The last Orthodox King of England Harold Godwinson

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Many have read about the Orthodox history, and our Culdee roots preserved through Orthodox Bishops both in England, within Visigothic, Waldensian, Ostrogothic and other branches who refused to join with Rome. Officially King Harold was known as the last Orthodox King of England.

Sabbath was the central theme for the Orthodox of England. The refusal to keep Rome’s feasts like “Lord’s Day”.

People in the British Isles, including Ireland, may be shocked to learn this, but the Sabbath was kept in them by many until the English Queen Margret married Malcom III king of the Scots, and started to ban Culdees, later introducing “Lord’s day / Sunday” to be equal with Saturday the Sabbath of God’s true people. Margret died in 1093.

Sunday (Moffat , James Clement.  The Church in Scotland: A History of Its Antecedents, it Conflicts, and Its Advocates, from the Earliest Recorded Times to the First Assembly of the Reformed Church. Published by Presbyterian Board of Education, 1882.  Original from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Digitized Mar 13, 2008, p. 140).

“There is in fact no historical evidence that Ninian, or Patrick, or Columba, or any of their con­temporaries in Ireland, kept Sunday as a Sabbath.” (Ibid., page 28.) (Celtic Sabbath-Keeping Study No. 264, from Cherith Chronicle, April-June 1998, pp. 46-47. 6/24/06)

Thomas Bampfield…contended that “the seventh day had been kept in England in unbroken succession until the thirteenth century.” (Ball B.  Seventh Day Men: Sabbatarians and Sabbatarianism in England and Wales, 1600-1800, 2nd edition.  James Clark & Co., 2009, p. 21).

The last Orthodox King of England, King Harold, was slain at Hastings by the Papist invaders in the year 1066. After the Conquest, some of Harold’s family fled to Kievan Rus’, where his illegitimate daughter Gytha of Wessex married Vladimir Monomakh, Grand Duke of Kievan Rus’, and is ancestor to dynasties of Galicia, Smolensk and Yaroslavl, whose scions include Modest Mussorgsky and Peter Kropotkin. Consequently, the Russian Orthodox Church allegedly recently recognized Harold as a martyr with October 14 as his feast day.

Harold II Godwinson of England
(Bayeux Tapestry)

Harold of England – OrthodoxWiki

King Harold II of England (ca. 1022 – October 14, 1066) was the last crowned Anglo-Saxon king of England. He was the son of Earl Godwin of Wessex, succeeded St. Edward the Confessor to the throne of England, but served as its king for less than a year, dying on the field of battle at Hastings in sou…



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