Peace Solution for 5 Million Islamist Refugees Entering Europe

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No one seems to have any good solutions. However, we ask everyone to read and pray about our points in the attached document. We will show ourselves faithful to follow these beautiful answers for a bright future.
This is the most peaceful, good and positive answer to the extinction level event now hitting Europe (5-10 million refugees being added to the growing Sharia zones).
EU Christian – Islam Relations Peace Conference. (if you’re a member of the Priory of Salem, Peace Institute) Send email to to ensure you’re a part of the online conference. Please write us in advance if you agree (or disagree) with any of the terms in this Peace Declaration. The final seal will go on the document before the end of the month.




Extinction level event for ethnic aging populations.

The Priory of Salem Peace Institute has negotiated the following peace agreement between the fundamentalist Christians and Islamists. (Issued by the Peace Institute to extended community leaders September 2015.)

1.       Honour and respect for the ethnic heritage and culture of both sides (Christian and Muslim)

2.       Europeans who decide they want to to move out of the thousands of expanding Sharia Zones will be helped by the Priory of Salem special mission (Together with honourable and respectful representatives of the Muslim community).

3.       Social services costs have been agreed in advance to be cut by at least 50%, due to the growing thousands of Sharia zones inside of North Western Europe.

4.       Both sides will encourage public fidelity to our faiths and to limit mischief.

5.       We agree to lead as good examples of family and religious people in order to disrupt gangs and criminal activity.

6.       The Priory of Salem special council will hold court hearings for cases where after numerous documented cases, the differing groups cannot live together in harmony. (ie. the Christians will not relocate.) Then we will advise with both communities the most peaceful and respectful solution for all parties, with examples of success with maximum harmony.

7.       Beyond the sharia zones of Europe, we will help and encourage Muslims to move into the regular areas. (There is a high demand for Muslims to expand into the predominately atheist areas where birthrates have been way below replacement levels for decades. The “aging populations” are almost gone completely and the cities are without inhabitants. Without Muslims to expand into such areas the fabric of the city will completely fall into ruin.)

8.       We will encourage the 90% of native Europeans to return back to their historic God (YAHWEH God of Israel and His only son Jesus) and again start having children at least at replacement level.

9.       Both sides will encourage the Muslim youths (and shrinking number of Christian youths) into relationship fidelity, positive/healthy self-building programs, and honour. Our chiefest aim is to  give hope to not revert to drugs, drunkenness, depression, infidelity, or crime.

Priory of Salem Peace Institute has completed this peace deal with much support from community leaders from all sides. The atheist policies have become a sort of state enforced religion. This has failed and now we all are returning back to what keeps families together.

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