Happy Scottish St Margaret’s Day! Great Time to Witness about The Biblical Saturday Sabbath

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Wishing you a Happy Scottish remembrance day of Saint Margaret, from the Orthodox Church of the Culdees. Scottish festival held every November 16th, (A Great Time to Witness about The Biblical Saturday Sabbath)












She arguably accomplished more than any before her to conform the church of the Picts and Scots (Culdee and Columban) to the Roman church.

Before her, no one in Scotland was celebrating Sunday or following the Roman Calendar. Saturday Sabbath and Hebrew Feasts were the norm.

I quoted half a dozen mainstream history books that highlighted this topic in my book “Sabbath in the Orthodox Church East and West“. Lately I was re-reading the book “The Early Scottish Church” by MacLaughlin (who I didn’t quote in it), as found here: “The Early Scottish Church – Ecclesiastical History of Scotland”(Free PDF Book) by McLaughlin, Edinburg 1865, and McLaughlin (like the dozens of other great books on the topic said it quite well.) He dedicates a lot of pages just on how St Margaret influenced and changed the church. The Saturday Sabbath and Calendar is at the top of the list.

Sabbath in the Orthodox Church – By Rev. Dr. Stephen M.K. Brunswick ThD, PhD

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St Andrew, Saint Margaret's Chapel in Edinburgh Castle - Copyright cover imagry Celtic Orthodox Church Sabbath Book,

St Andrew, Saint Margaret’s Chapel in Edinburgh Castle – Copyright cover imagery from the Sabbath in the Celtic Orthodox Church by Rev Brunswick

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Demonstrating the continuity of the Christian 7th Day Sabbath, as kept by the Faithful in the Orthodox Church (East and West)

40+ Early Church Fathers are quoted herein as advocating the Saturday Sabbath festivals Saturday Traditions that substantiate the facts that the Christian Nations of God know His day so that a remnant can keep His day.

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Take care and God Bless

Rev Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick

Primace, St Andrew’s OCC https://St-Andrewsocc.org