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Defending King James Bible text as the Inspired Word of God and best translation. Below you can find several of the best works on the Authority of the King James Bible. The word God promised to preserve, although heaven and earth may pass away, His words remain. As He did emphasize Scripture itself as being important, saying “it is written” and saying “all Scripture” being Divinely protected etc. We find that most evident in the King James Bible.

There are thousands of books out there written on the topic of the supremacy of the King James Bible. However lately these books and booklets on defending the KJV or even defending the Greek and Hebrew are becoming more buried in google. However, be assured thousands of very good works have been published on this topic.

If you’re looking for more full text booklets on the topic of God’s word preserved in KJV  then I advise you to Bookmark this url. We are planning to add about 100 such full text booklets (and with previews / excerpts to hundreds more) all listing credit to the authors appropriately.

We will be adding these most heavily in late 2021 and early 2022.

Enjoy this topic on God’s Perfect Word being preserved for His people. We are planning seminars on this subject.

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The United States of America Foretold in the Holy Scriptures by Rev F E Pitts (1857)

      The United States Of America Foretold In The Holy Scriptures by Rev. F. E. Pitts Feb. 22 and 23, 1857 A DEFENSE OF ARMAGEDDON or Our Great […]