DEFEATING LAND TYRANNY in North American and European Republics

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DEFEATING LAND TYRANNY  in North American and European Republics

There are many levels of tyrannical government land grabbing (contrary to the human rights laid out in our numerous charters), but there is one that claims them all to give the lands over to the so-called “public” elite renegade public servants. This one WILD CARD for all levels of land tyranny is for “public servants” to steal and use their power to make a profit off lands for themselves (and a quick profit to pay back loans to the central bank), for the central bank to gain more power. The main name this is known by is called “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” or UN Agenda 21. Some are good intended, while others are in fear operating in a business mentality rather than as a Republican form of government that their state was founded. This wild card of sustainable development enables the elite so-called “public servant” families to rake in Billions of Dollars and remain in power for generations. Obama has even gone as far as to nominate several “Czars” over such land confiscation central banking profiteering, programs and social re-engineering schemes.
Every President back to the 1950’s until today repeatedly would make big speeches on “sustainable development” to entice people to come out of the natural countrysides and farmlands and live in an enclosed and centralized, heavily regulated and controlled community. In every definition of “sustainable development” (whether BLM, or the UN) it mentions the public takes away all private ownership, to re-engineer such lands to provide housing (like high rise buildings) that all will live equally as “the world’s most poorest nations”.
The UN Agenda 21 shot heard around the world was the Bundy Ranch Scandal or the “Dirty Harry Reid scandal”  Corruption Scandals Led to Harry Reid’s Abrupt “Retirement” – Judicial Watch. This so-called public servant Harry Reid who was caught red-handed as his son sought to profit off of closing down the good and natural habitats in Clark County Nevada, all in order to install a billion dollar solar farm. This all only came to light after such far reaching tyranny was felt by families who have used the land since those lands were part of a Repulic. It wasn’t until good freedom loving natural Christian men like Mr. Bundy just continued on as his family has done for at least 150 years, that such tyranny has become exposed.
Some people say the Bundy’s are ignorant to the Nevada constitution as well. However, before Nevada was made into a fraudulent corporate entity(which I will cover in this article) under color of law as a fictitious “state” within the United States corporation, it was part of the sovereign nation of the Republic of New Mexico. The eastern border of New Mexico was Texas, and Western border was California. (click here for map)
Every President since the 1960’s and 50’s at least have held such compelling speeches on this “sustainable development” but none dared to advance it as extreme as is being done today. The love of money and gaining the quick buck as economies are falling may have caused several of the latest oversights. However sustainable development, while sounds good to protect the earth, is for the majority of the time misused as a green war crimes mask/shelter or label to operate under. Under the numerous conspiracies against the people who inhabit the republics, this fraudulent mask of sustainable development has unlawfully been implemented right over top of us, without our consent. We’re told in new media and other controlled vehicles of public propaganda that somehow giving our lands to the elite super rich will protect the environment if we just give them all some more power over us, and that we can trust them in taking away more of our rights in order to socially re-engineer our beliefs and way of life. We’re told we should trust them to take away all of our rights, even to that of having children only by a license, and children being raised soley by the state. We are to trust such super elite to be angels over all we give them, including our forfeiture of land rights, wishing and hoping then somehow they will choose to give back those Billions of dollars they made in profit to go toward the public good rather than for their own good. However history has proven the opposite, that when any nation has trusted an elite super rich group of people, that they lined their own pockets and used such finances only to increase their own power.


The compelling emotionalism to motivate brainwashed masses into whatever sounds “green” has backfired every time, with studies showing the advances destroy the good healthy social framework, destroys local economies, destroys the nature, the ecosystems, the cultural values of the people, increases disease, increases dependence on the government, and bankrupts every system that is attached to it. On each and every leve it is evidenced (and even boasted by those in power) to be a massive scheme to destroy the Unified Republics of the United States and any other sovereign country of humans on earth, in order to reduce the population to a number that can be more easily controlled. They boast of it in plain sight, even get awards for promoting exactly this, and then when confronted laugh it off as a joke. However, these show time and again, like Bill Gates, to say “by their vaccines they will reduce the population by several billion and thereby solve our Co2 emissions problem”. Or by others, to get applauded for other reasons of social re-engineering by making even more bolder claims to intend to kill and slaughter populations in the name of sustainable development (a code word for brutal murder of billions on the scale of Communism, Bolshevism, etc). Such methods of control Bill Gates said they don’t always want to disclose, but that they exist and they will reduce the population by billions of people through the new centralized medical system. The intent for destroying America is quoted by most of the leaders of sustainable development in their speeches. Glen Beck has written a great book on this UN agenda 21, highlighting such statements of their intent.
The answer is to get back to the freedoms laid out in our laws that guaranteed land rights to our posterity. All the way back to the Magna Carta it’s been described that a man’s home is his castle, and it cannot be taken nor his lands owned by the government. In the few cases there may be an exception to this rule there has to be just compensation (not just in financial cost) but equivalent living. However, people are lied to and told that living on a high rise building in the middle of a city will be better than living in the nature on the land. They can’t just devalue the dollar and say now we all get two cents on the dollar back, when our forefathers have always kept a dollar to be worth a dollar. Not that missing 98 cents is a backlog of slavery debt entitlement to the central bank of credit fraud, and the remaining two cents goes to ceasar to redisribute the wealth. The federal reserve notes never claimed to be something of value, it’s like it was planned to fail. Nevertheless our God tells us to have a just weight and measure, to keep value valuable, and that all “scant measures” are an abomination to almighty God. We should not accept fraud devalued items to substitute the truth value that God said we must use to survive and not become an abomination.
Any fraudulent scheme by a new corporate entity naming itself as whatever color of law of a name of a state or a nation is still without effect. They have no power, they are null and void, and in the end they will go bankrupt like every company does, and we’ll be left with the common law de jure structures they tried to usurp their false and non-existant authorities and powers over to enslave us through deception. After everything falls, just a few nations will be left standing.
Harry Reid continues making pathetic defenses of his crimes with lie upon lie. He really thinks the truth won’t come out in the end. The only thing on his side is the corporations not related to the government, nor enacted by any Congress or Senate connected to our governments. He seeks some shelter in hiding behind a color of law, a non-public, non-governmental corporation known as the Beaurau of Land Management and the corporation of states unlawfully and unconstitutionally appointed by Lincoln in a state of Marshal law, without any enactment by any person in any government. Then he still dares (in his legal frauds) to utter against all the people that “this is a nation of laws, not a nation of people”.
Protecting land rights is just one aspect of the lawful de jure governments of America that have been ratified with “enactment clauses” (something the present governments haven’t done since the time of the civil war, and some even longer). Thus evidencing they haven’t been operating for the people, nor the independent states for even much longer. Just do a little deeper research on enactment clauses, or get the books on it  like “the authority of law” by Charles A. Weisman. This land tyranny and all the structures attached to it is just one tentacle of the central bank of credit fraud tyranny against the people’s laws that have actually been enacted and stand as the law of the land. We’re often surprised how little law has become of the people, by the people, or for the people.
The second amendment defines that it will be the militia of each state that will defend all the rights of their independent soveriegn states, and that they are NOT part of the organized military but are the ordinary citizens, known as the “unorganized militia”. Even Federal law Title 10 section 311 b acknowledges they are the “unorganized militia” who are responsible to protect the rights of “the people” of each state. Federal law even goes on to say they can be called upon by their state representatives to repel invasion, not only as vast as the Second Amendment declares as being for their freedoms within their state, but even against invasions of other states or nations, whether by corporate contract, by conditional or unconditional sovereign constitutions of governments setup to protect such rights of the people under various defined circumstances.
Numerous information websites and organizations are operating to expose UN Agenda 21. However they all have no true solution except to spread the word on how or freedoms are being stolen, and hope that the public will find the solutions. Such TV hosts and authors such as Glenn Beck have extensively covered the evil land grabs and social control powers given to government oligarcs in the UN Agenda 21.


This presentation isn’t to complain but to talk about the peaceful solutions we already have. Basically the states are going bankrupt because they’re not founded on anything of substance. As our King Jesus had foretold, when everything else falls the only thing left standing will be His word, (His substance of us obeying His word, including His numerous land laws for us to possess it in order to come out of Babylon).


Re-inhabit the original Constitutional Republics.


Each State has two constitutions: 1) an original Common Law constitution with which the State, as a Sovereign Country whose form of government was required to be a Republic, entered into the Union; and 2) a Corporate constitution created sometime after the State entered into the Union and had incorporated.


The same is in Europe, though their situation is more recent with the European Union ties to the Central bank of credit fraud re-engineering of society. Nations like the Ukraine are primarily battling against such centralization to being enslaved to this bank of credit fraud.


Nevada was an exception to the normal founding of states. Nevada’s constitution started straight out as a corporate constitution. Within the constitution of this corporation called Nevada there is terminology proving it was never a body of the people. There was no group of people who ever considered Nevada as being a state. They simply jumped from being part of the Republic of New Mexico, and while under Marshal of Tryannical civil war executive orders, it was formed into a corporation called Nevada. Some of the opening declarations of this Nevada constitution are entirely fraudulent (and any presence fraud vicerates contract). Such unheard of statements are found contained in such constitution, such as all power is in the United States Federal Government. That is totally contrary even to the US Constitution which says in Article 1 Section 1 that the power is in the people who are represented by the independent states.
Before the civil war the boundaries of such lands called Nevada was called the “New Mexico Territory”, and they had their own National Constitution, as found here:


see map here:
The corporate entity called the US violated the sovereignty of New Mexico to reform the lands after the civil war. These lands were stolen to create what is a walking contradiction of a state, as evidenced in it’s own constitution which points to a non-existant entity of federal as having supreme power.
California, for example, has two Constitutions: the original Common Law constitution of 1849, and the statutory law (“Corporate”) constitution of 1879. Both constitutions are still in effect. The Corporate constitution cites the original Common Law constitution and is a substitute for it. The term substitute has special meaning in law. It does not mean “to replace” or “to supersede”. [2] [2] Each Sovereign State after entering into the Union eventually incorporated. Each State has two flags: the Sovereign State flag and the Corporate State flag. The Corporate constitution is the constitution that is full of all of the Statutory “laws” that apply to its residents. Anything the Corporate State creates is subject to it. The US Government is also a Corporation.
The US also has two flags: the Sovereign United States flag and the Federal Corporate flag which, with Gold fringe, is also a military or martial law flag. The State Constitutions and the Federal Constitution are documents specifically creating and delineating the powers and restrictions of the created government. All other powers are to remain with the People and all powers granted to the government are from the People.The Constitutions give a Sovereign Citizen no rights whatsoever, because a Sovereign Citizen already possessed all rights possible: the Citizen was and is the ultimate Sovereign in this country. The Constitutions simply acknowledge and state the preexistence of these “inalienable rights” and guarantee that the government will not
in any way infringe or take away these rights. Among other things, the various Constitutions state that any government shall not infringe on the right of individuals to enter into contracts.
Now here is the good news. As these states become bankrupt and liquidate not only on the North American continent but in other state who operate on common law principles, there will be some original (de jure) state republics still standing. One of the best of these I believe will be the Republic of Texas.
However rather than bankrupting, several corrupt leaders will continue to cede more and more of the rights of their people, whether it be land or otherwise, in exchange for more financial compensation, other benefits and social programs from the United States corporation, the EU and other entities of the central bank of credit fraud until they die in total enslavement.
Many states may not choose to go that route to die, but choose to live. Several states have a good track record of not ceding things to the Federals and their central banking masters of global massacres. Texas for example still hasn’t ceded any lands to the Federal Government (still the Feds have limited leases on any portion of land they want to operate on within Texas). People are already becoming fed up on what their state has volunteered over to the central Feds to cut costs and for quick bribes to the Politicians. They’re fed up but do not know the peaceful answers of the law of the land their forefathers helped ensure they would have. Some may not have that in the land they’re living in and may need to relocate. Otherwise we’ll be sitting under contract with corporations who have so-called politicians profiteering on your demise. Numerous studies have demonstrated several politicians crimes who have strategically financially placed themselves for generations to eventually benefit from the massive slaughter of people in the medical system of Obamacare.
It’s best to relocate to a state who understands land Tyranny. It seems the best to be the Rebpulic of Texas. Deputy Sheriffs of Clark County recently told the feds they had no jurisdiction on their lands and so they left. As is the case of many families who own ranches and cattle, their families operate still on the laws of the original republics. So not only in law is the continuity of the original Republics ensured, but also in people, they have continued. The supreme law being the elected Sheriffs, their Deputies, and any Deputized Posse.


It’s time to stop listening to fraud liars like Reid. We need only simply ignore them (because Jesus is doing the rest among His people), but remain wise as serpents and gentle as doves. They will all go away, including Babylon with all it’s deceptions, the evil credit fraud money system, and the Babylonian sins and plagues. Our God told us to “come out” of such political, economic and false religion of the fake god of the one world government. The ten commandments say have no gods(or rulers) before Me. Simple ignore them and serve God first. The only thing left standing will be those who fit within the framework of righteous laws that are for our survival as good natural families on His good earth.
This may be a good time to let others know about the intact rights their States have in their original constitutions. As things fall apart we already see some who will not go down. Watch this video about the operating government of the Republic of Texas here: We can all peacefully re inhabit the original Republics, together with those of the land who have remained there all these generations.Many well known Texas families have continued on their Republican form of government in word and in deed. In 1995 this has been more formally and publically done with elections etc to bring back the status of nationhood. The government is still operating with a congress as prescribed in the original Constitution of the Republic of Texas, check out Even the government mint and currency is back in circulation, based on value.
Such criminal conspiracies of stealing land against all human rights, and then brainwashing the peoples it is good, isn’t limited to the United States. This is evidenced in that more than 160 nations have signed onto the UN Agenda 21. The assaults are more rampant and evident in European nations because these have historically had the most checks and balances against such tyranny, to ensure freedom of the independent working class with their basis in a common law form of government. The currency being backed by something, and things like property and ownership of land being historically well defined to ensure the freedom of the people. The EU itself has been formed partially in order to violate the Sovereignty of such nations in such social and geographic re-engineering crimes under UN agenda 21. This has caused much financial enslavement and unpleasant living conditions in much of Europe as they have been forced to move out of the countrisides into high rise buildings in the centers of cities where their lives are more closely controlled by whoever comes into political power under the authority of the central bank of credit fraud international criminal tyrannical green fraud war criminal enterprises of the elite super rich.


The EU Centralized of power structure is all under the same shareholders who control the money system in the United States (the Federal Reserve).  This centralization under the EU has been demonstrated in numerous publications to be violating National Sovereignties, up to and including war crimes of murder in favor of new green technology companies. Such crimes are ignored as being called emergency social engineering for the world’s most poor, while others lump it together again and again under false names of “environmentalism”, “eco”, etc, as urgent climate change initiatives. Now they lump it up even more as being an economic emergency, then to make matters worse have thought they can get away with re-labelling such crimes as carte blanche “anti-terrorism” powers. Either way you slice it, it is absolutely proven and even boldly admitted to be deliberate destruction of the host people.


The answer is to position ourselves like the Bible says (come out of Babylon my people, that ye partake not of her plagues nor of her diseases) as it says Babylon will fall in one hour. It says what Babylon has dealt to you, deal to her double. Dealing as in values. Placing your efforts into things more of value rather than worthless garbage offered by the Babylon system. Perhaps this means to invest in goods and commodities that you can hold onto, that also cannot be taken out by an EMP, Solar Flare, war, natural disaster, climage change, national or state bank defaults, etc?
I suggest positioning yourself among those who have proven themselves over time to have the same values you hold dear. For example Texas is known to be one of the most Christian areas of the world, and the freest part of the world. They’ve protected the rights of the land more than any other place on earth. In the Bible it says we are to “keep dominion” of the land, not to cede it over to major centralized powers. Texas has passed laws actually to make enforcing UN Agenda 21 a crime, within the state of Texas! Land rights are fiercely contested, even if the Federal government is trying to take disputed border lands. Every year the Federal government has to renew leases of their lands they operate on within Texas. Texas is the only State in the Union that has retained ownership their lands and not ceded it to the Feds or their for-profit social engineering company called the BLM. While nothing has been ceded there is no need to secceed, as they’re still an independent nation, just without good leadership. However, this track record of protecting such natural, human and divine rights of property and value should be paramount in your choice to rough out the coming colapses. By the very nature of Texas’ stances they simply will not fall as easily as the rest.
Most European nations have historically been allies with the Republic of Texas Nation. The Republic of Texas should in due course be officially reopening all Embassies throughout the lands of Europe. The EU collapses have only begun, and there is no end in sight. For Europe we only see further tragedy and destruction of the people. Hopefully Texians living in Europe and those at the Embassies can offer them hopes for a better life.
As Harry Reid recently admitted”we’re a nation of laws NOT of people” , basically saying that the corporate entities he represents is a corporation of false legalities in a color of law, and that he is affirming that he is “not of the people”. This should tell you volumes of what this is all about, as all consent for governing is by the governed and only the people can authorize the public servants, and as being free, as quoting from the Declaration of Independence of the Unified States of America:
“…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,”
These puppets of the central bank of credit fraud admit they do not seek nor represent anything of the people, but of their legality system of destruction of the people.
I believe it is time to “come out of Babylon” and choose wisely where you make your new home. There are epic droughts now in several areas of Texas. However I believe when the right people move there YAHWEH will change the weather for our favour.
For more information on reopening the Embassies in Europe, and joining our Republic of Texas Committees and Associations anywhere in the world, write me at We’re seeking more to collaborate on good activities for preserving families and God’s ways in the earth together with other ministers inside and outside the domains of the Republic of Texas.
We’re promoting a campaign in Europe for those of us who understand this lawful and good governance to COME TO TEXAS. Our “Come to Texas” initiative is to help build up an international witness of God’s good news of His good laws. The light of His goodness will always expose how the frauds of dark side are engaged in quite treasonous criminal activities that are just traps for the people to fall in. Their traps and their entire system is all quickly falling, bankrupting and destroying all that are attached to them. You can join the Republic of Texas Association Today!
Best regards and YAHWEH Bless,
Bishop Dr. Stephen Michael

The word racism was invented by the mass murdering communists (who killed 66 million of their own people). One of the most evil people who ever lived, Trotsky, the biggest mass murderer of Stalin and Lenin, invented the word racism. RACISM IS A COMMUNIST WORD! They wouldn’t just label you as being a racist, they would kill you. Just like today so many leftist leaders in society are saying “Kill All White People” and they say they want to kill the US president when he has never said anything racist. They all don’t just label they attack and often with lethal attacks against those who they call racist, which are furthest from being racist.

Trotsky invented the word racist, used it as a justification for killing millions of people.

So do you have this communist word in your vocabulary? Under US law then you ca be arrested and tried for supporting communism and their successor organizations like ANTIFA. One can argue that using the word racism to overthrow the government, can land someone 20 years in jail. We recently covered those laws that several US Mayors may be found guilty of, who are presently conspiring with terrorist communist organizations to shut down ICE and promote sanctuary cities.

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