mRNA Covid Vaccines Target and Destroy Brain Cells, Neuroscientist’s Accurate Tests Confirm

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 (Members and students only content. Priory of Salem, Institute of Health)
Important information covered from Neuroscientist Chris Shaw PhD, Prof at University of British Columbia:
What our analysis of his disclosures confirm is that the mRNA of any mRNA vaccine does indeed travel to the brain in all of the studies done.
This would mean that there will be an immune response. The mRNA will train the cells in the brain to kill themselves as being part of the virus. The same theory is established in that pregnant women who are developing the placenta in the womb cannot take the vaccine because the mRNA programs the placential cells to kill themselves. The same effect happens in the brain. There has long been a wider concern for autoimmune disorders developing in the brain from the current pfizer and moderna vaccines.
Although it was conclusive in all studies to happen to the test subjects, still the latest pfizer and moderna vaccine have bypassed the animal phase trials. Also the minimum tests were bypassed at the human level, so it can be rolled out in an emergency fashion. In effect it makes us all the guinea pigs. Only over the course of a few years will basic levels of test groups be reached, and that’s when they will start to watch people more closely for the symptoms they’re developing at an increasing rate.
Dr Shaw says it would only take 1 year of animal studies to close out this concern on the present vaccines. He says it’s a valid normal routine which he had carried out for moderna and other vaccine producers in 2012. He said any number of qualified scientists (other than himself) can also do the tests even quicker, although maybe not as comprehensive.
In any case it’s confirmed that the Covid vaccine mRNA goes to brain to target and destroy brain cells.