C.I. is a Misnomer For God’s Supreme Church

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Why God’s Church is NOT “Christian Identity”.


The first reason the church doesn’t need to call itself “Identity” is because it’s slanderous to use that name. The church does not need to lower itself to new names. We own all the foundational doctrines of every generation of mainstream Christianity. To subvert that and lower ourselves down to some wierd cult name might even be blasphemous.

Around the time of the American Revolution every single University in America such as Harvard, Princeton, Union, etc taught that the western Christian nations are the only Modern Israel found in the Bible.

Our main beliefs have been taught as foundational doctrines in nearly every Christian denomination and taught as a prevailing rule in every generation until now.

Just because we follow what every great American University taught, “that we’re Israel”, that does not make us “Identity”.

It is only very recently that our foundational doctrines have become relaxed and are not being taught. For example, the foundational Calvinist Doctrine of “Limited Atonement”, taught in all protestant denominations, and nearly every single Bible theologian in the world just 100 years ago. Also in nearly every theology book written just 60 years ago they dedicate several pages and chapters to the promotion of this foundational doctrine that Christ did not die for the whole “world”, that the world is not the entire globe, and that, “He has only known Israel”(Amos 3:2). He elected and redeemed only His bride Israel of the twelve tribes, while only one of the tribes of Israel are even called Judah. Now-a-days it remains only as a foundational doctrine in Protestant Bible schools, with Pastors instructed not to teach it, but keep everything simple for the sheeple.

There is no reason for God’s church to retreat from victory and begin using the new name “Christian Identity”, a name coined only by Rev Gale in the 1980’s. That would be falling away from the truth.
The second reason the church doesn’t call itself Identity is because of the violent history of some fringe groups using the name. We are against violence and hate. The Bible teaches nothing but love and love for the truth.

Although 99% of those using the name “identity” are peaceful pacifists the fact remains that the name “Christian Identity” is a new rebel faction name coined by Reverend Gale in the 1980’s. He was considered by all to be a Nazi commander and the founder of the skinhead movement in California, still considered the skinhead capitol of the world. Under the name Christian Identity there arose various violent fringe groups such as Aryan Nations who tried to overthrow the US Federal government by force.

When we have millions of Christians that have repented of their sin and doing the good things we’re commanded to do in the Bible, we shall offer our benefits to God’s people. Even the governments will want our benefits. Many will realize we are on the path of life and that if they want to be saved they will have to try and line up to the commandments of our King Jesus. All will see God’s ways are the only way to “heal our land”. Only repentance will save us, not rebellion.

We’re not a church that misinterprets Romans 13. The American Clergy of the late 1700’s believed, and we can quote dozens of sermons, that Romans 13 teaches some resistance to unGodly authority. They further demonstrated that since the King of England was operating illegally and contrary to God, that he was not of God and most definitely not of God’s powers, and not one to be subject to, etc. Most of those quotes and sermons are compiled in a book carried by Mission to Israel http://missiontoisrael.org , a book by Ted Weiland called “Christian Duty Under Corrupt Government”, the book’s conclusion is not total resistance, or any force at all, but to do what’s good and right always wherever God has placed you.

We know if they outlaw taking communion or reading the Bible those are also things and evidences, that we would be in trouble with God in heaven if we “subjected” ourselves to such tyranny. Hence the motto of the revolution “No King But Jesus”, and President Thomas Jefferson, also a revolutionary, had said, “Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God”. Everything in moderation.



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