Do horrifically killed hosts of stem cells create good covid dna reactions?

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Do horrifically killed hosts of stem cells create good covid dna reactions?
Tom Fitton: “Pfizer didn’t want the disclosures related to fetal stem cells being used in the development of vaccines out in the public sphere,” Judicial Watch President u/TomFitton . WATCH MORE:

I responded: We know all the animal studies (which presently is the ONLY long term data) show autoimmune diseases 100% of the time and the animals all dying very early. So why do the leap of faith trusting the aborted babies will save you? So Pfizer is finally admitting the data about the role of abortions in their vaccines. Why use products of the innocent blood of aborted humans? Participants already were told it’s in there, including all the spiritual ramifications and 100 years of their soul going to live on, which was just stolen and you were part of it in your participation of their murder. Sure, injecting products of innocent blood in an experimental gene therapy with no long term data suggesting it’s safe can be considered reckless, but this is more, like a religion. Lets see if it works better than those 100% of the time animal studies showed autoimmune diseases and very early deaths.

Planned Parenthood likes innocent blood, robbing those souls ie of 80 years of their lives each. Mainly giving them a horrific abortion procedure, as burned alive or torn to pieces, then as with most unsolved murders the souls of victims of horrific bloodshed linger. They felt the fear and the hate as they were ripped apart. Although they are still developing souls who were just horrifically murdered, why think that’s safe enough to fix your covid gene responses? Just by injecting their body codes (dna parts supposedly) you’re going to be “safe”? Are they so sure that their own bodies who didn’t have that horrific damage (as emotions / love effect stemcells the most, and activate them) can trust that your body will do the same in the long run?

Doing murder to a host of a stem cell also has an effect on a stem cell itself. Recorded data of many events, including trauma is also found in heart cells, not only around the navel area (where most such cells are harvested), which is mostly like a harddrive storing information. The soul and feelings of unconditional love are the only things that truly activate stem cells. So I wonder what effect they hope to get with the opposite coldness towards these young souls. The souls live on in their unsolved murder case, and haunt all the areas their killers occupy till their murders are solved. That’s a rule of nature of innocent blood, which some people think have no applicability anymore with so much faith, so much radicalism, it’s hard to say it’s not a new religion.

I pray there is a quick repentance. Who wants such a monstrous sin injected into their bodies?

Kind regards and God Bless all who are in Christ,

Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick ThD, PhD