*mp3s* Texas Sovereignty / Secession. Bible Studies on House of Joseph / Texas

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The Christ’s Assembly at the Republic of Texas

With Texas Sovereignty and Secession gaining much attention, these mp3 messages might be a help / encouragement to Bible Believers. We’re to seek first His Kingdom law governance on earth as in heaven. We’re to be an Ambassador as a Royal Priest of His nation, that daily prays for that, as well as promotes that people repent from their sins. 1John 3:4 says “sin is transgression of the law”, and 70% of the law is only national laws, economic, agriculture, judicial, etc etc.

Currently within Babylon just reading publically any number of given Scriptures can get a Christian murdered/assasinated/martyrred. Many subjects are now too taboo, especially if it comes from the word of YAHWEH God. Not only this but laws are being passed at an alarming rate that prophibits us to voice our Spiritual concience on almost every level, even on the level of what the definition of a family is.

With that being the case, and all the covenants that say Israel is a name given only to the two tribces known as the House of Joseph, we find the most Spiritual understanding in the studies of Texas as being the Manasseh government. Scripture says Manasseh/Israel would be known as having the most weapons, and greatest and most powerful nation in the world in every generation, continuously moving farther and farther West. That all other nations would want to flood their borders to come reap of their abundance, without knowing that the only reason for their abundance is for their Spiritual betrothal to our King Yashua (Jesus).

Is America the last Frontier for Manasseh?


Hose of Joseph Part I


House of Joseph Part II


Upcoming interviews are being scheduled with the Texas Interim Government Secretary and Head of Judicial Affairs. As the Republic of Texas movement regains momentum please keep this in your prayers for a place of safety for His Kingdom Government to be allowed some place on earth. Maybe, just maybe that place can be within a separate jurisdictional zone of Texas called Zion.

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