Linguistics on the Word Adam: Awdawm Adam-kind, Adam-man etc.

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In this linguistics study we get to the root meanings. These truths were plainly understood and the realities of which were taught in every University. The Supreme Court in the 1920’s through the 1960’s continued to uphold decisions and laws that referred to Adam-man being Caucasian. So lets get to the meanings from their root. The article may help shed light on why the Scriptures said the giant Goliath disdained and laughed at David for him being “very ruddy” and “very fair skinned”. Each time fair skinned showed up being very pale/white skinned. When you learn these root meanings of words, then you may know why King Solomon’s wife said he was “whiter than milk and ruddy in body like red rubies and blue sapphires”.

Hebrew didn’t have many letters however when they were used everyone knew what they meant. There were millions of Canaanites living in the old land of Israel, when the foreign tribe (Galilean / Celtic as Christ was also called) went to go live there. Also on the release from the second Captivity from Babylon (and Assyria) very few (only 30,000) returned to Palestine to live among the millions of foreign Canaanites (and Idumeans/people of God’s curse) who were the dominant people living there in the First Century.

From the Priory of Salem, “Linguistics on the Word Adam: Awdawm, Adam-kind, Adam-man, etc” by Rev Dr Stephen MK Brunswick, as Published in the Good News of the Kingdom, Issue No 9, 2002:

Notice every time the Hebrew Word Adam shows up in the holy Scripture it’s something that is neutral in color that is being “changed red” or is “being dyed red” but is not already red, NEVER ALREADY REDENNED.  Thus meaning “those having the ability to blush” since it’s the word for Adam-Kind.

Let’s look at the root-word for the word Adam every time it’s shown in Scripture.   The word is Aw-dam in Hebrew, from which we get the word Aw-dawm (Man-Kind) and almost every time you see the word *man* it’s Aw-dawm:

This is the English King James Translation of Aw-dam.  If you’d like to verify get out Strongs or Wigram’s/Englishmans or any Lexicon to study this word – Strongs #0119

In Ex 25:5 Aw-dam is translated as Two Words: “Dyed Red”

Repeats exactly as “Dyed Red” in Ex 26:14, 35:7, 36:19, 39:34, 

In Ex 35:23 it’s translated as Two Words again: “And Red”  —(not just red)

Prov 23:31 translated Awdam as FOUR English Words: 

“When It Is Red”

Isaiah 1:18 translates Aw-dam as FOUR English words: “though they be red”

Lam. 4:7 translates Aw-dam as FOUR English words again: “they were  more ruddy”

Nah 2:3 translates Aw-dam as THREE words: “Is Made Red” ***blushing*** is the only word that can come of ALL these scriptures in the ENTIRE BIBLE.

Even Strong’s limited Dictionary states #120 comes from this #119 The word  Adam or Mankind.  Strongs dictionary shows:  

119 ‘adam aw-dam’ to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy:–be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).

We should know these key truths since we need to understand what our job is.  I hope this small study helped unlock the truth of who Ancient Israel is and who the Modern Jews are.  The Western European Culture holds all the contracts from YAHWEH and fulfillments of all of bible prophecy, no other race/third world nation even holds a candle to our fulfillments of Bible prophecy and all the Biblical descriptions of Israel.  We are the people of the book and the bible deals with us from the Old to the New Testament. 

Gen. 5:1 “This is the book of the generations(genealogy) of Adam”.  Not the book of the other races.

Special Message: Ending the Red Fascist Communist Occupation of the “Systemic White Supremacist” Nation. Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies