Judgement on Comet Ison and Rare Eclipse – Egyptian and Biblical Angels, dragons, etc

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This rare eclipse occurred at the moment the comet ison came within our orbital path November 2nd and 3rd. Hear words of understanding, history, and prophecy about such eclipses at this video from Rev Stephen Michael of The Christ’s Assembly Worldwide, Grand Marshal of the Priory of Salem.

Like in every culture in the world, Paul reiterated that it’s because of the angels that women should cover their heads. Electrically speaking it’s an insulator at a time when we’re seeing all the planets light up like Christmas trees, Mars etc as the comet passes by. Last year Venus lit up from a similar comet. For angelic descension I think we’re nearing that period now more than for a long time… Comet Ison and rare eclipses occuring. A lot of Biblical comentary and encouragement for the elect firstfruits.


Egyptian mythology is centered around the topic of the habitation that is located at the horizon that’s in the center of the sky. Especially during the time there is an eclipse, they say in all their mythologies that’s when it’s open for the giants, angels, nephillim creatures, Pharohs etc to come through. Most of these are depicted in art and statues as having what looks like a crescent eclipse symbol around their heads.

This agrees with the Biblical depictions of eclipses that have occurred as well as will occur in future cataclysmic events. It regularly calls this the sun setting in the middle of the day, or becomes totally darkened like in Egyptian plagues, the Crucifixion and resurrection of saints at the crucifixion, the sun being blackened and covered with sackcloth, moon into blood, etc.  The Scripture regularly said there would be signs in the heavens, and the Scripture consistently refers to them.

Christians wore headcoverings in every denomination , not long ago. Even men were expected to be always wearing headcoverings except while praying or prophesying. It says the sorrows that will follow these eclipses will include baldness of women, plagues etc.

Many have proven comet ison is the samem comet of 1680, coming exactly on the same degrees and solar longtitude and latitudinal path of the 1680 comet. It’s virtually guaranteed to be the same comet, and with it, coming ever 333 years, came the bubonic and black death plagues.

See our Rabbinic Counsel Hebrew Quarantine Declaration for New SARS MERS and more  to read about the measures for protecting yourself regarding the plagues. God has given us all the solutions already in the law of Moses. No other medicine or strategy can help. 

Paul reiterated the importance of separating ourselves from people who have uncleanness or red sores showing in the flesh: Paul Taught Dietary Laws and Levitical Blood Laws PNIKTOS = ALL UNCLEAN MEATS

While this is common Hebrew law and knowledge verified in every culture of the world, and in present laws in many countries for quarantines. Sadly you’re not going to find the law taught plainly in many other ministries at this time, except within The Christ’s Assembly Worldwide. The problem is everyone only follows babylon who have sold themselves for the love of money to pharmakia witchraft structures for their economies, insurance companies, etc. They’re deliberately not testing people. So it will be too late if you aren’t already following the law of Moses by the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus to follow that law that David said is only freedom and liberty. The only bondage is sin, 1John 3:4 “sin is transgression of the law”, the law is righteousness, and it’s the only way you know what you do is love.




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