Intermarium TRUE GUARANTEED PEACE for Ukraine / E Europe

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Robust Peace Plan of Ukrainian Nationalists, Intermarium or 3 Seas Initiative


from Dr Stephen MK d’Guelph Brunswick, ThD, PhD

Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies

I have been a witness to many great deeds done to ensure a stable peace in Eastern Europe and for this I share the good news. Although hundreds of thousands of citizens of Eastern Europe have actively worked on this plan over the last 30 years, some of the best proponents were shut down by big tech, censored, and even banned from financing by some countries. Shame on big tech who censored the organizations who sacrificed to ensure the peace plans were guaranteed to be implemented for the broader peace, without Nato or Russian interference.

Some have even mislabeled the Ukrainian Maidan protests (which were largely anti-Western) to say they were something of seeking closer ties to the West. Ukrainians overwhelmingly have been, and remain against, the predominant self-destructive counter-culture that has infested the West. Any one of the leading spokesmen/women in Ukrainian society sought only to make a stronger base of the Intermarium nations. As this is not Western European and not Russian, so it has been a vacuum for anti-Ukrainian foreign attacks from either side to enflame one against the other. Whether it was Westerners who simply hate Ukrainians for their cultural conservatism, or Russians needing further pretexts to say the Ukrainians hate Russians. There are motives from either side. The United States labelled 2/3 of the Political Parties of Ukraine as “Neo Nazi”. As recent as 2017 the US Congress passed new laws banning any support for large sections of the Ukrainian government, with the text calling them “Neo Nazi”. However, while that is not true, it is handing a win over to Russia, and so they ran with it. I know many of those of the Azov Battalion and other such Nationalist organizations, including members in 2/3 of their Political parties that were all labelled Neo Nazi. Various Intermarium (peace) support group members were largely banned from Facebook, Twitter, and even some Western Universities expelled their members without warning (much harsher than has been done to all those Pro-Antifa and Communism Professors). Although they are conservative, Nationalistic, patriotic / loving their heritage, and wishing for freedom of their people to be expanded (not compressed by either Russia or Western systems), it is a total mischaracterization and a hateful smear to call them Neo Nazi.

It is a shame that the current oppressive system dominant in the West has made it so none of the stable peace plans that were guaranteed to thwart any threat to Russia (or Nato) and avert war, had totally been silenced these last 10 or so years.

However I have spoken, and will continue to speak (through Jesus Christ my Lord) on behalf of His laws regarding protecting property rights and due succession. So I speak on behalf of my European estate properties of my successor cadet branch family of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick-Oels that continued our rights uninterrupted, to be advanced when there is time for the heir to do so. It is not only my right (as I or my heir gets time to follow text of the existing treaties, international, dynastic and public applicable laws), but it’s a right of our suffrage populations to have our rightful cultural spokesmanship, as a representative of the long established Dynasties of Germany, and extending through E & W Europe).

I believe in Ukraine an immediate peace can be reached, with a full withdrawal of the foreign troops on both sides. That is if real actions are made to join the Slavic / Intermarium union. There is no reason why any leader inside of Ukraine would not wish to be with the stronger internal union of their people, rather than have the foreign oppression continuing (whether Western or Russian). I have a right to speak and ensure my inheritance, whether I have time to receive it, or one day my heir does, is not damaged beyond repair.

The Ukrainian Nationalists most strongly saw the impending conflicts afar off and did all they could to upend them.

INTERMARIUM the sign post, was promoted not only by them all, but also by President Trump. His first foreign visit as President was to Poland and promoting their Three Seas Initiative.

They meticulously sought a withdrawl of all Eastern European (brother Slavic) Nations to leave Nato and join the Intermarium to strengthen themselves, without Nato or Russia. Although now under foreign control, countless have died to preserve this wonderful dream of peace and prosperity for this part of Europe.

The House of Wolfenbuttel-Brunswick-Oels has held the primary Piast alloids, and has continued carrying the coat of arms of these states, and using the Piast name “Oels/Olesnica”, which was solidified in the Silesian and confederate states going back to the time of Henry the Lion and his Emperor father and grandfathers who did rule from the Baltic to Sicily very well.

Of my 13 years ministering in Western and Eastern Europe, I fell in love with the area and will do what I can to pray for and speak up as their cultural representative, although living in America. I do not seek to join any Americans to this cause, this is purely an estate matter, regarding my inheritance. I don’t need to elaborate or show the maps of these lands, as it’s a well known establishment of history. We could also invoke our rights that have been repeatedly preserved in the succession of our blood rights under several dynastic, international, and public laws regarding our succession within the House of Romanov / Russia, as well as our highest rights of the Piast alloids, the Guelph Bavarian, the Brunswick greater Saxony realms, the Galizen (Poland/West Ukraine) principalities in our coat of arms, our Italian House of Este primacy, our Carolingian French / Capet House supremacy, all kept in a reserved position not only in our coat of arms but in numerous treaties and laws with present reigning governments. Although we have it by inheritance rights as our property, it has been illegally overtrodden for a long time. We will continue to protest each successive defacto usurper in reservation of our rights as de jure heirs of said estates. While our property rights are overtrodden, we see the communists overtrodding everyone else’s rights as well. However, all rights need to be guaranteed as absolute, especially the inalienable ones from the Creator.


Thank you for your time,

Dr Brunswick


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Our studies into the natural orders given by our Creator’s law have proven out to be the most comprehensive avenues of peace. Deviation from His laws and Kingship, has proven to be against nature, and has no end of conflict. Such self destruction of Christian nations only multiplies conflict against itself as a foreign installed weapon to take down what ever was good in such nations, selectively taking down only the ones of the Christian cultural heritage, while giving a free pass of misbehaviour for all who attack it. Peace and prosperity is on the horizon for all who will give up this losing struggle against the basic inalienable rights God gave for His created nature, and against His laws requiring preservation of our heritage or property.