State Monuments now being destroyed by church networks!

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From the Desk of Dr Stephen MK Brunswick

Prior, St Andrew’s OCC

Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies

Dear Church,

I recorded the following audio response


I’m reaching out to at-risk areas, where the current trends of felony conspiracies to deface State Monuments are infecting your region. SCV are registered guardians of monuments, maintaining them, and are obliged to take legal actions against those who might be caught desecrating graves or monuments of the State or of our ancestors who fought on behalf of their State.
I, as a legal representative of one area, do also care for several of the monuments that are now under threat. So I want to proactively reach out to ask such ministers to prayerfully consider not to sell-out to satan by falling into the CRT trap. We must urge the churches not to promote the antifa / blm crimes of burning down police stations, local grocery stores etc. There is a lot of Biden-Obama money bypassing State legislatures, going directly to Municipalities and church programs, incentivizing them for promoting CRT indoctrination (promoting hate against America). It is not worth it. If the churches can’t afford to keep their doors open and are tempted to take the money, don’t do it. A good Christian would instead hold their post till they can shut your church down for good. That would be much more advisable than turning the facilities into an agency of satan etc. Perhaps start supporting more right-leaning churches. It will never be worth it to take the bribes of the CRT money for programs sponsored by the Biden-Obama regimes to remake what the definitions of genders are, and every other part of the fabric of Christian society! Our foreign enemies are hoping you fall into those traps as well, so they may more easily, weaken, steal, kill and destroy. Also satan is counting on it, so he can ensure there are less Christians around to stand against evil, to hold the line and occupy till our King Jesus returns.
So, I thought any good Christian would find this news interesting, as published by the Abbeville Institute just yesterday. I hope you will pray about reducing the BLM / Antifa CRT insurrection materials now promoted in the local cities around your church. We’ve now uncovered there are new lows which preachers are going to, supporting desecration of good Christian monuments, in the dark, in secret, but promoted openly under corrupt project names.

I recorded the following audio response


These preachers promoting the above named project are the true haters fueling hatred, and promoting violence against State institutions, monuments, symbols, laws, State veteran’s families, desecration of graves (which each monument represents), as well as numerous other rights of the citizens of such States.

The BLM riots are now going on more quietly in the dark. Not only are they burning down police stations and supermarkets in broad daylight. They’re now vandalizing and destroying State Monuments. These are now being aided and propagated by ministers.

We must pray these illegal accomplices be brought to justice for their crimes of destroying state monuments (Confederate). They even gave their crimes a “project name”, which makes it more easy to prove the conspiracy. They are calling their crime by the project name “SWORDS INTO PLOWSHEARS”. It’s a name only, as they’re doing the opposite.
Absolutely no one participated in the war of Northern aggression on a basis of hate or race. Good citizens of each state were drafted by their local democratically elected governments to defend their homes, while no soldier out there hated anyone.
However, while Lincoln was promising to return every black back to Africa, had said only 2 years into the war that they would free slaves. Nearly a million Americans were killed by his own actions, which he clearly stated were NOT about slavery, but were on collecting a tax he placed on States who had absolutely no delegates at his election as any representatives from their own States. So the union took on a stronger tight-knit form called a Confederacy. Federate is less united than Confederate, and so as the usurping government disregarded the whole constitution, this Confederate association restored the constitutionally required local representation in a central government. Regarding slavery, he must have got that idea from the South, which already passed laws to end slavery in 2 States.

The project name to cover their crimes called “swords into plowshears” is a deceptive term, as they are only doing illegal acts, doing violent and dirty deeds in the dark, endorsed by ministers! SHAME SHAME! This is full blown communism now taking new shape of crimes against “the landmarks our forefathers set up”. I cover these issues in the following ***mp3 Audio message**, please spread it far and wide.

I’m calling on all the ministers and culprits who are co-conspiring to commit these felonies, to TURN YOURSELVES IN before you are found out! Their whole cover-network of promoting these felonies is a major racketeering / corrupt organizations practice ongoing. It doesn’t matter if they’re re-labelling the CRT funded events, or how ever they came about this enablement to commit these crimes of insurrection, whether by color of law, or otherwise. Actually by law it will equate to insurrection as they are threatening the use of violence to come against state laws and the heritage rights of the citizens of their formerly confederate state. All who are providing material support to the insurrectionists can face heavy jail time if they don’t turn around quick!
Anyone who is conspiring with another person to do it, we know several were loud and vocal about it, and each individual will be soon identified. So turn yourself in, don’t wait for others to turn you in.

So I made the following message on how to better legally protect these monuments. One way is joining / supporting the SCV (If you’re part of a Southern State or have Southern ancestors who fought defending their State.)

Kind regards and may God Bless you
Dr Stephen MK Brunswick