9-11 Prophetic Fulfillment on Babylon Occupiers of Manasseh Israel?

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The Christ's Assembly at The Republic of Texas
Babylon/USA Paper
Hello Everyone,

Greetings in Yahweh

I have seen a lot of questions here of late about America being Babylon and 
FYI, I thought I'd post a copy of my paper on the subject I wrote. 
Hopefully, it will answer a lot of the questions raised about this subject a 
lot of you lately have been raising in light of 911. I recently sent a copy 
of it to Stewart Best who wrote the series of papers on the same subject and 
I also attached a copy of the memo to him also. You may be surprised at some 
of the implications of having a place to go to in fleeing from Babylon and 
possibly of seeing some of the things not previously considered before.

Jeff L. Smith

Forwarded Message:
>To: "Stewart Best" <enigma@truinsight.com>
>From: "Jeff L. Smith" <jlsmith@texas.net>
>Subject: Joseph 13 - Babylon/USA Paper
>Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 14:42:25 -0500
> >        <<Joseph13.doc>>

Hello Stewart,

I have read all of your papers on Babylon/America and I can say I am most
impressed by them and your research. I agree with most of what you say in
them. I am a minister of Yahweh and I have a ministry called "Beyth
Yahowseph/House of Joseph" and it is Hebrew oriented to return/shuv to the
sacred names and ways/torah and observe the feast days, sabbaths and new 
for the believer and to wake up many people of Israelite descent captive in
Babylon to their true heritage in their fathers Yah'qov and Yitschaq and
Avraham and the covenant Daughter of Zion nation to be.

I have known about your website for at least a couple of years because of 
links our Republic of Texas website has to the Wake Up America hardtruth.com
website. Many of the Scripture cites you use I have used also for many years
in attempting to teach people that America is Babylon.

However, I thought you might like to take a good look at my paper I 
just after the 911 attacks, from an Israelitish approach because one who 
to do so will miss about half of the equation and only have part of the 
Understanding this properly clears up a lot of seeming incongruities in
scripture and insight. I notice a lot of people are hungry for truth and are
asking questions on the messageboards you host that hopefully this paper can
answer and clear up some of the confusion. I originally published this on 
RT boardroom site, but I am now going to be publishing this paper on other
websites and I will also very soon have my own Beyth Yahowseph/House of 
website for my ministry that others can go to directly as an education 

I would be glad to hear from you to share some more.

Yours in Yahshua Ha-Mashiyach

re: WTC and Pentagon Attack         Jeff L. Smith         12:18 pm saturday 
september 15, 2001

In reply to this posting on the WTC and Pentagon attack, I must point out as 
an ambassador and minister of Yahweh that many times in the past in RT 
meetings and other places I have spoken as a Citizen of the Republic of 
Texas and taught on the fact that the United States is Babylon, the modern 
day end time national entity that the Holy Scriptures foretold would arise 
known as the "Daughter of Babylon" in the Hebrew Scriptures of the "Old 
Testament" and as the same entity "Mystery Babylon" in the Christian 
scriptures of the "New Testament".

>WTC and Pentagion attack,
>Kim Wade Gatewood :I duly hereby condemn the attack on the united States of 
>America :by whoever the perp is and was, that ordered the attack and I 
>:demand to see Justice, the perp hanging by the neck until :Dead,Dead,Dead 
>from the end of a rope from Gallows Built on the :White house lawn.Bin 
>Laden or however you spell the name must pay :and pay and pay for his 
>crimes against humanity and all of his :Terrorist network must be 
>dismantled before they decide to attack :the Republic of Texas. I pray 
>George W. Bush dont make a move :unless guided by the Lord God Almighty and 
>Jesus Christ and the :Holy Spirit. I pray that the united States dont have 
>to go to :war with any Country in itself, but the Countries give up the 
>:attackers for TRIAL and Justice.I pray for the comfort and :healing of the 
>victims and thier families in the World trade :center and the pentigon and 
>on all the Aircraft crashed. I give :my sincere sympathy and condolences to 
>the families and victims :of last Teusday.God Bless and comfort the victims 
>and thier :families AMEN!!!

>re: Further Reply to Posting on WTC and Pentagon Attack
Jeff L. Smith         4:08 pm saturday september 15, 2001

I wrote as my first reply to the article raised by Kim Wade Gatewood the 
following: :In reply to this posting on the WTC and Pentagon attack, I must 
:point out as an ambassador and minister of Yahweh that many :times in the 
past in RT meetings and other places I have spoken :as a Citizen of the 
Republic of Texas and taught on the fact that :the United States is Babylon, 
the modern day end time national :entity that the Holy Scriptures foretold 
would arise known as :the "Daughter of Babylon" in the Hebrew Scriptures of 
the "Old :Testament" and as the same entity "Mystery Babylon" in the 
:Christian scriptures of the "New Testament".

Upon some further reflection of this week’s past events, I now add the 
further response:

To all my fellow RT citizens;Greetings in the love of Abba YHWH and his Son 
Yahshua Ha Mashiyach.

Do not be surprised or outraged by Tuesday’s events or wonder how it could 
happen. They were foretold to happen in Scripture because they are His 
Judgment upon America and it's de-facto government for their national sins. 
Most Christians only consider the Book of Revelation and perhaps a small 
part of the Book of Daniel when considering the subject of mystery Babylon 
or end times prophecy or Church scenarios, and were totally blind and taken 
off guard and greatly surprised by what just happened.

This is due in large part and it is because almost all of us have been 
victims of the false ministers and shepherds of Babylon who permeate our 
churches and biblical institutions, the TV/Radio airwaves and even 
synagogues and who preach false doctrines, posing as ministers of 
righteousness but who are in fact ministers of darkness and preachers of 
Baal - real wolves in sheep’s clothing, who have not His Ruach Kodesh/Holy 
Spirit and who misdirect us in so many ways and even in some cases 
deliberately lie to and deceive us about certain critical scriptural truths 
and teachings, all the while preaching "Jesus Christ", so we assume they 
must be ok and ministers of righteousness and we thus accept them as our 
shepherds and leaders without question or critical examination of their 
doctrines by the Light of His Scriptures and WORD/Shekinah. (Jeremiah 23).

So we are all partly at fault ourselves for this tragedy. Do not listen to 
the Jerry Falwells and Pat Robertsons who say they point the "finger of 
blame" at other certain specified parties when they in their hypocrisy need 
to point the finger at themselves as the false ministers that they are. See 
Isaiah 56 thru 58, especially Chapter 58 to see what Father Yahweh says in 
His commandment about "pointing the finger of blame". Or, the lies as to 
what Mr. Pat Robertson says about “We can’t know whether this is God’s 
judgment on America or not. No one on Earth knows.” These 2 ministers and 
many others are in deliberate and direct disobedience to Yahweh and his 
commandments on this ‘point’ (no pun intended).

Please read, my dear fellow RT citizens and others who see this, Jeremiah 50 
and 51 to see what the final fate of the Daughter of Babylon is going to be. 
He calls it a "destroying mountain", ie, a nation that destroys other 
nations, and that He, Father Yahweh, will destroy that nation and 'roll it 
down as a burnt mountain', that is destroyed by fire and water from the sea 
(tidal waves). Don't believe me! Read it for yourself and see, perhaps for 
the first time in your life what is really going on. The clear WORD of 
Yahweh. Unlike what Mr. Pat Robertson says, we CAN and do know because 
Father Yahweh informs us of America’s judgment in the holy scriptures. His 
is NOT a gospel of ignorance as Babylon’s preachers would have you be.

The World Trade Center towers were the twin towers or "walls" and "gates" of 
Babylon (Jeremiah 51:11-13, 15, 44, 58), prophesied to be destroyed and 
knocked down by an enemy, "spoilers" who were raised up by Yahweh Himself, 
to come to this nation and render His judgment and execute his vengeance 
because of our national sin and haughtiness and lack of repentance or 
respect of others sovereignty and life, liberty and property. The Hebrew for 
"walls" and "gates" is multifaceted in their meaning and also include our 
modern day English definition of tower, remembering that the old Babylon 
city had walls and "gates" built up as lookout and observation posts on top 
of the walls that were actually towers in our modern understanding where the 
king of Babylon or his soldiers under his command could be perched high over 
the plains or fields surrounding the city and be on the watch for an attack 
by enemy forces or other diplomatic entourage from foreign nations arriving 
to engage in foreign commerce. The merchants of old Babylon who financed and 
were behind the king in backing him, also had their tall "gates" or towers 
within the city walls as "financial headquarters" as the center from where 
they conducted all their financial transactions.

You must understand that Babylon is a complex three part entity- 
financial/commercial, political/government and spiritual/religious and that 
each of these three components and their corresponding symbols of power in 
Babylon will be destroyed separately in their due turn and time according to 
His divine plan just as it was millenia ago in the old Babylon.

In one case, Yahweh caused the passengers to rise up against their captors 
and thwart/abort the attack on the intended target and in the other case He 
caused the hijacker pilot to be asleep or unaware just exactly long enough 
to not realize soon enough that he was coming in too fast to veer 
sufficiently in time to hit the White House and instead he had to make a 
last second decision to steer the plane into the Pentagon instead or lose 
the political impact if it just crashed somewhere else in the city streets. 
Hence the plane that crashed in western Pennsylvania and the one that hit 
the Pentagon were not allowed to hit their real target, the White House, 
because it is not Yahweh's time for political Babylon or it's national 
symbol/icon, the White House, to be destroyed yet.

The national idol or symbol of the financial/commercial component or 
monetary establishment of the Daughter of Babylon, on the other hand, and 
the very symbol of America's financial preeminence in the world today 
itself, was the twin towers of the World Trade Center. This is what has 
happened this past week and what Yahweh has now knocked down and destroyed 
in Jeremiah 51: vs11-13, v15, v44 and v58. These events were allowed to 
happen by Yahweh in sending Satan and his cohorts to do this evil deed 
because it was a part of His divine plan for us. He is sending us a message 
and we all need to put on our Ruach/Spiritual eyes and ears to see it or we 
are in great peril.

In this great tragedy, we should all extend our condolences and sympathies 
and prayer/fasting/oblation for the loss of those who were innocent and to 
those families who lost loved ones and friends. But we should also remember 
that the ways and provenance of Yahweh are beyond understanding, the truth 
and mind of the Great El Shadday are beyond knowing and finding out until He 
reveals it in His perfect Will and His perfect timing and we should all 
submit to His perfect will here as well whatever it may be.

Therefore there can be no doubt that there were many people who perished in 
this tragedy who were not innocent and were guilty by His judgment before 
His standing. We don't know who they were that perished in this and which 
ones were guilty and which ones were innocent but we all share blame as His 
people for our national sins in allowing this Babylon nation to have ever 
assumed authority over us in the first place and we are all reaping the 
rewards now.

re: 2nd part of Reply on WTC and Pentagon attacks
Jeff L. Smith         4:24 pm saturday september 15, 2001

This posting is the 2nd part of my reply on the WTC and Pentagon attacks, as 
the memory buffer on the first part was exceeded and part of my message was 
cut off.

Jeff L. Smith.

Continue from 1st part at:

This is the bitter fruit of what we ourselves have sowed. Jeremiah warns us 
that this Babylon nation will be destroyed along with several other prophets 
such as Ezekiel, Isaiah and Zechariah, et al. The testimony is sure to 
happen as foretold and written down in Scripture. Nothing can change that.

All of the false ministers and leaders and so called "pundits" of 
Churchianity and the government/media establishment are now inciting and 
"uniting" us in the 'name of national security' and “homeland defense” and 
false patriotism, and a "national day of prayer/fasting/mourning" and 
“returning to THE LORD”, sometimes citing the scripture in II Chronicles 
7:14 about repentance so that "THE LORD" will hear from heaven and heal 
their land. These false shepherds and congressmen, senators, the president 
and other government officials and media present who have all gotten 
together and paid “lip service” to Yahweh and our Rights and freedoms in 
this national judgment and tragedy and urged us common people to pray for 
‘repentance’ and to pray for the government/Babylon; are the very same 
individuals who have been in the past and are continually proven to be our 
real enemies and oppressors over and over again, deceiving and lying to us 
constantly and stripping us of our Saxon common law rights and birthright 
heritage of freedom on a daily basis, mis-citing Romans 13 falsely, and who 
are even now as they speak smooth and slick serpent-like words and 
propaganda about an “attack on freedom” and “preserving freedom”, and in 
spite of all false pretensions of these “ministers” and their government 
cohorts aside; they are nevertheless intent and hell-bent on planning to 
implement the total imposition of formally declared martial law and all its 
full implications in the united States of America upon the rest of us as 
rapidly as possible, even as they speak and pontificate false piety and 
false religiosity and “good intentions” in the old harbinger and name of 
“national revival”, “national security”, “national emergency” and stamping 
out “domestic terrorism” whoever that might be opposing the government’s 
plans for us, and “preserving freedom” and “returning to family values”, 
controlled by them of course, and their legislative “family law court” 
agenda I might add.

I have seen and heard of preparations already where national guard reserve 
troops and law enforcement personnel are now in the process of being 
deployed all over to set up stop checkpoints on the roads and highways for 
the purpose of restricting travel not just on the national borders, but also 
between States by private American Citizens. Bush and his henchmen in office 
have already hinted at this in their public pronouncements, all the while 
having the gall to say that this is for our own good. And that “American 
Pride” and our “patriotism” and “sacrifice” (of American soldiers and our 
liberties) will win this “war against freedom”.

This type of step in a ministry of propaganda stirring up flag waving, false 
pride in American self-might, false patriotism AND restricting travel is 
typically one of the very first steps a totalitarian police state does when 
imposing martial law. Think long and hard about it and wake up or be the 
fool, whether you’re a saint of Yahweh or not, who perishes in Babylon 
because you would not heed the warning and continued to go along with 
Babylon’s program until it was too late. Bible prophecy foretells that there 
will be many such fools who perish in Babylon who thought they were “safe” 
and “in God’s hands”, yet go down in destruction with her. Speak out against 
what is happening now and warn others about the impending destruction of 
America/Babylon like Jeremiah did or face the fate foretold of those in the 
nation of America and in our Republic of Texas who do not truly repent and 
disassociate themselves in every way they can from supporting Babylon before 
its fall.

If only this scripture in the 2nd Book of Chronicles 7:14 applied to the 
Daughter of Babylon in this instance, I would be right out there rejoicing, 
lamenting, praying, getting angry and whooping out patriotic slogans along 
with the rest of them about the "American Spirit" and taking "Gung ho 
righteous vengeance” upon whoever.

(This "American Spirit" isn't the "spirit" I want, it should be the "Ruach 
Kodesh/Holy Spirit of the Father that we seek). However, this scripture does 
NOT apply right now to the USA and one should also remember the words of 
Father Yahweh and His delegate Son Yahshua where they said and cited the 
scripture "vengeance is mine saith Yahweh". The Jerry Falwells and Pat 
Robertsons, Billy Grahams and others in disobedience to Yahweh are telling 
us, as ministers of Baal, to get behind CFR/Trilateral/NWO/UN Supporter/ 
Luciferian Mason worshipper George Bush and pray for him and the government 
and its leaders and for America/United States to repent. And who, as the 
false evangelists and false prophets and false shepherds they are, even now 
are loudly and falsely proclaiming there “is a national revival in America 
and a return to ‘God’ ”, based upon alleged increases at church by large 
numbers of “Christians” and a return to “family values” after ‘prayer’ they 
say; all meaningless code words as there is no true revival in 
Babylon/America and this type of deceit has been a long established pattern 
on the part of these Baal ministers and their cohorts. Why should you dear 
reader, allow yourself to continue to be deceived and lied to by them when 
you know their long established pattern and history of deceit? Will a 
leopard ever be able to change its spots?

However, what does the scripture say about this? The prophet Isaiah in 
Isaiah Chapters 13 thru 14 and also Chapter 49 tells us ahead of time that 
Babylon/America is an extremely wicked nation who is NOT going to truly 
repent, a great Satan nation, and that therefore in obedience to Yahweh's 
command, do NOT pray for her but rejoice in Yahweh for His righteous 
judgment. Yahweh says in Jeremiah 50 that we would have healed Babylon but 
that she would not be (refused to be) healed. And also that the heavens 
themselves are now shut up to Babylon's prayers to him because of her lack 
of repentance and that He would not hear their supplications though Babylon 
should fortify the height of her strength and reach up into the high 
heavens- ie, the tower(s) of Babel for salvation.

Scripture foretells that they will not pray true repentance to the only true 
Elohim, Yahweh El Shadday, of the universe, the "Unknown God" of the Greeks 
among all their other statues and national icons of their day. They will 
continue to pray to and rely for salvation upon their false gods and icons 
of deliverance and salvation, ie, America’s military might, economic and 
political strength, "Christian" heritage and the "American Spirit" and other 
such false pride images as the goddess of "Lady Liberty", ie, Frieda or 
Ashtarte (Ishtar) indominatable and unassailable, righteous and invincible 
and impregnable "fortress Americana". That will also come down too in due 
time as yet another icon/image/national idol and false god worshipped by 
most all Americans.

As events have or should show us, the truth lies elsewhere than what we're 
being told. Therefore the command was given to forsake her utterly and 
return each man to his own country. Ie, to get out of Babylon and be not a 
partaker of her sins or else we also (saints) would be utterly destroyed 
along with her. Revelation 18 also repeats this same admonition.

What is interesting here is that the scripture indicates a new country 
consisting of the tribes of Israel (the House of Joseph) and of the House of 
Judah (the Jews or Yahudahim) will be formed right alongside the country of 
Babylon (Jeremiah 51:31) adjacent to and along the borders from a portion 
torn away from Babylon (Zechariah 13: 8-9, Revelation 16:19-20) that we can 
flee into as a place of refuge and continue our battles and live peaceably 
in righteousness even as Babylon falls! See Jeremiah 50:4-5, 17, 19-20, 28, 
33-34 and 51:6, 8-10, 19-20 and 41-42 for confirmation of this astounding 
fact! Further study in the Hebrew Scriptures show that this place to be 
formed yet future is South by Southwest (Jeremiah 51:31) of the political 
center of power or capitol of Babylon, just as ancient Israel was south by 
southwest from Babylon.

I am not getting into this any further here but I will say that history 
repeats itself and YHWH provides for His people (Yahweh Yireh). Just like 
the old Israelites of the 10 tribes and Judahites ultimately escaped from 
the dominion of the old Assyrian and Babylonian empires, Father Yahweh has 
provided and is now working right here in Texas and in America at large, 
among what the mass media and hostile de-facto government agencies and 
certain Babylonian so-called “ministers” or preachers of Baal derisively 
refer to as “secessionist” or “separatist” movements and “revolutionaries”, 
“terrorists”, and now even “paper terrorists” (because some of us file legal 
paperwork and use the judicial courts or administrative agencies’ procedures 
in attempting to stop the tyranny or obtain peaceable redress of grievances) 
; to provide an avenue of escape for His people of the House of Judah not in 
Palestine, and Israel (the 10 tribes of the House of Joseph) now living on 
the North American continent, and those gentile saints joined with them as 
“un-natural branches” to escape the dominion of the Daughter of Babylon 
Empire/USA in the end times.

This land is part of Babylon's empire now but will be broken away 
politically sometime in the not too far future, as the USA/America is 
scheduled for a political breakup sometime in the not-too-distant future, 
according to the Word of Yahweh. (Jeremiah 51:31, Zechariah 13: 8-9, 
Revelation 16:19-20). Yahweh tears apart nations and destroys governments 
when they are unrighteous, so that he can deliver His people back into 
freedom and liberty, IF AND WHEN they return unto Him in true repentance and 
complete submission to His Ways., and that is what He is doing now here in 
America AND in Texas, especially- -take hope then, all Republic of Texas 
Citizens worldwide and everywhere, I encourage you with good words of Father 
Yahweh from His Book! Of His coming deliverance and redemption from the 
Daughter of Babylon for ALL His people here on this continent and beyond! 
See Zechariah 2:6-10 and rejoice and fear not for the NWO and the fascist 
Nazi police state that America has become for Yahweh will deliver and 
protect you from them IF you TRUST in Him, submit to His Will in true 
humility and Obey his every Word and Commandment to you and remove 
yourselves from Babylon by His Command.

This is yet another instance where the church ministers and seminarians have 
lied to us and kept us completely in the dark from the biblical truth for 
the very people identified in Jeremiah 50 and 51 as His saints and righteous 
ones are none other than the House of Judah and the House of Israel, and not 
some mainstream church/"spiritual Israel" or unrighteous pagans, who get 
together in an alliance to march and go to this new country land or place of 
refuge in obedience to the command to get out of Babylon and declare in Zion 
the glory of His vengeance and deliverance from their enemies: (Jeremiah 
50:4, 5, 8, 19, 28).

Yes, people, this is another great truth that has been hidden from us but is 
now being revealed by His ministers and Spirit that there is to be two (2) 
Israel nations (you heard and read right, I said "two") in the end times and 
not just the one in Palestine. One nation is to be for the House of Judah 
(the Jews) and the other one is to be for the House of Israel (ie, the 10 so 
called "lost" tribes of Israel now "found" but never really lost from Yahweh 
and now united under the leadership of the birthright tribes of the House of 
Joseph--Manasseh (Gilead-Carmel-Bashan) and Ephraim as the "horns of Yahweh" 
and "the 'rod' people of his inheritance”).

Do not confuse this with “British Israelism” or “Israel Identity” where they 
teach that America is Yahweh’s (God’s) supposed covenant nation as Manasseh, 
stronger than and having passed England-Ephraim in its strength and 
greatness, but is somehow, unexplainably by their proponents, in a seeming 
paradox, “inferior” to the weaker England-Ephraim, according to the 
birthright promises of Joseph handed down to the younger Ephraim, and yet as 
otherwise good “patriots” are still absolutely blind to and deny the truth 
that America is Babylon, not Manasseh. And now, there is strong evidence 
from patriot networks doing the legal and historical research that the 
UNITED STATES is still a British colony and that many of our supposed 
“patriot” founding fathers were traitors and sold us out secretly at the 
1783 Peace Treaty of Ghent with King George III, and therefore America being 
secretly still under the rule to the Crown of England in a facade of 
independence to the American people. And so if this is true, America/USA 
cannot possibly be Manasseh as British-Israel/Identity proponents say.

What the Identity people need to learn as new revelation from Yahweh’s 
ministers of His Word and of the true House of Joseph, is that Manasseh has 
come in large numbers to the USA/Babylon/America nation but that the 
Daughter of Zion nation prophesied to arise on this continent is STILL yet 
future and has to yet come out of Babylon first because the United States 
was doomed from the very beginning when it took upon and sealed itself with 
the seal of Babylon in its very Great Seal of the U.S.A. that large numbers 
of Identity and British-Israel adherents falsely believe is “Manasseh #13 
heraldry”, denying the truth that is in reality masonic to its core, and 
like everything that Babylon is and does, is in fact counterfeit Manasseh 
heraldry and not the real Manasseh-Israelite heraldry that one will find in 
the Holy Scriptures from extensive studies of this very much neglected and 
mysterious #13 tribe.

To resolve this dilemma and seeming paradox for all of those Identity and 
British Israel adherents, I will tell you as a descendant and son of Joseph 
from the tribe of Manasseh myself, as revealed to me by the Ruach 
Kodesh/Holy Spirit of Yahweh many years ago, that the 13th tribe Manasseh 
was truly a lone star tribe separated from his brethren in Israel and is 
foretold by Yahweh to be the one (echad=13 in Hebrew Gematria) leading tribe 
of Israel in His covenant nation of the return of the Daughter of Zion but 
this position and role is still yet future for a little while until Babylon 
falls and he (Manasseh) repents and comes out of Babylon, out of captivity 
with the rest of his brethren, and is NOT now and America is NOT that 
covenant nation. Britain or even Ephraim will not be that lead nation or 
tribe in the Millenial reign.

I will give you folks yet another secret of Yahweh, now revealed (Deut 
29:29), that he (Jacob) set Ephraim paniym Manasseh (Genesis 48:20, Psalm 
80). Paniym is Hebrew which literally means before AND behind as well as 
toward in the sense of turning forward (in time) to or from the face OR 
presence of seraphim, cherubim, OR the four-square turning presence or face 
of Yahweh .(Strong’s #6440) as in the column/pillar of fire churning like a 
rotating vortex in the 4-square tabernacle of Moses.

In other words my dear brethren and sisters, the birthright “rotates” or 
turns in time from Ephraim to Manasseh to Ephraim and finally back to 
Manasseh in the latter days but the stick of Joseph does not fall onto 
Manasseh out of Ephraim’s hand (Ezekiel 37) until it becomes an echad=13 
(one) stick when it is united with the stick of Judah. (The first shall be 
last and the last shall be first). However, this is after America/Babylon 
falls and the new covenant nation is set up in the land. In the Book of 
Jasher, Chapter 53:16-22, this 4-time turnover in the birthright is what was 
being referred to by Joseph when he pulled out the star map and showed it to 
his younger brother Benjamin who divided Egypt into 4 divisions, and asked 
him if he understood the 4 divisions in Egypt and the identity of the one 
sitting on the throne. His younger brother Benjamin then immediately 
discerned and recognized his brother Joseph and understood the meaning of 
the fourfold turnover of the birthright in 4 divisions of time after their 
(the 10 tribes) dispersion from old Israel throughout the ages of the House 
of Joseph on the “throne” in captivity in Egypt/Babylon.

This is exactly what those of you who have known the truth about the House 
of Israel in the latter days have missed as your detractors and enemies in 
Churchianity and the rapture/Romans 13 501C-3 govt-IRS supporting cult who 
still believe and promulgate the false notion that the Jews are amalgated 
with and are all of the house of Israel, have been able to tear you apart 
scripturally because you did not have a solid scriptural foundation on the 
teaching of the relationship between Babylon and Israel to refute them and 
your mainstream Churchianity enemies and their allies in government and 
masonry took over as agents provocateur instigating violence among some of 
you and branding you as “illegal tax protestors”, “Christian Identity”, 
“Domestic Terrorists”, “Aryans” and “Anti-Semites” and “Neo-Nazis” and 
infiltrated, mislabeled and discredited your various patriot and church 
movements with FBI/CIA style covert “psyops” techniques while you slept and 
imagined that America was the covenant nation, and that the Babylonian 
counterfeit British Crown of the NWO was anointed by Yahweh as the throne of 

The throne of David still does exist and yes, there are men hidden by Yahweh 
and alive today who are true descendants of David who would be rightful 
heirs of this continuous-to-all-generations throne until Yahshua returns 
foretold in keeping with Yahweh’s promise to David in Psalms 89:4 and 
elsewhere, but the current pretenders in QE-2 and Prince Charles are New 
World Order counterfeits of Anti-Mashiyach and this issue has no relevance 
at this time in any event to the more immediate question of 
Babylon/America’s demise and the rising and identity of the Daughter of Zion 
Covenant Nation foretold to arise in Scripture on Babylon’s dust-heap. You 
can easily be mislead by “rabbit hunts” and “wild goose chases”, however and 
it is important to stay focused on Yahweh’s will and the immediate timeline 
rather than what happens at the very end and becoming confused by the 
“mishmash” effect of trying to lump it all together in one timeline and 
hereby being forced to discard Scripture that doesn’t fit your scenario. 
Wait on Yahweh for His time to reveal it all to you and don’t try to jump 
ahead of Him. A little falsehood mixed in with a lot of truth will deceive 
many, turn others away from that truth and is the little leaven that 
leaveneth the whole loaf.

It is right there in scripture in Jeremiah 50 and 51 if you don't believe 
this go read it for yourself in the AV or any good Jewish translation. Also 
see Ezekiel 34 - 39 for a very detailed description of the rising of this 
House of Joseph in the end times in his own land PRIOR to joining with the 
stick of Judah, having been brought back from and escaped the sword of 
Babylon (Jeremiah 50:16, Jeremiah 51:50, Ezekiel 38:8) and in Isaiah 18 and 
Zephaniah 3:10 as the "daughter of his dispersed". This is tied in with the 
prophet Ezekiel’s vision of “the valley of dry bones” where the House of 
Israel/Joseph arises again in its own land in Ezekiel 37. Now see also 
Jeremiah 50:12, 17, 19-20, 28, 33-34, and Jeremiah 51:6, 8-10, 19-20, 41-42, 
to see this rising of the House of Joseph/Israel in Daughter of 
Babylon/America. The very Hebrew meaning of the name Jeremiah is Yahweh will 

There is to be a “Battle of Babylon” that occurs years before the events 
leading up to the situation and the “Battle of Israel” from the invasion by 
GOG – from which Babylon is notably absent because the sword of Babylon has 
been previously destroyed - described in Ezekiel 38 and 39. In Jeremiah 50 
and 51 Israel and Judah are two (2) separate entities and powers that rise 
and in alliance go to this new land and flee the Daughter of Babylon, and it 
is NOT in Palestine because the secular Israeli state now set up is 
currently independent and is NOT NOW dominated by the old Babylon (Iraq) as 
in former times, nor yet by even the new Babylon/USA, but it (the Israeli 
state) is due to be destroyed first, (Daniel 11); overrun by Esau/Edom and 
his Islamic/GOG confederates and enemies of Judah (and also Israel) BEFORE 
his brother of the House of Joseph comes to his rescue from a remote country 
and helps save him from his enemies. (Obadiah 1:12, 17-18, 21; Psalm 80). 
However, there is insufficient room for all of them in Palestine at that yet 
future date, so he (Joseph) returns home (Zechariah 2:2-4) after he helps 
liberate his brother Judah in the Holy land (Zechariah 10:6-10). This occurs 
long after Babylon falls and is really irrelevant here to this more 
immediate message about Babylon/America and its pending fall, however, but 
is supplied for your information on the backdrop leading up to the final end 
time events over the years to come in the new millennium.

In the original return from old Babylon under Nehemiah and Ezra only the 
Jews of the Children of Israel consisting of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin 
and part of Levi returned to Palestine, and they did NOT fight their way in 
exodus out of Babylon like the scripture indicates the Israelites AND a few 
Judahites will do in making their exodus in Jeremiah 50-51 out of the 
Daughter of Babylon nation to go into the new Daughter of Zion nation. They 
had the king of Babylon’s permission to return to Jerusalem by way of 
Nehemiah and Ezra the first time. The other 10 or 9½ tribes under the 
leadership of the two birthright tribes of Joseph, never returned to 
Palestine (I Chronicles 5:26), either then or later, and they had already 
begun to be scattered and fought their way out, about 130 years prior to 
Ezra-Nehemiah’s time, from what had been the Assyrian Empire when it began 
to be broken up then by the emerging Babylonian Empire, and escaped their 
Assyrian captors into the Caucasus Mountains and from there, then fled 
across the Northern Euphrates river into Northern Europe and other parts of 
the world.

These tribes certainly DID NOT have permission to leave Assyria from their 
government dominion of Ninevah, no more than the Israelites, Judahites and 
other gentile saints of Yahweh’s people will have the permission of the 
USA/Daughter of Babylon government to break away captive nation “states” 
such as Texas and “secede” or withdraw from the “union USSA dominion” 
federalist 4th Reich empire of Washington D.C. In each case, they had to or 
will be fleeing by stealth or fighting their way out under Yahweh’s 
ordainment at the due time and He will be doing the breaking up (Micah 
2:12-13) and smashing the government forces against us (Jeremiah 50: 23, 29, 
46, 51:1, 5, 6, 8, 19-20, 40) and opening the doorway for his people here 
where there seems to be no way. We do not have to have the spirit of fear or 
worry about “survival” or “where and what country to flee to”. If we are 
repentant, faithful and put all our trust and obedience to Him, Yahweh is 
going to provide us the greatest miracle ever, a 2nd “exodus” for His people 
Israel and all his fellows with them, (Isaiah 11:11-16), AND a new country 
right here on this continent, carved right out of a ⅓ broken-away remnant territory of Babylon/USA not destroyed, but preserved for His righteous and repentant people (Micah 4:6-13) and (Jeremiah 51:31, Zechariah 13: 8-9, Revelation 16:19-20).

These tribes of Israel had been known from their father’s name 
Issac/Yitschaq (Genesis 21:12, Romans 9:7) and were called the contracted 
form of Issac’s name, the “ ‘tSaCha” or “SaChi” (pronounced “Sakka”) by the 
Assyrians, or the ‘laughing stock’ of the House of Israel, due to the fact 
that their Assyrian captors had originally marched them in humiliation out 
of the land of Ephraim and Samaria bound, stripped naked and heads shaven. 
The Assyrians used the contracted Hebrew form of their captives’ name in 
Issac, “ ’tSChaQ”, having dropped the “Yod” prefix and where the “Qoph” 
suffix was almost silent in some local dialects like a 2nd “soft K” or “c” 
as in “tSaCca” or “SaKka”, pronounced with the “o” sound as in the English 
“Sock-ah”. An individual or community clan or enclave of these tribes would 
have been called a “tSaChan” or “Sachin” and the “Sachaniy”, respectively.

If anyone thinks that the new mystery covenant name to be given to Yahweh’s 
people in Revelation 2:17 was to be “Christians”, they had better study the 
above and Genesis 21:12 and Romans 9:7 and think again. The name 
“Christians” was first given by men, pagan Romans at Antioch, but Yahweh 
gave the name by which his people would be called in Genesis 21:12, and 
Romans 9:7, “In Issac shall thy name be called”, in describing the identity 
of the people and race who would be the first progenitors and witnesses and 
converts of the gospel and Word of Yahweh, though they may have paganized 
and idolized it and perverted His Word in subsequent generations from the 
original apostles. (Hosea 1:10 , Isaiah 42:1-6, 43:10-15, 44:5, 8, 21, 
45:25). Although many other non-Israelite people are joined and grafted in 
to them in Yahshua now as “un-natural branches” to the “wild olive tree” 
branch-stock of Israel,, read this and understand who Israel is, and 
likewise Judah, and therefore understand from whom and where the struggle 
must originate in Babylon/USA to free us all from their captivity.

This “name in Issac”, “ ’tSChaQ”, from which was derived the Assyrian terms 
“tSaCha”, “SaChan” and “SaChaniy”, is the direct Hebrew etymological and 
phonetic/linguistic origin of our English term “Saxon” and “Saxony”, the 
latter of which were terms used to describe ancient old English Shires and 
German provinces in the old Saxon English times and the Middle Ages era, and 
is one of the main “missing links” in determining the age old mystery of 
where the 10 tribes of Israel disappeared to out of Biblical history and 
what were they then called. Before the Roman invasion of old Britain where 
they introduced the Latin letter “X” derived from the Greek “Chi” into our 
language, the old English spelling of “Saxon” was “Sachan”, same as the 
Assyrian term “tSaCha” applied to the 10 Northern Israelite Tribes in 
captivity,from the Hebrew letter “CHeth” (from whence the Greeks got their 
letter “Chi”), phonetically pronounced and sometimes spelled “Sakkan” or 
“Saksan” by ancient writers.

This ancient old English term “Sakkan” or Latinised “Sachan” is identical to 
the even more ancient Hebrew-Assyrian term “ ’tSaCha” or, “ ’tSaChan”, the 
latter for a plurality form of the tribes describing a whole community or 
nation of the tSacha people. The term “tSaChan” evolved over time and in 
different communities and Saxon dialects throughout Europe and then England 
as “tSakkan”, and then “tSaksan” where finally, the “aks” was linguistically 
and phonetically pronounced and imposed by the Greek and Latin influence on 
Anglo or An-ghel Culture as “eks” or the “X” in becoming “Saxon”. (Hebrew 
for the “angle” or “an-ghel” is “ ‘en-eghel ” meaning a young two-horned 
male steer or bull and is the root origin and meaning of the name “England” 
behind the old English Legend of John Bull as the patriarch Jacob, the 
“father of the ‘bull people’ ”). England used to be spelled “Angleland”. One 
of Joseph’s symbols in heraldry was the bull or wild ox, in Hebrew, the word 
for a young bull or calf is “eghel”,the root word from which we get the term 
for the Angle or Anglo people and the Angus steer for beef. This is why 
Moses in Deuteronomy 33:17 called the descendants of Joseph’s two sons the 
“Horns of Yahweh” or the “bull” (eghel) people though he used the terms for 
a mature bullock in that passage.

Additionally the Hebrew-Assyrian singular term for an individual “tSachaniy” 
evolved into the “Sachaiynth” or “Sachythian” in some regions of the 
trans-Caucasian – Southeastern Europe region where they had gone and fled 
the Assyrians, describing things of the culture or nationals of the tSacha 
race. The “Sachythian” then became known as the “Scythians” by the Greeks, 
who lived north of them in a land called “Sardinia” by the Greeks or 
“Arsareth” (Hebrew for “another land”) in both the writings of Josephus in 
“Antiquities of the Jews” and the Apocrypha (II Esdras 13:39-47), or as they 
became known later as the”Scyths”, “Scuths”, “Scoti” or “Scots”, the origin 
of the ancient Scottish people who later migrated to the land known by that 
name. In our time, most of these Saxon and Scythian descendants of these 
people have been assembled on our continent in North America not knowing 
their true heritage but nevertheless a great part of Yahweh's plan for those 
Israelite descendents of Jacob and Issac, in whose possession lies the 
powerful birthright heritage of Abraham promised by Yahweh and passed down 
to the descendants of Joseph and those joined with him, who are also saints 
of Yahweh.

This will play out in due time and we will be delivered from the yoke of 
bondage of Babylon whose nation we are now in but will get the birthright 
heritage of the "Daughter of Zion” Israel nation(s), (Zechariah 2:10-11) 
promised to the sons of Joseph via Abraham, Issac and Jacob described in the 
Book of Isaiah Chapter 5 as "the wild grape vine" and the “wild olive tree” 
in Romans 11:17, 24, ie, the House of Israel, and all those who join them as 
'grafted in branches' per Paul in Romans and not of natural Israel, and 
along with Judah who will inherit his portion in the Holy Land (Zechariah 
2:12), but first we have to flee the "Daughter of Babylon" and come into Him 
as His people, and not to cooperate, support or work with her (Babylon)in 
any way. Zechariah 2:6-10.

re: 3rd part of Reply on WTC and Pentagon attacks
Jeff L. Smith         4:30 pm saturday september 15, 2001

This is the 3rd and final part of the message I composed. I am sending this 
lengthy message out because this information is vital for all to see and 
hear in this time and hour of great need

Jeff L. Smith

Continue at:

Therefore my fellow Citizens, I implore you not to be angry or hateful in 
any way in your heart towards anyone and assist the innocent victims 
families' in prayer and deed as much as you can, but also exhort and remind 
the people of Texas and America wherever you go that this was foretold in 
Scripture and is a part of divine plan.

Do not rejoice over the dead people even the wicked ones who perished but 
rejoice in the fact that we are as the people of Yah are being delivered out 
of bondage a 2nd time and moving one big step closer to our dream of 
restoring our independent Republic of Texas to its rightful place among 
nations and the current and past tyranny of the oppressor we have all been 
forced to live under with the American government beast stripping us of all 
our inalienable common law Rights will soon cease.

Help those American people of de-facto land, as well as our fellow Republic 
of Texas Citizens, to engage in true repentance and seek the real face of 
Yahweh and living righteously, always seeking the face and will of Father 
Yahweh in ALL that they would do, teaching them what to pray for and what 
NOT to pray for in obedience to Father Yahweh’s command and will, being 
submitted to Him, and most importantly to inform and educate them of these 
truths about the Daughter of Babylon/USAmerica and her soon if not imminent 
demise so that they will not be ignorant of her pending destruction, as the 
Spirit of Truth has shown you, and to get to know Him and His Son, and not 
the false icons/symbols/idols of American greatness which is all Babylon and 
is coming down as surely as I write this. In this regard, you are all 
ministers and teachers of the truth and His ways and in this way, much good 
will come out of this evil and we will not go into a police state as many 
are heeding that drumbeat of security and “homeland defense” by the U.S. 
de-facto government and need to hear this truth about America and Babylon.

If you who read this does not do so and fails to inform the ignorant people 
of our land of these important matters of their blindness and upcoming 
plight due to national sin and their current and still pending status of 
judgment from on High, then consider the message and warning to you from 
Yahweh found in Ezekiel 33:1-33.

Clarifying-important scripture,Babylon, WTC
Jeff L. Smith         2:25 pm sunday september 16, 2001

This footnote is added to clarify and specifically cite some of the most 
important and vital scriptures found in the bible regarding the destruction 
of the WTC towers and the Daughter of Babylon nation on the sequence of 
events expected to be occurring. I did not have my bible in front of me when 
I composed the messages yesterday on the WTC towers and Pentagon attacks and 
I cited some references off the top of my head. To help ensure maximum 
understanding of yesterday's composition, I wish to add these references now 
to improve upon it and avoid as much ambiguity as possible.

Jeff L. Smith

Ezek 34 - False shepherds chapter in support of Jer 23 cite; v13 of Ezek 34, 
bringing out of new shepherds to replace old ones and feed his people of 
restoring House of Israel (Joseph) in their own land.

Jeremiah 50:vs 8-10, vs 14-16, v42, also 51:27-29; the enemy defined, arrows 
= flying missiles (or planes).

v15, "walls" of Babylon thrown down- ie, fortifications, defenses AND also 
financial standards/icons of natl. economy.

vs29-31, military defeat, battlefield "upset", big surprise in store for 
military forces of Babylon/America. (Jeremiah 51:30-33).

v32, fire kindled by YHWH in cities of Babylon (the nuclear “suitcase” 

Jeremiah 51:
v2, "fanners" sent by YHWH that agitate, stir up Babylon.

v4, many slain in Babylon as result of initial, subsequent incidents.

v5, Israel and Judah, two separate entities as his chosen elect in Babylon 
not forgotten, favored by YHWH, to be delivered.

v9, judgment of Babylon lifted up to heavens, even skies, ie.-"skyscrapers" 
and airplanes, also a spiritual implication here in Babylon attempting to 
"lift" up her prayers herself to heaven, fails in attempt.

vs11-13, introductory scriptures on "walls" of Babylon with a standard being 
lifted up against them with "arrows", Medes and other enemies also defined 
in v 42 and 51:27-29, a coalition of enemy nations raised up against 
Babylon, the end is come for Babylon. Note the verses start on this with 
verse 11, the 11th day being the day of the month of this attack that the 
people realize enemies have been raised against us. These entities are 
descendants of Japheth and are from ancient territories that are now part of 
Turkey, the old Soviet Union, Iran, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Also 
note that many "Medes" in the time of the Assyrian Empire were captive 
Israelites of the 10 tribes put there in the nation of Media by Darius the 
Mede and many of these later escaped into the Caucasus Mountains and still 
later their descendants into Northern Europe and England from whence their 
descendants later migrated into the North American continent and the USA. 
This will prove to have some very interesting implications on the final and 
total identity of the Medes in the Daughter of Babylon nation because 
Jeremiah 50 and 51 indicate that Israelites are involved in the fighting to 
free themselves from Babylon at the same time that it is stated that "Medes" 
and others in confederation are raised up against her and are sent (from 
offshore) to Babylon to "spoil" and "fan" her. This is an example of dual 
application by YHWH of a term in scripture.

v44, walls of Babylon felled.

v48, spoilers will come from the "North", ie, from the coalition of nations 
north of old Babylon/Assyria- Medes, Ararat, Ashkenaz, Minni, ie 
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, India, parts of old Soviet Union, muslim 
republics, et al, and also "North" meaning the northern 10 tribes of Israel 
who were lodged by Darius and the Assyrians in these former territories 
north of Babylon/Assyria and whose descendants now reside in Babylon/USA and 
are now in defense of themselves from the oppression and tyranny of the 
Daughter of Babylon at a later date.

v52, judgment upon graven images of Babylon, groans of many wounded.

v53, Babylon fortifies "height of her strength", ie, military and economic 
and "national security" preparations, police state, etc., but spoilers still 
come and ruin her.

vs56-58, broad walls and gates of Babylon utterly broken, ie multifaceted 
in-depth defenses and economic/political might is penetrated and torn apart 
and shattered.

v58, the one you've been looking for-- the high "gates" ie, the towers or 
'skyscrapers' are burned with fire, "high gates" is Hebrew "gaboahh sha'ar" 
(Str#8176)and (Str#1361)." gaboahh " - lofty, exalted, exceeding height, 
highest, haughty and proud." sha'ar' " - in city, a gate or door(of 
entrance) to a public marketplace, and etc.These "gates" are your World 
Trade Center high towers and national symbols/icons/images/idols of the 
merchants of financial Babylon where all financial marketplace transactions 
of the nation are conducted (Wall Street) and most of the rest of the 
world's commerce as well, that were destroyed and leveled to the ground with 
fire from the impact and explosions of the two aircraft acting as "flying 
arrows" or "human guided missiles" from the "bow" of the spoilers or 
hijackers.Jer 51:58, thus foretells the destruction of the WTC towers in 

Isaiah Chapter 13 and 14, read these entire 2 chapters - the twin pair of 
"staff" and "sceptre" of the financial rulers in Babylon were broken, 
specifically at 14:5.

Isaiah 47:9 - the judgment and tragedy in Babylon of loss of children and 
widowhood shall come in one moment, one day of time.

v10, the govt and rulers think that they are the almighty "I AM".

v11, the people shall not know from where the evil arose, they will not be 
able to "put it off", the Sacred Name Version of the scriptures here says 
they will not be able to "pray it away", the KJV says desolation will come 
suddenly which they "shall not know", the Sacred Name Version says here that 
desolation will come suddenly that they "will not be able to make an 
atonement for it", ie, prayer will be useless at this point and will not be 
heard by Yahweh, because He knows in advance Babylon will not repent, and 
hence the instruction here and in Jer 50 and 51 NOT to pray for Babylon 
because there is no prayer possible to atone for it.

vs12-15, None shall save Babylon, they are doomed!

Isaiah Chapter 46 - Chapter 49, Ezekiel Chapter 33 – chapter 39, please 
read, complements Jeremiah and also shows the time of rising again of the 
House of Israel (Joseph-10 tribes) in the land of Babylon. It is very 
important and vital that you understand the link between Babylon and Israel 
in all its full implications or you will become confused with apparent 
incongruities in Scripture and not really understand prophecy and the 
history, destiny and demise of America at all, and Yahweh’s purpose in it 
all. (Valley of dry bones vision of Ezekiel 37 and being delivered or 
brought back from the sword of Babylon at Jeremiah 50:16, 51:50, Ezekiel 

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(12/1/01 11:57:49 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del  Joseph13 - Babylon/USA Paper
Thanks for the confimation. I am south by southwest
of the the capitol of babylon. Right where Ruasch Ha
Kodesh told me to be. That is great news.
May the blessings of Yeshua be upon you.

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(12/2/01 11:06:01 am)
Reply | Edit | Del  Re: Joseph13 - Babylon/USA Paper
I don't personally think that the WTC attacks were a fulfillment of those 
prophecies, only a warning of COMING FULFILLMENT if the nation does not 
repent. As to the division of Babylon and going to Texas, I have heard all 
of that before - It seems to me from a reading of the Word that Jeremiah, 
Isaiah and others claim that the entire ENTIRE nation is condemned to 
perish, and no one is exempt unless you LEAVE THE USA TOTALLY and I do not 
nuy into this Texas routine at all - these folks also came up with a SAFE 
ZONE, but there are SAFE "ZONES" SCATTERED HERE AND THERE but even these 
will be destroyed in the end. Secondly, I will have to study this train of 
thought which I have not - the mixing in of who we are (sort of Identity) 
but not, but it has the same flavor or imlication,. that is BABYLON/IDENTIY 
combined in a method not seen previously, but clinging to "generations" and 

ISRAEL. There is going on now a major mixing of the two, getting us back to 
our "ROOTS", and slowly bringing us back under the LAW. ie the Jewish Feast 
days, Sabbath and all of that TYPE OF THING. Also the "name" of the Lord is 
a big issue with these folks.

The WTC ATTACKS were indeed a warning direct from the Lord, who being ALL 
POWERFUL, can stop any attack He wants, but obviously chose not to.


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Reply | Edit | Del  Re: Joseph13 - Babylon/USA Paper
Amen! Thank you Mr. Best. I think these people are also with Jim Searcy's 
site (Great Joy in Great Tribulation), who is promoting Elijah the prophet. 
It has caused some confusion on the other board as well.

God bless.

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Thanks Stewart!


Joseph13 Manasseh RTexas
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Reply | Edit | Del  Re: Joseph13 - Babylon/USA Paper
In response to the replies received to my original post, my original paper 
was done in msword and all the bold and italic and underline highlighting 
was lost on conversion to html format. Since I work and do not have a lot of 
time on the computer, I could not sit there and re-highlight the scriptures 
needed for emphasis, so I apologize if any of this was confusing or missed 
by some of you. I have emailed this paper to several including Stewart Best, 
so if any of you want an email of the original msword document where the 
scriptural highlighting is more clear, then send me a request at 

As best as I can determine from the replies received to my paper as well as 
some other posts on some somewhat unrelated topics, the gist of the thinking 
appears to be "Noahide Laws", "Spiritual Israel" and returning to the 
"Roots" of the law. Though none of these topics were really my point in the 
paper, I will comment on a few points about them.

As to Jim Searcy,
I think I may have heard his name before, but I don't really know who he is 
or what he promotes. As far as I know, none of the Provisional Government 
council of the Republic of Texas endorses or sponsors him in any way, though 
there may be some individual Citizens of the RT here in Texas who follow 
after him or his teachings or maybe frequent his website--I don't know. It 
sounds like to me though on this point that he may be another one of those 
"mainstream conservative Christian" groups such as Dominion theologists or 
Reconstructionists. I don't have anything to do with those as they want a 
return to the US Constitution under a "strong moral" Babylon/USA federal 
government and I believe they are deceived.

The "Noahide Laws" were originally given by Noah to the non-Semite and 
non-priestly branch of his descendants. They consisted of about 4 to 7 
principles, the gist of which were, be kind to animals, do not eat the meat 
or blood of strangled animals, do not eat anything sacrificed to idols, do 
not blaspheme the name (Yahweh) and a system of justice to be set up on 
questions of Yahweh's laws. These Noahide principles were also expounded in 
the Book of Acts I believe, and by Peter (Kepha) and James (Yah'qov) when 
the church at Jerusalem, according to the account, decided that Paul's 
ministry to non-Judah (Jews), ie, the goyim or "gentiles", did not have to 
obey the full Torah, but only the "Noahide Principles" that they abstain 
from strangled meat or blood or of eating anything sacrificed to pagan idols 
(like halloween treats, christmas food or candy, Easter (Ishtar-Ashtarte) 
bunny items, etc. It's not that the Noahide Laws are bad, after all they are 
a part of the Torah (law) of Yahweh, but the problem is who is going to 
administer and enforce them. The new world order/one world UN/USA government 
is obviously not the ones who should be doing so, but the forces of darkness 
always take something good of Yahweh and pervert it to their own ends.

As to "Spiritual Israel", this is a subjuect that has been much 
misunderstood because of the lies and falsehoods taught and promulgated by 
mainstream Christianity and Churchianity that there are only two kinds of 
people in the world today, ie, "the Jews" and the rest of us, namely "the 
gentiles" or in Hebrew, the "goyim". What I tried to point out in my paper 
and what the word of Yahweh also teaches, is that there are actually 3 
classes of people in the world today, not two, and this is where 
misconceptions and confusion arise about something being "Jewish" or 
"non-Jewish", such as the "jewish sabbath", et al. YHWH says the Sabbath was 
made for all men and not men for the Sabbath in his Word. Some people say 
about the Old Testament, "oh, that's Jewish and I only want the NT, I'm 
'gentile' and Jesus did away with the OT". Even some people, when discussing 
the 10 tribes of the House of Israel as opposed to the "Jews" of the House 
of Judah, will say "Oh, so you're Jewish, then", because of this 
brainwashing and conditioning by mainstream Christianity. On the other hand, 
Yahweh's word, in Hosea and Ezekiel and Jeremiah and Isaiah and others tells 
us that there are 3 groups of people, and because of the dispersion of the 
10 tribes among the nations , ie, the House of Israel, that there would be 
in His eyes, (1) The House of Judah, who preserved their Identity and are 
known as "the Jews" today even though they are a mixture of other people of 
non-Israelitish stock today as well; (2) the "Goyim" or "the nations", 
people not of any stock of the 12/13 tribes of Israel at all, and (3) the 
Northern 10 Tribes of Israel (House of Israel) who were scattered into the 
"goyim" nations, and in fulfillment of prophecy were told by ministers that 
they were gentiles (not His people) but were "sons of the living El (God)", 
ie Saints or Believers. See Hosea 1:10. This is an apparent oxymoron or 
no-brainer to many people today because in their mind, this is like calling 
"a Jew" a "Gentile". This is not an oxymoron to Father Yahweh however, for 
he spoke of just the tribe of Ephraim alone as a "melo Ha-Goyim", ie, a 
company or multitude of "Gentiles"
or "nations" in Genesis 48:19.

Babylon Churchianity is the one who originally coined the phrase "spiritual 
Israel" in attempting to spiritualize away all the promises given to 
physical Israel and expropriate them all to the Church. This is known in 
some circles such as the messianic Judaism movement and also messianic 
Israel movements and others as "Replacement Theology". Father Yahweh 
condemns this "replacement theology" in His Word and also Yahshua in the NT 
speaks about His coming marriage supper with his Bride of the House of 
Israel (and Judah) in the scriptures. Many have a misconception about the 
identity of "the Bride" and erroneously believe that the Church is the 
Bride, although they can't point to any exact scripture that says this. They 
selectively refuse to take the Bible literally here at His word where it 
talks about spiritual promises to the inheritance, and they read "Church" 
where Yahweh says "House of Israel and/or House of Judah". Yahweh and His 
son Yahshua always identified the House of Judah and the House of Israel as 
his Bride or Brides and as the two olive trees of His house, although one of 
these two olive trees was particularly called the "rebellious house" and was 
hence "scattered to the 4 corners of the earth" and even lost knowledge of 
their identity of who they were among the "goyim".

The "church" on the other hand, Yahshua always identified as His "Body" and 
that he was the "Head" of that Body and that this together, constituted and 
was the Bridegroom, who would then later marry His Bride of the 12 (or 13) 
tribes of Israel at the marriage supper of the Lamb. This is the point where 
prophecy in the OT is fulfilled concerning Father Yahweh's annulling His 
previous divorcement of the two houses of Israel/Judah and becoming 
re-married to them, and the point also where the remnant Body "Church" is 
also joined/grafted in to them of the Bride Company and not before, (ie, the 
12-star woman company in Revelation not of the 144,000 who flees the dragon 
and also known as the Daughter of Zion company in Micah 4, Zechariah and 
other places).

See Jeremiah 33:11:

11. The voice of joy, and the voice of gladness, the voice of the 
bridegroom,and the voice of the bride, the voice of them that shall say * , 
Praise * Yahweh Tzaebaoth: for Yahweh is good;for his mercy endureth for 
ever: and of them that shall bring * the sacrifice of praise into the house 
of Yahweh. For I will cause to return * the captivity of the land,as at the 
first, saith * Yahweh.

As you can see here, the bride and the bridegroom are two separate entities 
and they both are praising Yahweh Tzaebaoth, who is Yahshua the Head of the 
bridegroom, otherwise known in scripture as Yahweh of Hosts, and now even 
the bride he's married to here speaks separately from the bridegroom 

In Revelation 22:16-17, the bride AND numerous other separate assorted 
companies of saints, and including the Ruach Kodesh/Holy Spirit all say to 
the bridegroom head Yahshua "Come".

Revelation 22:16-17:

16. I Yahshua have sent * mine angel to testify * unto you these things in 
the churches. I am * the root and the offspring of David,and the bright and 
morning star.

17. And the Spirit and the bride say * , Come * . And let him that heareth * 
say * , Come * . And let him that is athirst * come * . And whosoever will * 
, let him take * the water of life freely.

Each tribe of Israel was always known as a "star" or a "stone" in Yahweh's 
vernacular and all 12/13 tribes had special blessings and promises reserved 
just for them, both spiritual and physical/natural promises through the 
Birthright of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

The "Bride company" consists of the saved Israelites plus those of 
unregenerate Israel who will become saved" and who will be able to partake 
of those promises in the millenium. The "Bridegroom Company", on the other 
hand, consists of both those of Israel and those not of physical Israel who 
are or will become redeemed in Yahshua. There is no "spiritual Israel" in 
the sense of any "Church" expropriating the promises to the Bride of Israel, 
but via the atonement of Yahshua, the non-Israelite Bridegroom Company or 
Body of Yahshua may have the privilege to share in (not expropriate or usurp 
or replace) the spiritual promises only given to Abraham's descendants which 
are considerable of themselves. This is in keeping with the Israelite Law of 
Adoption of immigrant foreigners which Yahweh gave Moshe (Moses) in the 
Torah/Law. The non-Israelite believer will not be able to attain to himself 
any of the other natural or physical birthright heritage promises such as 
birthright rulership over cities and nations and other high positions in the 
Kingdom reserved to the redeemed natural Israelites exclusively, but they 
will be able to partake of their benefits as a joined body in the Bridegroom 
of Messiah/Mashiyach and be deemed as an Israelite of whatever tribe he 
dwells in within the Kingdom of Yahweh, when Yahweh makes his New Covenant 
with all His people. Yahweh, still even in the end times, has not changed 
and he is dealing with and identifies separately His "Bride", the House of 
Israel, the House of Judah, and yes, even His "Church", contrary to man's 
definitions and distinctions. Because they haven't been joined together yet, 
as the marriage supper of the Lamb will accomplish. You see that in the 
Babylon chapters in Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah and elsewhere, no change in 
the NT either.

This "un-natural" branch of the non-Israelite believer is grafted into the 
spiritual olive tree of redeemed Israel sometimes called the "Natural 
Branches" but he is not an "olive branch" in any physical or natural sense, 
he is a different type of tree branch than an olive tree branch is. The term 
"wild olive tree" refers to the people of the House of Israel who were 
scattered in the wilderness and considered "goyim" in exile from Israel by 
the Jews because of their rebelliousness, and called the "rebellious house" 
and also the "wild grape vine" by Isaiah and Jeremiah. They also, mixed in 
with the other non-Israelite so called "gentiles" could also be taken back 
from the wild as a "wild olive branch" and re-grafted back into the "Natural 
Branch" spiritual olive tree from which they had been cut out of previously 
by Yahweh, as per Paul in Romans, but the new grafted in believer 
(especially those of the un-natural branches, was admonished not to exult it 
over the natural branches of Israel cut out that they had replaced, lest 
they be cut out of the "natural olive tree" and be replaced themselves with 
natural branches, (ie, newly grafted ones from the "wild olive tree"). There 
is much more but it is too lengthy to expound upon here.

As to the question of returning/shuva to our "roots" and heritage in Yahweh 
as children of the promise, if we are all Israelites either in Ruach/Spirit 
or also naturally redeemed ones, then the New Covenant of Yahweh as defined 
by Yahweh, is still to be fulfilled in Jeremiah 31:31-33 and 36-37. New 
Testament Christians misuse this scripture in Jeremiah to say that Yahshua 
did away with the law to preach their brand of Babylonian "Christianity", 
but let's look at these passages:

Jeremiah 31:31-37

31. Behold, the days come * , saith * Yahweh, that I will make * a new 
covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:

32. Not according to the covenant that I made * with their fathers in the 
day that I took * them by the hand to bring them out * of the land of Egypt; 
which my covenant they brake * , although I was an husband * unto them, 
saith * Yahweh:

33. But this shall be the covenant that I will make * with the house of 
Israel; After those days, saith * Yahweh, I will put * my law in their 
inward parts, and write * it in their hearts; and will be their Elohim, and 
they shall be my people.

34. And they shall teach * no more every man his neighbour, and every man 
his brother,saying * , Know * Yahweh: for they shall all know * me, from the 
least of them unto the greatest of them, saith * Yahweh: for I will forgive 
* their iniquity, and I will remember * their sin no more.

35. Thus saith * Yahweh, which giveth * the sun for a light by day,and the 
ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth 
* the sea when the waves thereof roar * ; Yahweh Tzaebaoth is his name:

36. If those ordinances depart * from before me, saith * Yahweh, then the 
seed of Israel also shall cease * from being a nation before me for ever.

37. Thus saith * Yahweh; If heaven above can be measured * , and the 
foundations of the earth searched out * beneath, I will also cast off * all 
the seed of Israel for all that they have done * , saith * Yahweh.

Pleas note that Yahweh defines exactly what the "New Covenant" is to be in 
verse 33 above with His Bride company, and by extension, His Bridegroom also 
joined to them by marriage in Yahshua. Unlike what most Christians 
erroneously say and believe, the New Covenant (same as what Yahshua and His 
disciples and apostles taught) is the Old Covenant (the law of Moses), 
except that it is written in their hearts and put in their inward parts so 
that they can fulfill it in the strength of His Ruach Kodesh/Holy Spirit and 
not in the flesh in any legalistic sense like the Pharisees did. What "Law" 
is Yahweh talking about here, you may ask? The Ten Commandments? The 
sacrifices? Something else? If you go look up the Hebrew here for "law", you 
will find the word for "law" is "Torah", meaning the whole five books of 
Moshe/Moses. Hence, Yahweh says He is bringing back the Torah for His "New 
Covenant", not just the 10 commandments or something like that as most 
Christians say. The sacrificies are not done away with either, but from 
other scriptures you will not have to be doing these on any daily basis 
except for the Levites for teaching and ceremonial purposes only as Yahshua 
is the supreme sacrifice on a personal level, but please also note verses 35 
and 36 of the above passages. Now see Jeremiah 33: 17-26 for confirmation of 
this about Levi.

Jeremiah 33:17-26

17. For thus saith * Yahweh; David shall never want * a man to sit * upon 
the throne of the house of Israel;

18. Neither shall the priests the Levites want * a man before me to offer * 
burnt offerings, and to kindle * meat offerings, and to do * sacrifice 

19. And the word of Yahweh came unto Jeremiah, saying * ,

20. Thus saith * Yahweh; If ye can break * my covenant of the day, and my 
covenant of the night, and that there should not be day and night in their 

21. Then may also my covenant be broken * with David my servant, that he 
should not have a son to reign * upon his throne; and with the Levites the 
priests, my ministers * .

22. As the host of heaven cannot be numbered * , neither the sand of the sea 
measured * : so will I multiply * the seed of David my servant, and the 
Levites that minister * unto me.

23. Moreover the word of Yahweh came to Jeremiah, saying * ,

24. Considerest * thou not what this people have spoken * , saying * , The 
two families which Yahweh hath chosen * , he hath even cast them off * ? 
thus they have despised * my people, that they should be no more a nation 
before them.

25. Thus saith * Yahweh; If my covenant be not with day and night, and if I 
have not appointed * the ordinances of heaven and earth;

26. Then will I cast away * the seed of Jacob, and David my servant,so that 
I will not take * any of his seed to be rulers * over the seed of Abraham, 
Isaac, and Jacob: for I will cause their captivity to return * , and have 
mercy * on them.

The "covenant of the day" and "covenant of the night", "seasons/moadim" and 
"ordinances of the sun, the moon and the stars" is what Yahweh ordained for 
the Israelite people in Genesis at Creation for celestial timekeeping 
purposes so that they could time their holy Feast Days, Sabbaths and New 
Moons" and keep them properly "on time". As He states in Jeremiah 31, verses 
36 and 37, the Feast Days and Sabbaths and New Moons are therefore "not done 
away with" and are "not legalistic" but are a part of His holy commandments 
to worship Him and Him alone on His days and not some strange elohim with 
strange feast days or festivals (such as halloween, christmas, easter, or 
Babylonian Church Sundays, etc) but instead keep Passover, Sabbaths, 
Pentecost, Feast of Trumphets, Day of Atonements and Feast of tabernacles. 
There is much more on this subject that could also be written but I will 
only point out one more passage here:

Zechariah 14:16-19

16. And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left * of all the 
nations which came * against Jerusalem shall even go up * from year to year 
to worship * the King, Yahweh Tzaebaoth, and to keep * the feast of 

17. And it shall be, that whoso will not come up * of all the families of 
the earth unto Jerusalem to worship * the King, Yahweh Tzaebaoth, even upon 
them shall be no rain.

18. And if the family of Egypt go not up * , and come * not, that have no 
rain; there shall be the plague, wherewith Yahweh will smite * the heathen 
that come not up * to keep * the feast of tabernacles.

19. This shall be the punishment of Egypt, and the punishment of all nations 
that come not up * to keep * the feast of tabernacles.

Throughout scripture, Yahweh said that the Feast days and Sabbaths and New 
Moons were for "a perpetual covenant that shall not be broken" and was 
commanded by Him to be "kept by His people throughout all their 
generations". These verses did not say that these Feast Days and Sabbaths 
and New Moons were to be kept "until Yahshua comes" as some say, but 
"forever", "throughout the ages", "for a perpetual covenant" Yahweh said.

Finally, as to Babylon, I believe Yahweh where he says that He's going to 
split Babylon into three parts as in my paper I wrote at Revelation 16:19-20 
and Jeremiah 51:31 where his "city" is taken at one "end" (Hebrew for "end" 
is "qatseh", Strong # 7097, and means at the utmost border or the mouth or 
extremity or coast and of what is in between the extremities, ie, the 
middle-land or "Heartland", the feminine context of this verb also would 
include the "lowest" or bottom parts in the context of the "lady" that the 
nation of Babylon is).

Revelation 16:19-20

19. And the great city was divided * into three parts, and the cities of the 
nations fell * : and great Babylon came in remembrance * before Yahweh, to 
give * unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.

20. And every island fled away * , and the mountains were * not found *.

Here, the "Islands" and "the mountains" are symbolic references to the House 
of Judah and the House of Israel along with His other saints who flee 
Babylon, cross referenced to Jeremiah 50 and 51 where Israel and Judah are 
suddenly risen up in the Daughter of Babylon nation and are either fleeing 
or some of them are fighting the king of Babylon's forces and prevail 
against him and drive him out of part of the land. See Jeremiah 50:41-44.

Jeremiah 50:19-20, 22, 26-29, 41-46

19. And I will bring * Israel again * to his habitation, and he shall feed * 
on Carmel and Bashan, and his soul shall be satisfied * upon mount Ephraim 
and Gilead.

Here, "Carmel", "Bashan" and "Gilead" are euphemisms and terms describing 
the tribe of Manasseh and "Ephraim" is self-explanatory as the former OT 
name or leader of the 10 tribes of Northern Israel - Here we are dealing 
with the House of Joseph, the "Horns of Yahweh" in Deuteronomy 33:16-17 and 
Micah:4:10-13, who help defeat Babylon and come out of her into "another 
country" (it is not the holy land in Judea at this point in time) where 
other nations are still against her. By the way, for those of you into 
Gematria, there are exactly 876 Hebrew words in Jeremiah 50, the exact value 
of the Gematria for Joseph's full name in Hebrew, or for Yahowseph, so 
Jeremiah 50 is stamped with the "mark of the house or tribe of Joseph"

20. In those days, and in that time, saith * Yahweh, the iniquity of Israel 
shall be sought for * , and there shall be none; and the sins of Judah, and 
they shall not be found * : for I will pardon * them whom I reserve * .

Long before the final culmination of things the "stone Kingdom" of Israel is 
set up in Daniel 2 by saints of Yahweh ordained at the right time by Yahweh 
which is the "Great Mountain" that smites the image of the Beast and then 
goes on and receives her King later when he returns. They have just been 
pardoned by Yahweh in Jeremiah 50, verse 20 and in Jeremiah 50, verse 28 they are
found celebrating the victory over Babylon in their own country that has 
just been formed that they have set up or traveled to (Jeremiah 51:9, 
19-20), adjacent to the borders of Babylon.

22. A sound of battle is in the land,and of great destruction.

26. Come * against her from the utmost border, open * her storehouses: cast 
her up * as heaps, and destroy her utterly * : let nothing of her be left.

27. Slay * all her bullocks; let them go down * to the slaughter: woe unto 
them! for their day is come * , the time of their visitation.

28. The voice of them that flee * and escape out of the land of Babylon, to 
declare * in Zion the vengeance of Yahweh our Elohim, the vengeance of his 

See commentary on verse 20 above. A new country has just been set up before 
the final destruction of Babylon, but there has apparently been some interim 
victories already.

29. Call together * the archers against Babylon: all ye that bend * the 
bow,camp * against it round about; let none thereof escape: recompense * her 
according to her work; according to all that she hath done * , do * unto 
her: for she hath been proud * against Yahweh, against the Holy One of 

41. Behold, a people shall come * from the north, and a great nation, and 
many kings shall be raised up * from the coasts of the earth.

Here, the people battling against Babylon "from the north" could include 
Muslims and other "terrorists" and possibly some "nuclear fire" from spoiler 
nations, such as Russia or satellite countries in south Asia, but the "great 
nation" and kings raised up "from the coasts of the earth" could only refer 
to those captive of the House of Israel and Judah raised up against Babylon 
because of martial law dictatorship and a rebellion ensues from certain 
territories within Babylon and they break up and make an exodus to "another 
country". Now see Jeremiah 51:9 and Micah 2:12-13. The "from the coasts" is 
y'rakah (Strong's 3411) from the root "yarek" (Strong #3409) and means from 
the border, extremity side and loin (as the seat of procreative power -fem), 
thighs and at base (or bottom of), flanks, recesses and quarters. This is a 
picture of a land "on the border" or edge of the boundaries of Babylon/USA 
(Canada or Mexico) and describes the "base" of the land or the bottom (that 
eliminates Canada) on the underside (the loin or flank as in the procreative 
parts). This would unmistakeably be the South by Southwest flank then, from 
whence the people of Yahweh flee to after the breakaway and from where 
apparently at least some of the attacks from or against Babylon are launched or from 
where Babylon's armies are driven out from occupying the land. How many of 
you remember "the soft underbelly” of the United States in the 60's and 70's 
in describing the vulnerability of the USA to ballistic nuclear missile 
attack coming from the South from a place such as Cuba or the much feared 
Soviet's FOBS (Fractional Orbital Bombardment System) coming from over the 
South Pole to strike the US from the Southern flank?

42. They shall hold * the bow and the lance: they are cruel, and will not 
shew mercy * : their voice shall roar * like the sea, and they shall ride * 
upon horses, every one put in array * , like a man to the battle, against 
thee, O daughter of Babylon.

One of the symbols of the House of Joseph, particularly the tribe of 
Manasseh is the bow. They were renowned for their archery and marksmanship 
in all weapons of war.

43. The king of Babylon hath heard * the report of them, and his hands waxed 
feeble * : anguish took hold * of him, and pangs as of a woman in travail *

Notice in verse 42 above that this is the end time latter day “Daughter of Babylon” nation being talked about here.  

44. Behold, he shall come up * like a lion from the swelling of Jordan unto 
the habitation of the strong: but I will make * them suddenly * run away * 
from her: and who is a chosen * man, that I may appoint * over her? for who 
is like me? and who will appoint me the time * ? and who is that shepherd * 
that will stand * before me?

The "habitation of the strong" is the "Daughter of Zion" nation that the 
king of Babylon attempts to attack and retake, but fails in the attempt and 
runs away from her. Babylon's soldiers are frightened like women and will 
not fire upon "fellow Americans". UN soldiers may also be dealt with here. 
(Jeremiah 50:33-37, 51:30).

45. Therefore hear * ye the counsel of Yahweh, that he hath taken * against 
Babylon; and his purposes, that he hath purposed * against the land of the 
Chaldeans: Surely the least of the flock shall draw them out * : surely he 
shall make their habitation desolate * with them.

The least of the flock (Saints) of Yahweh shall draw them out.

46. At the noise of the taking * of Babylon the earth is moved * , and the 
cry is heard * among the nations.

Jeremiah 51:19-24

19. The portion of Jacob is not like them; for He is the former * of all 
things: and Israel is the rod of His inheritance: Yahweh Tzaebaoth is His 

Here, Yahshua is described as the leader of this "rod people" identified as 

20. Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in 
pieces * the nations, and with thee will I destroy * kingdoms;

Yahweh uses His "rod" people to help destroy Babylon, ie, from the House of 
Jacob-Israel. In former times, this was also fulfilled as the "Medes" 
originally conscripted in the armies of Assyria of many who were Israelites 
of the Northern 10 tribes transplanted into the land of "Media" and left as 
hold overs from the Assyrian regime collapsing when taken by Babylon who did 
not escape captivity at that time like some of their compatriots did into 
the Caucasus, but they were conscripted into the armies of Babylon then as a 
component of Nebuchanezzar's forces and later when Darius the Mede took 
Babylon, these Israelites served under his command and were his main 
component of forces that destroyed Babylon!

21. And with thee will I break in pieces * the horse and his rider * ; and 
with thee will I break in pieces * the chariot and his rider * ;

22. With thee also will I break in pieces * man and woman; and with thee 
will I break in pieces * old and young; and with thee will I break in pieces 
* the young man and the maid;

23. I will also break in pieces * with thee the shepherd * and his flock; 
and with thee will I break in pieces * the husbandman and his yoke of oxen; 
and with thee will I break in pieces * captains and rulers.

24. And I will render * unto Babylon and to all the inhabitants * of Chaldea 
all their evil that they have done * in Zion in your sight, saith * Yahweh.  See Micah 4:6-13 for cross reference to the Daughter of Zion battling and destroying and being delivered from the Daughter of Babylon nation.

Now, return to Jeremiah 51:3-11:

3. Against him that bendeth * let the archer * bend * his bow, and against 
him that lifteth himself up * in his brigandine: and spare * ye not her 
young men;destroy ye utterly * all her host.

This is a people whose ancestors and themselves were skilled with the bow 
and combat of all types. Could also be components of the US military who 
defect to the new country set up.

4. Thus the slain shall fall * in the land of the Chaldeans, and they that 
are thrust through * in her streets.

5. For Israel hath not been forsaken, nor Judah of his El, of Yahweh 
Tzaebaoth; though their land was filled * with sin against the Holy One of 

6. Flee out * of the midst of Babylon, and deliver * every man his soul: be 
not cut off * in her iniquity;for this is the time of Yahweh's vengeance; he 
will render * unto her a recompence.

This corresponds with Zechariah 2:6-10 and Revelation 18:4 where Yahweh commands His people to leave Babylon.  But they have to go somewhere else.  Where is that “somewhere else?”

7. Babylon hath been a golden cup in Yahweh's hand, that made all the earth 
drunken * : the nations have drunken * of her wine; therefore the nations 
are mad * .

8. Babylon is suddenly fallen * and destroyed * : howl * for her; take * 
balm for her pain, if so be she may be healed * .

9. We would have healed * Babylon, but she is not healed * : forsake * her, 
and let us go * every one into his own country: for her judgment reacheth * 
unto heaven, and is lifted up * even to the skies.

“Another country” or a “further country”, an ‘Arsareth’, in Hebrew, already exists for them to flee into, “across the border”.

Patriots and other saints who worked to pray for and heal/restore the 
constitution and Babylon's government, but who were jailed and imprisoned 
and mocked and tortured and even slain or otherwise persecuted as "domestic 
terrorists" and "paper terrorists" and "criminals" for their efforts, but 
whose efforts proved futile, so they go and flee into "another country" set 
up for them.

10. Yahweh hath brought forth * our righteousness: come * , and let us 
declare * in Zion the work of Yahweh Elohanu.

Having fled into the new country, they prepare for the attack and agression 
by the king of Babylon (the president of the USA whoever holds the office at 
that time) (Jeremiah 50:43-44).

11. Make bright * the arrows; gather * the shields: Yahweh hath raised up * 
the spirit of the kings of the Medes: for his device is against Babylon, to 
destroy * it; because it is the vengeance of Yahweh, the vengeance of his 

Verses 10-11: Here's those "Medes" being risen up again of the "arrow" tribe 
or people.

Finally, I had intended to bring out, in case it was missed previously, was 
Zechariah 13:8-9 where it talks about the two thirds part of Babylon 
perishing of the three parts that Babylon is split into in Revelation 
16:19-20, where the "islands" and "mountains" flee away from, and of the one 
third part remaining that is apparently spared by Yahweh , reserved for His 
people as a place of refuge, and taken at one end by the forces of 
righteousness in Jeremiah 51:31.

Revelation 16:19-20

19. And the great city was divided * into three parts, and the cities of the 
nations fell * : and great Babylon came in remembrance * before Yahweh, to 
give * unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.

20. And every island fled away * , and the mountains were * not found * .

Jeremiah 51:31

31. One post * shall run * to meet * another * , and one messenger * to meet 
* another * , to shew * the king of Babylon that his city is taken * at one 

Where is this “other country” which is taken from the King of the Daughter of Babylon at one end?

Jeremiah 51:31 where his "city" is taken at one "end" (Hebrew for "end" 
is "qatseh", Strong # 7097, from the root “qatsah”, Strong #7096, and means from a “cut off” or “scraped off” part at the utmost border or the mouth or 
extremity or coast and of what is in between the extremities, ie, the 
middle-land or "Heartland", the feminine context of this verb also would 
include the "lowest" or vulnerable tender bottom parts in the context of the "lady" that the nation of Babylon is). Now see the cross reference and commentary for Jeremiah 50:41 above again, repeated here for convenience and also Micah 2:12-13 for the “breaker” event. Jeremiah 50:41: “Behold a people shall come*from the north, and a great nation, and many kings shall be raised up*from the coasts of the earth.”  The "from the coasts" is y'rakah (Strong's 3411) from the root "yarek" (Strong #3409) and means from the border, extremity side and loin (as the seat of procreative power -fem), thighs and at base, at soft side (or bottom of), flanks, recesses and quarters. 

These two verses taken together of Jeremiah 51:31 and Jeremiah 50:41 show this “Daughter of Zion” wilderness place of refuge as a picture of a land "on the border" or edge of the boundaries of Babylon/USA (Canada or Mexico) and describes the "base" of the land or the bottom (that eliminates Canada) on the underside (the loin or flank as in the procreative parts). This would unmistakeably be the South by Southwest flank then, from whence the people of Yahweh flee to after the breakaway in Micah 2:12-13 and from where apparently at least some of the attacks from or against Babylon are launched or from where Babylon's armies are driven out from occupying the land. 

How many of you remember the “soft underbelly” of the United States in the 60's and 70's in describing the vulnerability of the USA to ballistic nuclear missile attack coming from the South from a place such as Cuba or the much feared Soviet's FOBS (Fractional Orbital Bombardment System) coming from over the South Pole to strike the US from the Southern flank?;(thereby bypassing NORAD and the protection of the “Nuclear Umbrella” created from the North over Canada to prevent a Soviet attack from over the North Pole).  We almost went to war with Russia over these two items (missiles in Cuba and the FOBS system) until the Soviets “agreed” to remove the missiles and not deploy any FOBS system—they were supposedly “banned” by treaty in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  

Be that as it may, you can easily see here that the “soft underbelly” of the USA/Babylon nation is the “y’rakah” south and southwest border, flank, central or “qatsah” between the extremities part, quarter side, coast, loin or procreative underside and the “qatseh” lower corner and “yarek” base or soft underside of the nation, torn and “scraped away” or “scraped off from” exactly as Jeremiah described in scripture, in answering the question “Where is this ‘other country’ located that will be created that the “Daughter of Zion” or House of Joseph/Israel nations will flee into away from the “Daughter of Babylon”? 

and in describing this place of refuge, Zechariah the prophet said:

Zechariah 13:8-9

8. And it shall come to pass, that in all the land,saith * Yahweh, two parts 
therein shall be cut off * and die * ; but the third shall be left * 

9. And I will bring * the third part through the fire, and will refine * 
them as silver is refined * , and will try * them as gold is tried * : they 
shall call * on my name, and I will hear * them: I will say * , It is my 
people: and they shall say * , Yahweh is my Elohim.

This chapter is in the context of "new" Jerusalem, sometimes called the 
"Daughter of Zion" where there is still sin in the land, but now at this 
point, Yahweh is in the process of cutting it off, (Zechariah 13:1), in 
delivering His people from the Daughter of Babylon (Zechariah 2:6-10) and 
that He, Yahweh, will then come and dwell in their own land, v10.

and lastly, Micah the prophet, describes this political breakup out of which 
Yahweh will lead His people into the new nation of Daughter of Zion set up:

Micah 2:12-13

12. I will surely * assemble * , O Jacob, all of thee; I will surely * 
gather * the remnant of Israel; I will put * them together as the sheep of 
Bozrah * , as the flock in the midst of their fold: they shall make great 
noise * by reason of the multitude of men.

13. The breaker * is come up * before them: they have broken up * , and have 
passed through * the gate, and are gone out * by it: and their king shall 
pass * before them, and Yahweh on the head of them.

These are physical Israelites redeemed in Jacob as well as remnant 
"unnatural branches" not of bloodstock Israel but yet grafted into the 
"Olive tree" of Israel as sons of the adoption via Israelite law and 
Yahshua's blood atonement as "blood brothers", all Yahweh's saints and 
righteous ones. "The breaker" is Hebrew "parats" and literally means to 
break away, break up, break down, break out (violently), break open,and 
break forth and to break into pieces, (Strongs #6555).

Besides any geological destruction, the United States is going to break up 
politically and internally into three parts (ruler against ruler, Jeremiah 51:46) and two of 
those three parts are going to be destroyed, but according to the word of 
Yahweh, one third part will be preserved on this continent, known as “the wilderness” land in other scriptures, for His people, 
especially since we know refuge and safety is not in old Israel/Palestine in 
the Mid East, since the secular Israeli state will break up and be destroyed 
also after Babylon USA/America disappears and years before a new righteous 
nation of Judah/Israel will be formed in the Middle East.

Now see Isaiah 18 and realize that the "Daughter of His Dispersed" refers to 
the first Israel nation of the 10-tribed House of Joseph entity in Ezekiel 
33 - Ezekiel 39 brought back from the sword of Babylon and after many years 
hence, is "visited by "GOG" and formed on this continent and known in 
scripture as the "Daughter of Zion" and sometimes as the "Daughter of 
Jerusalem". For there is no regathered Israel in Palestine at that time, 
only the cries and pleas for help of the Children of Judah for his brother 
Joseph to come to the holy land and rescue him from the grip of anti-messiah 
and the transplanted UN and the Edomites/GOG confederation, (Psalm 80:1-2 
and Obadiah 1:15-20). Keep in mind verse 20 here as the Sepharadic and Karaite Jews are the only branch of the Jews that remain as a "pure" Judah. The Edomites, Chazars, and Ashkanez Jews are part of GOG and the children of Esau and Japheth and are the "secular” Jews and Talmudic Pharisees of Yahshua's time, the ones who say they 
are "Jews" who are not that Yahshua spoke of" and as such, many of these are 
enemies not only of Yahweh and Yahshua but of true Judah and of Israel as 

Isaiah 18:1-7

1. Woe to the land shadowing with wings, which is beyond the rivers of 

This land is to the west of "Ethiopa"

2. That sendeth * ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of bulrushes upon 
the waters, saying, Go * , ye swift messengers, to a nation scattered * and 
peeled * , to a people terrible * from their beginning hitherto; a nation 
meted out and trodden down, whose land the rivers have spoiled * !

This land is west across the ocean from Africa on another continent and is a 
seafaring nation, highly developed, greatly surveyed, and very powerful.

3. All ye inhabitants * of the world, and dwellers * on the earth, see * ye, 
when he lifteth up * an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth * a 
trumpet, hear * ye.

This nation is very powerful and feared, and all other nations take note 
when he speaks.

4. For so Yahweh said * unto me, I will take my rest * , and I will consider 
* in my dwelling place like a clear heat upon herbs, and like a cloud of dew 
in the heat of harvest.

This nation is very wicked and Yahweh is going to judge it and it exists in 
the end times just before "harvest".

5. For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect * , and the sour grape is 
ripening * in the flower, he shall both cut off * the sprigs with pruning 
hooks, and take away * and cut down * the branches.

Yahweh "prunes" the nation and destroys its government.

6. They shall be left * together unto the fowls of the mountains, and to the 
beasts of the earth: and the fowls shall summer * upon them, and all the 
beasts of the earth shall winter * upon them.

A remnant or portion of the people survive however.

7. In that time shall the present be brought * unto the Yahweh Tzaebaoth, of 
a people scattered * and peeled * , and from a people terrible * from their 
beginning hitherto; a nation meted out and trodden under foot, whose land 
the rivers have spoiled * , to the place of the name of Yahweh Tzaebaoth, 
the mount Zion.

The surviving remnant is righteous and brings a present to the nation of 
"Mount Zion". Mountain is used in scripture for "nation", viz Mount Ephraim 
for example, when it refers to different tribes of Israel and Babylon was 
called a "destroying mountain". Cross reference this to Zephaniah 3:10.

Zephaniah 3:10

10. From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, even the daughter of 
my dispersed * , shall bring * mine offering.

The supplicants in Isaiah 18:7 and Zephaniah 3:10 are none other than the 
"Daughter of His dispersed" people, ie the 10-tribes dispersed into the 4 
corners of the earth and having been regathered at that time into the 
"Daughter of Zion" nation, and they must therefore have come out of the 
Daughter of Babylon/USA and still dwell on the North American continent in 
"another country", "beyond the rivers of Ethiopa" where they come from to go 
to "Mount Zion" to make the offering to Yahweh.

There is no "spiritualizing away" all these verses. Yahweh Himself still in 
the latter days refers to both these Houses of Israel and Judah separately 
as His bride along with His Body the Ecclesia or Assembly, sometimes loosely 
called the "Church" or Bridegroom Company, Yahshua being the Head of that 
Bridegroom body of His (the head cannot work without the rest of the body- 
ie, arms, legs, heart, lungs, chest, fingers, toes, etc, and the man or 
Bridegroom is the whole man-body, not just the Head just as the Bride is the 
"whole" body of the woman of whom the bridegroom/husband is her "Head".

I do agree with Stewart Best and others who say that the WTC attacks were 
only the beginning of fulfillment of Prophecy in Jeremiah 51:58 when the 
towers were destroyed. The WTC towers or "high gates" were only the symbol 
of financial/commercial Babylon that were destroyed. The 
financial/commercial system itself will be destroyed in complete fulfillment 
of this prophecy at a later date.

Also, for those that have studied common law, admiralty, equity and the 
maritime law of the sea jurisdictions and Babylonian commercial 
jurisprudence such as UCC, etc., you will recognize that the Euphrates river 
was the main river of commerce thru the middle of the river Ninevah in old 
Babylon and in the Daughter of Babylon nation, the "life is in the blood of 
commerce" as the weak link of Babylon's armour and the main "Euphrates" 
river of the Daughter of Babylon traversing and dividing the country at the 
midpoint is the Mississippi River at St. Louis. Like old political Babylon 
on the Tigris and Chaldea, everything to the east of that River on and to 
the Potomac and Hudson Rivers is Political and Religious Babylon, 
respectively. In old Babylon, the territories to the west and southwest of 
that political power base were "insular possessions", "territories" and 
"colonies" or conquered nations by Babylon, including Judea and 
Samaria/Israel and were once independent republics. Texas and Hawaii" 
occupies that unique position and status today among the so-called "states" 
as the only "captured nation of war" and the Republic of Texas still exists 
lawfully as a nation, but because of great fraud committed upon both the 
people of Texas and the people of America, and military conquest, was never 
and has never been lawfully incorporated or admitted to the union of States, 
and is being administered by an unlawful de-facto "state" government under 
military rule and direction by the federal government in Washington D.C. to 
this day, like the other western and southwestern states are under military 
rule and are not considered "real states" like the ones east of the 
Mississippi are. The congress voted a fraudulent token "representation" in 
the legislature to fool the people into thinking these "states" were 
admitted on a "equal footing". One of the evidences about Texas is that it 
is the only "State" allowed to fly its flag on a equal height to the 
American flag (reserved only for nations in the law of nations" and in the 
various federal and U.S. codes, there exists one set of laws for Texas and 
another set of different laws for the rest of the 49 "states", mostly in the 
banking, land and commerce laws. Because uniquely, Texas never ceded its 
soil to the United States like the other "states did. This situation in 
Texas is analogious to the ancient land of Jedea/Israel where the returning 
tribes had a special set of laws made up for them by the king of Babylon 
under Ezra and Nehemiah. Also, ancient Israel was south by southwest of the 
river Euphrates and Babylon the city and further south and west was Egypt 
just as today Texas is south by southwest of Washington D.C. and west of the 
river Mississippi and St. Louis the mid point of the river and is on the 
border and extremity as a captured "nation-territory" where further west and 
southwest is California and Mexico, respectively. The geographical and 
political and national/political status of ancient Israel/Judea and Texas 
plus the surrounding "heartland" of the southwest and midwest, is exactly 
and remarkably analogious to one another since the Assyrians and Babylon 
stole vast territories of "greater Israel" from King David's and Solomon's 
domain, just as the United States began occupying and stole vast chunks of 
Texas land in 1842 in the southwest and north of its present boundaries and 
made 5 "states" out of this Texas territory with thisland in and during the 
1870's thru 1912 (part of the so-called military "reconstruction" era that 
Babylon's historians and spokesman like to brag about).

Many years ago, after the Branch Davadian massacre in Waco, Texas, I visited 
the site and after prayer to Father Yahweh in which I asked Him if Texas 
would ever be independent again so that we coud prevent another tragedy like 
this and get the feds out of our land, in answer to this prayer, Father 
Yahweh showed me a literal vision (the only one I've ever had) of a map of 
the 48 continental United states that appeared, then suddenly a "trigger" 
event happened in the vicinity of St. Louis in the middle of the Mississippi 
River, black and white lightning suddenly then flared between the points on 
the map about where Austin/Central Texas was and Washingto D.C. in an 
apparent "political" or "shooting war", in which Texas then broke away from 
the United States very suddenly and even more quickly and became an 
independent Republic again with all her territories stolen by the USA 
recovered, a much larger Texas than the "Lone Star State" is now; and 
shortly afterward, the rest of the United States to the North East and North 
West remaining began to dissolve and then as a shapeless blob, was suddenly 
blown away into nothing by the wind and totally vanished.

A big chunk of land from about the continental divide in the further west 
split and fell over in a great tumult backwards into the Pacific Ocean and 
California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada and parts of Arizona, Utah and 
Idaho were also gone just west of the Rockies. This expanded Texas then 
stood alone in all its shining glory on the map.

My wife, who also saw the vision with me but who knew nothing of my previous 
prayer did not know or recognize this Texas because she is a Yankee from 
Pennsylvania and did not know our history. But although I was completely 
astonished by the scene unfolding before me, I immediately recognized the 
"grid-map" I saw as the "old" Texas, and I exclaimed "Oh my gosh. That's the 
Republic of Texas" when she asked me what it was, that she recognized the 
United States but did not recognize the new country when it cracked apart 
and broke away from the 48 -state land mass.

Because of all these things in the scriptures and the vision confirmation my 
wife and I personally had in response to my prayers, I believe something big 
is soon going to happen to Babylon/USA working in all the Saints' favor in 
this land if we just keep our eyes and ears open in the Ruach/Spirit and be 
ready to obey His voice when the time comes for "the breaker" spoken of by 
the prophet Micah. Yahweh will take care of the unrighteous for us and 
provide us a protected land that will be cleansed and not destroyed.

Jeff L. Smith
Beyth Yahowseph/House of Joseph
Citizen - Republic of Texas

Joseph13 Manasseh RTexas
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(12/4/01 9:14:36 am)
Reply | Edit | Del  Re: Just have to ask...

Sounds like to me you and the people you talked to were victims of the 
Babylon disinformation media. Should you believe anything that media prints? 
Anything at all? In actual fact, McClaren and 4 or 5 of his followers had 
been dismissed by the Provisional Government council a full 6 months before 
he went on his criminal spree in Ft. Davis Co. He had been warned not to go 
through with his schemes but he did not pay attention to the Council and did 
other unauthorized acts and abused his power of office in the "Name" of the 
Republic of Texas. The truth of the matter is, the RT did not condone his 
actions, did not come to his aid and had fully disavowed his actions a full 
6 months before He broke Yahweh's common law and Republic of Texas law by 
kidnapping his neighbors and defrauding other individuals.

He was indicted by a common law grand jury here for treason and other 
charges which he will face whenever the RT and the people of Texas might be 
able to have a constitutional convention and form a new government. Mc Laren 
was a rogue individual along with a tiny minority of his followers who acted 
upon his own agenda and had also been warned not to use the name of the RT 
for any of his business. He was not my "leader" ever and he was not ever a 
"leader" in the RT. His title was "Secretary of State" and he attempted to 
usurp the authority of the President of the RT Provisional Government given 
to him by the Citizens of the RT. This is what he was dismissed for and 
removed from office by vote because he seemed to be advocating violence and 
things that would cause legal trouble with the defacto-state authorities. 
Our legal counsel had advised him not to carry out his schemes with 
"commercial paper". He would not accept the vote to remove him from office, 
so he went out to the Davis mountains on his own with a tiny minority of 4 or 5 rogue followers and holed up there. We had nothing to do with him or his 
group after he was dismissed. Go back and read my first paper again, 
especially at the part where it talks about government agent provocateurs 
who use disinformation in media plus psyops techniques to infiltrate, 
discredit and destroy a movement from within.

I did not see anything firsthand, but I did hear some stories from a very 
reliable source that there were some U.S. military types who had approached 
1 or 2 members of Mc Larens group while holed up and "pretended" to be 
disaffected U.S. military officers who said a U.S. military coup was 
imminent and that they were part of a group that was sympathetic to the RT 
movement and its cause. They enticed them into buying military weapons to 
help "participate" in this overthrow of the government and, lo and behold, 
these agents, they also sold them some drugs like Cocaine. Turns out later 
however, these were actually FBI agents in disguise (no surprise to me here) 
and after the defacto state of Texas was done with them on the kidnapping 
charges, the "Feds" conveniently came in and charged them with "having 
illegal weapons" and "illegal drugs". The Babylonian press did the rest. So 
who is the "cult" here? And who are the "snakes" who infiltrated and help 
set them up for the fall?

The Republic of Texas certainly has nothing to do with either one of them. 
As to the complete nuking of both Texas and America, I believe the 
Scriptures and have completed faith in Yahweh that he will protect and 
preserve a remnant territory for a remnant people if we will walk and stay 
righteous in Him according to His ways. Nowhere in the Scripture does he say 
that everyone in Babylon will be destroyed. If you really believe this, why 
are you still here? Why don't you go to Israel or where ever else you think 
the "safe zone" might be? I do not go by self-professed experts or 
prognisticators who reason things out in the flesh of so called safe zones 
here or there or nowhere. It has to be by His Word.


Did you miss it in my second paper/response last night or what? I did not 
say anything about the destruction of Alaska or Hawaii or other island 
territories like Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, etc. I do not know what will 
happen to them. They weren't the focus of my study.

What I did say was that 2/3 of Babylon will be destroyed, the Eastern and 
Western sectors of the United States (the 48 "states" if you will) and that 
a "central" sector of the 48 "states" adjoining the lower base or border 
(southwestern) would be preserved as a remnant 1/3 territory that is left by 
Yahweh according to the Scripture. This is known as the so-called 
"Heartland" of America and includes Texas, and all or part of other states 
like Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Arkansas, parts of Louisiana and parts of 
other territories such as Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and perhaps other 
parts of other states between the Mississippi River west and Southwest to at 
least the Rio Grande. I do not know the exact boundaries of this territory 
to be, only Yahweh knows at this point, but it might correspond roughly to 
the Louisiana purchase. Again, however, how far it might extend up towards 
or even include part of Canada, I don't know. All I do know is the general 
location and shape based upon the Hebrew scripture analysis and studies I 
cited from Jeremiah in my response. Plus I had the vision from Yahweh that I 
explained in the paper. If you missed any of it, go back and read it again, 
but here are the Scriptures repeated for you convenience about the 1/3 
broken away remnant territory from Babylon. This is a parallel in some ways 
also as to what happened to old Israel/Judea in the time of Babylon. After 
Ezra and Nehemiah, their "Zion" broke away from Babylon's/Media/Persia's 
territory south by southwest of their empire and were independent for a 
while until Alexander the great and the Selucid and Macabee dynasties gave 
way to Alexander the Great and then the Pharisee Herodians proxy for the 

Revelation 16:19-20

19. And the great city was divided * into three parts, and the cities of the 
nations fell * : and great Babylon came in remembrance * before Yahweh, to 
give * unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.

20. And every island fled away * , and the mountains were * not found * .

Jeremiah 51:31

31. One post * shall run * to meet * another * , and one messenger * to meet 
* another * , to shew * the king of Babylon that his city is taken * at one 

and in describing this place of refuge, Zechariah the prophet said:

Zechariah 13:8-9

8. And it shall come to pass, that in all the land,saith * Yahweh, two parts 
therein shall be cut off * and die * ; but the third shall be left * 

9. And I will bring * the third part through the fire, and will refine * 
them as silver is refined * , and will try * them as gold is tried * : they 
shall call * on my name, and I will hear * them: I will say * , It is my 
people: and they shall say * , Yahweh is my Elohim.

Micah 2:12-13

12. I will surely * assemble * , O Jacob, all of thee; I will surely * 
gather * the remnant of Israel; I will put * them together as the sheep of 
Bozrah * , as the flock in the midst of their fold: they shall make great 
noise * by reason of the multitude of men.

13. The breaker * is come up * before them: they have broken up * , and have 
passed through * the gate, and are gone out * by it: and their king shall 
pass * before them, and Yahweh on the head of them.


I'm with you. I'm not "political" and I prefer to stick to the point on 
things scriptural as a minister of Yahweh. I am not "anti-government" 
either, but I am just "anti-corrupt government" as you say. I am only 
against unlawful and unrighteous government and I am all for a lawful 
government that administers the laws fairly and justly, which of course does 
not exist here in Babylon, and for peaceful solutions if at all possible. 
You might want to check out the RT Provisional Government website at 
http://www.republic-of-texas.org. They explain a lot there about the same thing to get the message out to the people of Texas. Namely, that we are not 
"anti-government" as the Babylonian media likes to do their smear job on, 
but are only against the unlawful actions of corrupt governent officials.



Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, 
that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because 
strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few 
there be that find it. Matthew 7:13-14 Borderlands | News Forum Borderlands 
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(12/4/01 3:16:25 am)
Reply | Edit | Del All  Lot to say..not much time to say it
I now understand why the lord's messenger told me in Aug. "you have 90 days, 
maybe a little more".
When this economy goes under and the riots start, you better be prepared. I 
am going to comment here on some of the posts ive seen.

dont worry about canceling direct deposits...get your money out NOW, and 
each extra week the Lord gives you.
You wont be going back to work for quite a while.

if the riots are severe, the phone system will probably fail, if its 
receives damage over a wide area.actually it doesnt take much damage at 
all.if an office locks up,then here come the domino effect. that looks 
probable. if that fails, say bye bye to internet
for quite sometime, if it ever comes back.if you need to comm.--get a cell 
phone(cell to cell calls only,its on a different system) or better yet get 
your families a good walkie talkie set. i worked at mabell for 20 years. i 
know what im talkin about.

phoebe--i havent watched tv in 2 or so years....only when the Lord tells me 
to check the news. ive turned my back on babble-on.

extra food-get some. dont know how much you all eat.
I went to Sam's warehouse today...cans of veggies 50cents each...tuna the 
same..canned chicken a little more. I can live on a can of veggies and tuna 
a day.
a dollar a day !! not bad. any other things u may need..get 
them...everybodies different.

what a way to bring in the cashless society and possibly the mark.

Joseph13---ya got some good points there...im gonna check them out. sounds 
like you tryin to get people to go to Texas though. I cant make it ..Lord 
told me to stay put here. ive seen something similar too your vision. 
America does get shattered into pieces. New fault line found up and down 
east coast (verified on the news) will send that into the ocean. New Madrid 
fault splits and destroy's middle states. Texas did break off..dont know 
what happend to it. West of the san andreas heads to the ocean. There were 
peices left
though. ive seen other minitries saying many "Joseph's
or house of Joseph" will rise. Ive been tracing my 'roots'.had to quit at 
Whittenburg Germany for now. my last name is jewish. saw many with my name 
killed at auschwitz. your description of these'lost ones' fit me 
perfectly.very interesting. going to do lot more checking that out if the 
Lord grants me more time. for now...have to get ready for this first woe.

Geek question--do a search for "shopping cart java applets". See which ones 
suit your need. you add the applet to your site just like a picture.

to everybody else...May Yeshua (Jesus) keep you under His protection. May he 
quickly grant you wisdom and counsel, and above all lead you quickly to 
regeneration !! May He bless you and keep you from harm. This I pray.

Have extra preps to do. See you all soon in a few days i hope. Good luck.

Joseph13 Manasseh RTexas
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Reply | Edit | Del  Toda rabah, josephkn
Dear josephkn:

Thank you very much for the compliments. It is very nice to have a brother 
in Judah and a fellow Israelite like you who is very spiritually aware. A 
rare commodity these days even among believers, and a pleasure to hear from 
you, my friend.

You could be right about being one of the "lost" Jews. Besides the Sepharad 
branch in Spain and others who retained knowledge of their identity, and as 
you would know your Biblical history as well, about 2/3 of those of Judah 
not in the walled city of Jerusalem in the time of King Hezekiah and 
Sennacherib were taken by the Assyrian commander into captivity and these 
people were mixed in with the other 10 tribes still in captivity in Assyria. 
So when Israel later escaped Assyria, those 2/3 of the Judah portion still 
surviving went with them into Europe, and these were not of the Jerusalem 
Jews left behind who later went into captivity into Babylon and came back to 
Judea with Ezra and Nehemiah.

I have no doubt then that at least some of the German Jews with Jewish 
sounding names were of this original flock that came with Israel from the 
Assyrian captivity and lived there for centuries long before other Jews from 
officially known Jewish communities in later C.E. dispersion times came 
there, and they might not have known their identities and became "lost" as 
well. Depends upon if their fathers continued to teach them their heritage 
or not. Sadly a lot of our forefathers, yours and mine, did not and we 
slipped into paganism and that's one big reason we're in such a big mess 
today? May Father Yahweh help us all and forgive us for our sins against Him 
for rebelling against His ways and redeem and restore us all.

In Yahshua's Name,
may He bless, Selah



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