Proof Stephen Paddock, Vegas Shooter, was ISIS Militant and ANTIFA Activist, Married to Muslim Philippino

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The Las Vegas shooter, “Stephen Paddock”, a pedophile child pornographer, avowed ISIS aligned militant, was also an Anti-Trump, chanting slurs calling “all police and Trump supporters are racists”. He was a Hillary radical, turned ISIS militant who discriminately targeted Country Western type Republicans in ethnic hatred. Another venue he had documented plans on attacking was the “Route 91 harvest festival 2017“. Although ISIS praises attacks on the West regardless where they may be. He himself was an avowed recent convert to Radical Islam, married a Muslim Phillippino woman. He was also photographed as a radical Anti-Trump activist at rallies. ISIS is still claiming the Las Vegas shooting, and it made a more specific claim about the gunman

The main “character witness” quoted by the media was his brother, who days later after giving all those false confessions about his brother, was charged with child pornography and is put away. Mainly he knew his brother also had hundreds of child pornography and abuse images on their computers. More info:

It seems everyone and their mother have been rushing to the defense of this mass-murderor shooter, to cite his pedophile brother, providing cover for his divergent sexuality and his ISIS connections from being the mainstream talk in the news. Most mass murderers have had a long history of sexual divergent practices, that often had extreme child pornography.

He was also documented as a “leftist extremist” so radically against “Straight White Trump Supporters” that he tried to get in a fight with the police officer at a rally there in Reno Nevada while wearing a pink hat and picketing against Trump. A woman’s 95% of all mass shooters were well known trans-sexual extremist activists. Here is some of the footage, of much more still coming out online. And the mainstream news still has the gall to say he is non-political. They said that on day 2 as the information came out, and have since said it has been laid to rest already, and that we do not need to further investigate his motives. Much evidence has surfaced (including from police and experts in all the surrounding fields) that it was planned well in advance, and it was multiple shooters as part of a larger plot. Even the CEO of Mandalay Bay sold all his stock just a few weeks before the attack. The shooter was a known gun runner to the Philippines, who money laundered the proceeds through the casino. A big VIP of the casino. Some had advance notice.  There is much information now available on those aspects, however on his motives we’ll help give a little balance in this article. is now reporting an FBI Swat team member has uncovered photos of Stephen Paddock taken in the middle east,  as well as ANTIFA literature recovered there by the FBI Swat team there in the hotel room. This was released through a credible source to this most popular news media outlet in the world, As most of the FBI knows this is probably the only outlet who will give a fair shot on the accurate information.

ANTIFA has not only called for Presidential assassinations, but has been non-stop declaring open season on shooting, stabbing and killing Republicans in the most dishonorable ways. They even sell special knives on their website for killing conservatives. One of their leftist activists recently went in and tried to shoot several high ranking republicans at their annual baseball game. Black Lives Matter has been committing massacre after massacre of Police, such as in Dallas and in New Orleans, in recent months. Still the football players are calling for more police to be shot.

Everyone is acting oblivious towards the fact that Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend is from a Muslim dominated part of the Philippines. Other reports say she is Indonesian, which is the largest Muslim nation. She’s not even American and also holds an Australian passport. There are many lies going around calling the shooter non-political. However, they ignore that it is a very extreme political act to go against ones race and culture.

It is an extreme political act in and of itself to be so against your heritage that you go and marry into another culture like Indonesian Muslim. It takes a lot of hate, and a lot of commitment to see such things through. It wasn’t just a little mistake, but he followed through, and decided to kill Country Western goers.

Country Western is really like the heart and soul of the “old America” that all these leftists (like the hoodlum black millionaire football players) now claim to be so so against this “formerly racist society”. Most of the leftists just hate Trump for no reason but they don’t like his hair, as he has always promoted all groups equally.

Trump was considered a champion of all minority groups (and still is, except the media does lie because he is going after the corruption in the government), as an outsider.

The Huffington Post recently admitted White Christians are a minority in California, but yet they still gang up on this minority discriminating against us, and promoting these henious acts, and worse acts of dishonor against the President (persecuting him and all others) for choosing to do what is good and right. Following the law is just what is required in any decent society, and that is no reason at all to give death threats, and carry them out the way Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been carrying them out, non stop. Many of the leaders have been promoting “killing white women and children at random” and have been imprisoned years later after killing scores of white people at random.

The Associated Press said ISIS rarely ever claims responsibility for an attack unless they are at least loosely affiliated. ISIS official say that Stephen Paddock had followed their military orders.

This Mr. Muslim Indonesian ISIS Antifa shooter no-doubt considered a Country Western festival the highest concentration of Republicans that Antifa (and ISIS and BLM) has been non-stop targeting for death or worse.

I think this time ISIS and Antifa have picked a fight with the wrong group. We know these Cowboy Western types from the films to be the greatest “Righteous Avengers” in carrying out justice, law and order. However, not even in the most gory Clint Eastwood film has the Westerners had to fight back against such an onslaught as what is presently happening to us all over the land. Never has there been such rampant thuggish criminal and zombie-like onslought against a people in civilized times. This is called the biggest ever shooting in modern times.

Our law still has many peaceful solutions. Yet still the laws to deputize good citizens as Posse Commitatus and the numerous laws that say “call forth the militia to suppress insurrection, mass felonies, and repel invasion”. All of these laws, including a well regulated militia for the freedom of each state, and title 10 section 311 B(2) of United States code, and all other laws surrounding the “unorganized militia” should be consulted at once, before things get too far out of hand.

For sure Paddock is an activist for numerous heinous extreme leftist activities even if he simply didn’t vote for Trump. I would call him a soulless person if he didn’t vote for Trump, but that’s his right too, and I would say he should be free to have those beliefs. So long as we are also free to have our beliefs and worship the God of our Fathers. One would have to have his head in the sand the whole 8 years Obama occupied the White House to think someone other than Trump could set things straight.

Now we see 500 wounded last night at a Country Western Festival, and 58 are dead, and still counting. This is just anough act of the lawless spitting again in the face of the righteous. Yes this is spitting again in the face of those who support law and justice, and others who simply look a little bit like our Country Western Christian friends.

That’s REAL and RADICAL DISCRIMINATION against “old America”.