The Last Days of the Romanovs: From 15th March, 1917—100th Anniversary Memorial Edition

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Today (July 17th) is the commemoration day of the Romanov Imperial and Royal family that was martyred at the hands of the Bolshevists. It is a day to remember these Christian Saints. We in Christ’s Assembly Worldwide are always pleased to remember the faithfulness of the Christian Romanovs who were so ruthlessly martyred along with 66 million other Christians slaughtered by the atheist Bolshevik government.

We have been made aware of a new book available from Sacred Truth Ministries about this topic.

The book:“The Last Days of the Romanovs: From 15th March, 1917—100th Anniversary Memorial Edition”

(originally published in 1920)

Part I—The Narrative by Robert Wilton (Special Correspondent of The Times in Petrograd) and Part II—The Depositions of the Eye-Witnesses by Nikolai Sokolov (translated by George Gustav Telberg), and Part III; with many extra added illustrations of the entire Royal family… and Bible verses under each calling for God’s Righteous Vengeance… and additional information, very moving presentation… photo and short bio of the author, and Preface and Final Thoughts by modern publisher / RAB/STP;405pp. total pb., 22.00 + P&H  Author clearly pointed the finger at the Jews and noted that it was not the Russians behind Bolshevism, the Revolution, or the murders.]  If you are unaware of this, one of the greatest crimes of the modern era and how an entire mega-super-power was stolen, order this.