Affinity Between the Hebrew and Celtic Languages (AKA Races)

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The booklet was dedicated to the Queen’s chief medical officer, and Director General of the Medical department for the Navy, with this letter. A great area of physiological study being the facts that we refer to races and groups of people by their language. On first check he discovered 450 words in Hebrew have the same meaning in Gaelic, when you take away the first part of the word. We know this came about due primarily to Iarbanel (Jeremiah) bringing the Hebrew schools to found the original pure faith in 500BC (that went extinct 2,000 years ago with the dawn of the Culdees under the senior line of David and Aaron as Joseph of Arimathea, as well as Aristobulus and nearly half the Apostles buried there).

Download PDF “Affinity Between the Hebrew and Celtic Languages – PDF” [or races] Search our archives more British Israel books, for example at at OCC’s Celto-Saxon/Anglo Israelism archives

Other Pamphlets, Booklets and persuasive articles on the topic are included.

British Israelism should be part of every Bible Believing Christian’s library. This section of our website should get you started.

Bookmark this page and go through the pages as you find the time. You will not regret this investment in knowledge of God’s Divine Truth. As Christ said “if you continue in my word ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

British Israelism has been inaccurately daubed “replacement theology”. However this age-old doctrine of the church has always been consisted of descendants of the true Israel of God. The same bride of the old testament is the same bride of the new.

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Affinity Between Hebrew and Celtic Langauages