“End the Fed”, Credit Fraud Banking is Repugnant to the Constitution

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Credit Fraud Banking is Repugnant to the Constitution

Dr Ron Paul, was a Republican candidate who won the popular election. Although he broke many records to show he would be the winner, was blacked out by the media and his own party. He made this his primary platform, sounding the alarm that this unlawful money system of credit fraud will crumble. The unnecessary system of credit fraud banking was a key component to take down, to restore freedom and prosperity. Promoting integrity to enforce existing laws on the books remain central. The rise of Marxism in America runs parallel with the changing of what a dollar meant (as it drifted from the Constitutional requirements of it being fraud proof, based on gold and silver).

Dr Ron Paul which won the popular election, but was blacked out by the media and his own party, made this his primary sounding of the reality, that the Fed will end, as in his book “End the Fed” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVyhIGkusnI




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In case you’re not aware Bruce G. McCarthy has been teaching on this topic for decades. Go to republicbroadcasting.org for his weekly broadcast.

Below are some of his booklets:

Those Who Promote Anything but Money

The Pipeline

The Pernicious Treadmill of Credit

Inflation is Fatal

Does Your Survival Depend on These

What is a Dollar

Theocratic Money vs Democratic Money

Credit Debt is Slavery

Here are some of his informational videos:





Those-Who-Promote-Anything-But-MoneyThe-PipelineThe-Pernicious-Treadmill-of-CreditInflation-Is-FatalDoes-Your-Survival-Depend-On-Thesewhat-is-a-dollar15074811-Bruce-G-McCarthy-Theocratic-Money-vs-Democratic-MoneyBruce G. McCarthy — Credit Is Debt Is Slavery