Stopping Vax Employment Mandates Successfully. Combated by filing administrative charges of Vaccine Employment Harassment via 4 agencies

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Mandates are normally illegal, especially in the area of Employment. I remember 15 years ago McDonalds was sued by the governmental agency EEOC because they required every applicant to have a Social Security number and write it on their employment application, in order to be considered for employment. Someone felt they were being discriminated against because they chose not to have a social security number so they went to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). This mandate was defeated, and McDonalds and many other big companies stopped requiring that new applicants provide (or even have) Social Security numbers.
EEOC has stopped so many other wrongful employment mandates. Every day they are saving people’s lives. EEOC is just one example of one organization that helps people with their Human Rights. They each have their own forms, as do many harassment attorneys, For example:
So many attorneys specializing in employment injury, privacy, harassment, equal opportunity, medical malpractice, and human rights are ready to help the present victims find a pathway against the threats of the experimental emergency-vax “gene therapy”. Filing administrative charges via the EEOC and dozens of other government orgs seems the route many should take if they feel harassed for any reason. 
(Yes on all accounts it’s considered only an experimental mRNA, first ever experimented on humans. It’s also confirmed to be causing several more millions of Americans to sustain permanent injuries, such as “antibody dependent enhancement” to their DNA as confirmed by the leading vaccinsologists(quoted below). However these remove 3/4 of your own built in anti-bodies.)
OSHA is putting liability on the Employer for adverse reactions from experimental jab in employees…. especially if they chose to mandate it for any reason.
Legally we’re required to tell you that this is not medical advice, and for that you can only consult with a doctor (who gets his orders direct from the government, where the doctor cannot dissent against these radical politics that go against all science. He has to follow the radical politics or lose his license).
For Americans threatened with loss of employment. If you get fired you have a big case. If you willfully quit your job you may surrender any possibility of winning your case. If you have integrity and feel harassed at your job, you have a case. Wait it out, and check with an attorney. There are many reasons people shouldn’t vaccinate (including health reasons), and health data is some of the most protected privacy information on planet earth.
If anyone has been discriminated against, (or repeatedly threatened) on basis of their age, sex, race, disability, religion, or politics they should have a case they can file.

In the US: Administrative Charges can be filed via the OCREHOC, the EEOC and/or our local friends can file charges at the Missouri Commission on Human rights.

These details should be included in your case:

1. Dates of the alleged discrimination(first and last at least),
2. What the employer claimed was the reason for a sanction (including termination) that has been suffered.
3. What the victim believes the real reason was they have suffered sanctions from the employer.
4. Detail any kind of damages by the events (emotional is just 1 actionable item)
5. Describe in detail the events that gave rise to the claim.

(Most of our subscribers would probably keep handy a copy of a book highlighting their religious persuasions. For exampl

“VACCINATION: A Catholic Perspective” – Kolbe Center

Probably include the Vaccination Catholic/religious book, any pre-existing conditions that have been overlooked why you would have medically chose not to take the vaccine, and perhaps employer unwillingness to pay in the event of vaccine injury, or which millions have sustained.)

The FDA approval of NY based Pfizer means nothing other than someone owns enough shares in the company. This was the case with the approval of the neurotoxic poison called Aspartame, mostly exported around the world from America. Hundreds of proven deadly drugs also have corruption behind them, as Presidents so conveniently work with appointing their heads as well as assigning other positions meant to increase profits only. Many former heads of major corporations working on approvals by the FDA become heads either of the FDA or other important White House cabinet positions. Family members of these unelected rulers have also countless family members in high ranking positions (or outright ownership of) the corporations (foreign and local) that profit off of such corrupt manuvers not only in the areas of drug approvals, but in the areas of moving business, secrets, and profits overseas.
Dr Malone covered how the Pfizer vaccine creates a dependency on regular “booster shots” every six months and removes your natural immunities to many kinds of infections.

The Vaccine Causes The Virus To Be More Dangerous Bannons War Room  Published July 28, 2021 587,007 Views SUBSCRIBE516KSHARE Dr Robert Malone, MD, MS Physician Scientist, Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology – a leading vaccinsologist, warns that the vaccine causes the virus to be more dangerous! A very good interview in Steve Bannon’s War Room The Vaccine Causes The Virus To Be More Dangerous

The best answer from our church:


On another note:

Texas governor bans COVID-19 vaccine mandates regardless of approval status