Are You a Prophet? (Spiritual gifts confirmed) Are you a judge?

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Someone recently was asking if God’s church should be doing more judging. Short answer is yes we should do more judging, but in a balance of the rest of the gifts operating in His church bodies. Not everyone in the church body are called to be judges. Although for every one there is expected a certain level of ministry in this area in their lives, it may not be their gift. A lot of people want to be a national level judge. However there was only 1 judge typically out of all the millions of the camps, and they had it very hard. It seems to correlate with the New Testament Spiritual gift of being a Prophet, of the gifts in the church.

Hear this expounded upon in balance:

You can also take such quiz online to learn your gifts (there are no wrong answers, it just helps you better know yourself and also can share it with your friends so they don’t expect something of you that’s outside of your gifts, or vice-versa): (I believe, but haven’t confirmed all the questions, the quiz is this one:

Please take the test and share your results at

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