasts (when they were martyred, imprisoned, or often excommunicated for their clinging to the Israelite feasts), and in many of the protests they wrote included the number of generations their predecessor received it in canonical orthodox succession from which ever Apostle their feast tradition came from, as recorded. So it is admitted really everywhere, and is in the official texts of today’s Authorized liturgies (1600s-incl 1928 BCP) that you can and should include more feasts for your local congregations.