Mp3* Hell, Fire and Brimstone (Greg Laurie)

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For New Believers, who haven’t yet dedicated their lives to Christ.

Popular Evangelist, Pastor Greg Laurie of Southern California, gives this sobering take on the topic of “Hell, Fire and Brimstone”. This is an important topic for everyone. These days science is showing more and more that there is an afterlife. This topic is on what God says about it, in reference to hell itself. click here to download or play the mp3.

Have you dedicated your life to Christ? Do you want assurance you will not go to hell, and that you will go to heaven? Then pray the sinners prayer today and get your life right with Christ. (At the end of this mp3 you can say the sinners prayer, a prayer of commitment to Christ.) Activate your eternal new birthed spirit, and learn to make your spirit grow as you learn to live by His word more and more each day. Learn “His will” which is “His word” in order to get every prayer answered. We at the Christ’s Assembly are here to help and pray with you. Just call 714-983-6968 and setup an appointment to pray together with a Minister. We will be glad also to answer any of your questions. You can get started also by using our “contact page”. (Note: We are not a partner of Harvest Ministries or Crusades. We also don’t agree on every point of doctrine with Greg Laurie. His specialization is on new believers. We find him to be good at helping people become new believers and come into the greater fold of Christ’s Body.)

We will help you in getting a Bible and on track with a local assembly where you can grow by the Spiritual milk of the word, until you’re ready for strong meat. You’ll learn to operate in His presence, celebrating with His people. With His people, His feasts, and the Kingdom knowledge. In His presence there is fullness of joy, and at His right hand there are pleasures evermore. He wants to give us everything that we can use to make the best of His Kingdom to be a shining example of His good governance before the end does come. It says the wicked will be very jealous of all of us who live by His good word. God says we will be blessed on earth far above what they can imagine, with every good thing.

Many people don’t know the covenant promises and so they force themselves these days to live below the blessing promises of God. Instead of thanking and praising God that His word promised our many blessings, people take another form of prayers of “woe is me” etc, leaving God’s presence. However we at the Christ’s Assembly seek to share with you the good news as Christ said “all these things will be added unto you if you seek first His Kingdom Governance”. We will help teach you to be an overcommer, as “greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world”. Lets all get our spirit bodies activated and busy learning our new position in Him.

Most of all this topic is on knowing there is a hell, that we all will have to deal with. Only the Blood of Jesus Christ can save us from it. We must turn from all sin, and confess all sin (at least in spirit) and recieve that He paid the ultimate price for our sin, so that we may be both forgive and granted the access into heaven (as well as heaven on earth).

You can officially dedicate your life to Christ today, with the simple to follow sinners prayer. Remember that is only the first step. You’ll be born, but don’t go to sleep afterwards! Grow to your fullest potential of all the best on earth, as in heaven!

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