Was Abraham Lincoln Evil? How He FAILED Emancipating “People of Color”. Worldwide BLM Violent Activists Demand Freedom Every Day.

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BLM demands a “blacks-only” government. Our basic civic duties may help bring about this good Christian peaceful measure, as our forefathers always ensured.

We have a message of positivity as it relates to these good solutions restoring the earth back to Divine order, just as our Christian forefathers paved the way for our total success. Several are just uninformed about this good news of the basic civic duties they are expected to perform under the present system (and our unshakable foundation). People are getting tired of the negativity.

Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies has again an analysis for Peace and prosperity as it relates to the topic of “True Freedom for People of Color”.

The Whole World has been swept away by this Black Lives Matter movement. Their main demand is freedom for other races to live separately with their own form of government, their own Black representatives, their own Black police, and removing all traces of “White people” from their environment.

Abraham Lincoln was called the “Great Emancipator” but was killed before he could carry out his full plan to return Blacks to the true freedom in a wonderful state of their own for them in Africa. This beautiful return to Africa came complete with full reparation payments, diplomatic immunities, assistance and high equal status as sovereigns and high visiting dignitaries (much like the Native American nations have today, still getting major payouts, and their own sovereign laws that overrides US law in their favor, in most of America’s territory today etc).

However Whites of the South (side of the Confederacy) believe Lincoln embodied the true evil, and that his statue is an evil idol. Black Lives Matter and related groups have destroyed these statues and any State or Federal buildings or statues around them so long as they look like an institution of White people. To find the solutions we must look at the reasons why. Also lets get some questions out of the way, like Lincoln’s true stances, and build up from there. We need to look squarely on the true source (and happy solution to) problems that all sides are still facing (no matter how many trillions of dollars have been spent to do the failed “forced mixing programs”, reparations etc). Lets talk about the peaceful situation that stands before us with truth and reconciliation which leads to true, unstoppable and lasting peace. For either community, there is a great solution awaiting.

An overwhelming number of President Lincoln’s speeches re-iterated his logic as it related to liberating the Black race. He maintained that the true freedom would be when Black’s can finally Self-govern with their own Black representatives, without interference from foreign communities (affirming blacks had no rights to become US Citizens, as reiterated by Supreme Courts and official US laws). Many of his speeches to the White North contained these promises to them and to the Black communities he addressed (that was fully welcomed). In the below link you can see his full roadmap plan how he planned to bring this Emancipation to completion after the war. Several of his speeches to these ends (highlighted for students on our Peace and Legal studies Institute) are found at: Lincoln Promised the North To Return All Blacks To Africa)

True empowerment was promised, which was elevation of both races, and not the further subduing them under the White man’s form of government (and the Trillions of Dollars spent trying to force both races into some unnatural mixing and integration programs that only failed, making matters worse). After his untimely assassination we see only debt slaves who don’t even know what a civic duty is, and run quick crying in surrender at every turn, no matter how well the system says they have wonderful solutions requiring their civic duties in voting, representing themselves in court, collecting referendum signatures, running for office etc. We have had only an increasing in debt enslavement (to the central banking families) who have sold a fake patriotism that also miserably failed on all accounts. Turn on a TV anywhere. In the countries most promoting the mixing programs the stars are “taking a knee” in protest against the host nations, as they admit this “forced mixing” and integration has failed. They want freedom of self governance. The country promoting the most mixing now is hated the most by the other non-White communities. We see it so much that even the sports stars paid millions of dollars are advancing numerous anti-White and anti-Christian spiritual tirades that must occur before all the fans before the games commence. Several of the slogans have been demonstrated to be 5th column communist schemes that lead to extermination / ethnic cleansings of the “White privileged” communities (66 million slaughtered in Russia, the counts of the Young Turks Revolution are still ongoing, at a count of 117 million). These were more savage in third world countries, with the extermination campaigns acting on the race-baiting against “white privilege” or other communities they considered privileged. Some do call for extermination and holocaust outright. 5 years ago our institute compiled a list of more than 100 cases where top leaders in society called for total extermination of the White race (or similar wording), from everyone upwards from Oprah Winfrey to several of Obama’s cabinet members using such wording. The 5th Column Communist Occupation should not discourage us, but know that doing good will prevail. The proof is everywhere how this welcoming mixing strategy has failed the worst. Everyone is tired of the negativity and want to hear the good news.

Lincoln ensured his audiences that Emancipation would mean that Blacks would have their own form of government (proof of this was even 100 years after the civil still numerous laws blocked colored people from Citizenship) See our study on the “Tree of Liberty Analysis” https://www.st-andrewsocc.org/2022/07/american-national-tree-of-liberty-analysis-a-must-see-info-graphic/, there was no place for “replacing the posterity of the slave owning Whites-only nation”. Lincoln promised what all Blacks have always wanted, granting them the true self-representation, true self determination, true freedom of self-affiliation, and true empowerment rights to govern themselves (as it the continual plea of their civil rights groups today, rather than being brutalized by the white system). The increases in subjugation under White overlords were not mentioned in any of Lincoln’s speeches, neither were the surrendering of numerous liberties of the domestic communities, nor were the increases in responsibilities as it would relate to the burdens of citizenship. Nowhere in the plan did it involve mixing of the races, as even 100 years after the 14th Amendment was passed 47 states banned interracial marriage, and 28 of them still enforced it as a felony crime as of 1968, and Alabama till the year 2000(still disputed in court). Numerous laws banned non-white immigration till 1965, which in numerous Supreme Court precedents after the Civil War concluded that other races could be stripped of their citizenship or not eligible to get it. (Analysis: https://www.st-andrewsocc.org/2020/08/ending-the-red-fascist-communist-occupation-of-the-systemic-white-supremacist-nation/)

White servants were the norm also, in any normal home:

A system without servants was brand new to the White man’s community as well as well as Black. Technical advances were barely making it fathomable, and yet items such as civic duties were a foreign idea to most, unless threatened with a fine. In those days most White homes had at least 2 White Caucasian servants (when paid and free, indentured, or paid) it was like the class system of Europe. The domestic servant classes typically did not marry and were happy with their lot in life. This class of whites (envied by blacks) happily worked on the homestead as unskilled labor. It was difficult in those days to keep up a household without electricity etc. Whether you’re talking about shoeing horses, plowing the field, washing the laundry, slaughtering the animals, heating the homes, making bread, cooking, preparing ingredients, defending the home, hunting, upkeep of house construction, pest control, preparing the meals, raising children without conveniences, making clothing, teaching, preparing for church etc, doing for your landlord (or upkeep of your own house), side jobs, etc, not to mention all the duties of having a Profession and succeeding in it, and especially this is not to mention extra activities or even able to think about Civic duties or responsibilities tied to citizenship, participation in the social system, political upkeep of the surrounding government, society etc. Any one of these tasks took a lot more effort. Only in the technical advances, developing of new technology for transportation, food, sanitation, upkeep of more modern homes, and other conveniences.

Blacks wanted these White servant’s jobs. Lincoln never did itemize how this new freedom for blacks (or even the lower servant classes of Whites for that matter) would be required to fight in the White military, work in the White’s economic system, pay their own rent, support their own selves, birth children without their common support network, raise the children without fellow servants who were not tied down by these burdens of the White man’s society.

By custom White people did not marry and have children themselves unless they rose above the apprenticeship level in their profession, which typically was reserved exclusively for the first and second born sons. These customs varied, but were dominant in most of the Germanic (majority) areas of America.

They didn’t have to pay for a long list of items, food, transport, pay taxes, or support the current system of laws which till then had systemically excluded them.

So here’s a knee-jerk meme going around for our discussion. Most will just give a simple agree / disagree, without mentioning the reasons why. Let me reign in people who don’t know WHY. The answers I pray stir those under 5 column communist occupations to not be intimidated from doing their civic duties, and not to be subdued by their lies any longer. Christian citizens should press on and keep promoting rightful responses, in faith, and increase in Godly obedience to the good laws our forefathers won for us to enjoy in peace, maintaining the purity and liberty of our faith as professed in the churches.

If you can’t defend the why, then who is good and who is evil? While silence is legally implied consent, sins of omission vs commission can also be much worse. What about if passive would mean promotion? as in some cases it would, and others it would not. For this reason I’ll continue to remind facebook bans this content quick, and so is impossible to be the place for these discussions. Anyhow I did share the core reason and I want to share it, without catch phrases that simply get people banned off of facebook in ignorance of both sides.

Who Was The Worst President?

The President right before Lincoln (Buchannon) the mainline historians are saying was the worst President of all time (see: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/the-worst-us-president-of-all-time-isnt-donald-trump-according-to-historians-find-out-who-they-picked/ss-AA138NK5 ) , citing the Supreme Court continuing generational consistent laws and case laws that confirmed Blacks could not become US Citizens. However these historians should be fired, as this wasn’t his doing. Scott v. Sandford was in 1857, well before his Presidency. Till the year 1968 (100 years after the passing of the 14th amendment) citizenship was still blocked to other races, partially undone by the immigration act of 1965, and partially undone by the overturning (of the long held constitutional law banning interracial marriage) in 1967 Loving v. Virginia, and 47 states banned interracial marriage at that time (28 states still banned it as a felony crime 10 years in prison). While many states held out some years before taking down their felony statute on the crime of interracial marriage, still some states took generations to take it down. For example the state of Alabama whose constitution still read that “at no time in the future may any law be passed that would de-criminalize interracial marriage”. This was illegally removed from the Alabama Constitution in the year 2000, and is still debated in court to be restored (eventually when the occupations are lifted). Would the person be evil who gives up on this important court struggle?

Wouldn’t Abraham Lincoln be rolling in his grave if you continue to sit by idle while his plan to provide true Emancipation, to a full and complete independent government of their own, is not followed through with? Black dignitaries are awaiting for this to be followed through with. It will take court actions that address the true root source of the theft from the “posterity communities” vs the foreign communities who were banned from citizenship. It will take some shining of the truth and light in the courts to continue these pending matters that Lincoln engineered.

Civic duties of citizenship is something the new arrivals wouldn’t know about, and the 5th column communists have ensured is no longer taught in the schools. However it all is still a wonderful solution for peace, to support the system, argue for these rights in court (although the communists on every corner threaten, bully and harass us for it, labelling everything good in our country as “systemic white supremacy”). Don’t give in to the lies. The truth is what prevails at the end of the day. Forces of darkness (lies) have neither root nor branch.

If we have a situation like Ukraine where there’s no electricity I believe the class system (with servants) will be the most orderly, as everything will take 10x longer to get anything done, as was done in the past system. Lets also hope and pray the present government is not inviting Russia to occupy together with their 5th column communists that hate our country. As in times past, the civic duties were not required for the other classes as it was evident that was way too much burden, and who would want to fight for something they got nothing out of? These days most don’t even understand the civic duties so there’s plenty of leverage to represent yourself in court, or spread the word for those who are more capable to reclaim back the damages from the amount of injuries aimed very discriminately and prejudicially at one group, now piling sky high.

So you Refuse To Vote (or do other basic civic duties) Because You Think the System Is Corrupt?

Most people reject the option of voting because they think the system is corrupt. What about those who have risen up, like Tulsi Gabbard, Donald Trump, and all across Europe? You’re going to leave them stranded? I hear so many just cop-out with simple negative comments, however this does not justify the gross neglect.

Now here’s the Pastor in me speaking:

A simple negative rejection will not suffice, and yes I agree also not a simple positive(unless it’s the name of Jesus). We must always ensure “our speech becometh the Gospel” (the positive good message) which is those in Christ prevail in every case in life, and yes will fail as we refuse to obey His laws we are punished with a continual bondage. This prerequisite for lifting national punishments wasn’t only given to the whole people for disobedience, it was was also given as a condition to the House of David has this bondage covenant to be kept from victorious rulership and liberating His people till they repent and go back to the commandments, then God promises to Himself ensure His covenant is carried out that David’s seed will be raised up and those obedient descendants may restore right governance again (for a period, till they forget His laws again).

Yes plenty (maybe all?) people are denying any and all Biblical Christian solutions if it relates to involving anything whatsoever here on planet earth. However, I don’t think that’s how our Christian forefathers viewed the world back when they were outnumbered by much much farther superior numbers, alone and surrounded by savages, and they had so minutely fewer resources, rights, abilities and conveniences in comparison to what they sacrificed and earned for us to use today for our maintenance of the faith, life and liberty (America’s first constitution and articles of confederation included texts that we’re under Jesus Christ, for the first 300 years in this land and that government was for “the liberty and purity of the Gospel as professed in the churches”). There’s no shortage of people who refuse to occupy and go to the negative which itself would also be “giving place” to the devil, which is another negative act (not making our speech as always becoming the Gospel) as banned expressively by St Paul in Eph 3, which was “giving place” because they’re fed up with the failures. Lets also not get caught up in only negative affirmations, but make sure “our speech always becomes the Gospel”. The National spirits or archons claimed the territory, however it says we are “seated with Him(presently) in heavenly places far above all power, principality(archons), dominion and strength”. also I’m not going to misquote 1John 4:14 “as He is so are we in this present world”. and Rev 9 “those redeemed by the blood sing a song… we shall reign on the earth”. I hear a lot of defeatism for sure, and the points are all correct in their contexts.

Do we “give place” for the posterity of the so-called (leftists say it) “systemic White Supremacist Nations” to be replaced? In some ways the leftists shoot themselves in the foot on this, as we can’t help it that the system is this way, but this measure placed in by our Christian forefathers protects us from the 5th column communist foreign ownership. When there is unabated and total takeover of any Nation by any foreign non-posterity community, this often leads to a very real exploitation and takeover by a foreign hostile enemy power (like the Red Russian Coalition of enemy nations) says they are doing to the West (exploiting our systems to attack and destroy all definitions of the Nationhood).

I am a descendant of the early colonial fathers, who for 400 years operated under the text that we’re a Nation under God. Yes the first “articles of confederation” had the text that our “perpetual union / confederation” was with “one aim” “the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and maintaining the purity of the Gospel”. The text adopted by all other colonies was “for maintaining the liberty and purity of the Gospel”. The law books confirm this text of the perpetual (un-ending) union was adopted into the present Constitution as the TRUE “union that’s being perfected”.

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Take Care and may God Bless you

Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick

Primace, OCC https://St-Andrewsocc.org