Hundreds of Older German Runic Artifacts Demonstrate the Scythian Goth Kinship in Viking and Saxon Nations, directly linked to Wolfenbuettel-Brunswick

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In some parts of the Saxon Empire, like in Frisia (through the late period of the Brunoid Kindred Emperors), these older Runes (Elder Futhark) were the official written alphabet of the people, and on the coinage etc.

Here you may view hundreds of artifacts of RUNES from GERMANY (Greater Saxony mainly) .

They don’t call them “Saxon Runes” for nothing. The oldest and most original Runes (alphabet of our ancestors) are all over the German realms. However once we get to the newer versions of the Runes, those are found mostly in the younger Gothic areas such as Norway/Sweden/England etc. This all proves it is absolutely correct to call even the oldest of the Runes all as “Anglo Saxon” as they are officially called everywhere. There’s only one family that has the alloidial blood inheritance of these original Saxon (and Ostrogoth/Visigoth and Billunger Gothic) realms, and one alone, D’Este Guelph Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel-Oels, Senior Branch, House of Welf

Here are some of the Frisian rune coins (from the period of the Brunoid Dukes of Frisia and Saxony, who were elected Emperors of all Germany)

900AD Frisian Runes Coin

This information is somewhat censored, but it is important for you to know. To know the true tribal identifications you can say who is who, and who really is not, as Christ said He would take the kingdom from the Jews and give it to a tribe bringing forth the fruits thereof.

Compare the Runes with Paleo Hebrew. It’s not that different. The older you go the more it is one.

compare viking runes with paleo hebrew

Frisians are documented to be some of the earliest with this type of coinage that pioneered our great civilization. Here is another coin under the period of the Brunoid German Emperors who were Dukes of Frisia and supreme Imperial monarch with full possession of the Gottingen-Brunswick alloids, as Brunswick is still today.

From Harlingen Frisia-Brunswick 900 AD, below is another Runic Gold Coin of Saxon Frisia. The capital later moved from Gottingen to Wolfenbuettel where the main Imperial mint has remained officially in operation as a mark of the Brunswick Saxon Sovereignty through till 1918 when (most of) the de facto monarchs abdicated.

The latest Brunswick Saxon coins have the great Coat of Arms of Witukind the King of Saxony, (the White Horse) on the coins, as the only Blood Heirs of his alloids, together with the other named houses, as their last blood heirs, ie of the Gothian alloid known as Gottingen (or Gutingi in the official documents in the original writing). These land borders were defended by our house till 1935 in official treaties and court cases referring to up to date treaties with our house and various still reigning governments. Too bad now those parties are now part of the UN.

Till the end of World War I, and the succumbing to the red communist party revolution in 1918, our house had full sovereign legal control of the Principality of East Frisia(Ost_Friesland). There’s now an independence movement there ongoing.

principality of East Frisia (Ost-Friesland)

Besides these awesome Frisia Saxon/Gothic runes (and having up-to-date alloidial hereditary land claim there, for the current “Principality of East Frisia” ) lets go to part of the up-to-date eastern frontier at the alloidial hereditary estates of our Billunger line(also a last Amelung Gothian line), However Poland would prefer their own blood(which we have in the Brunswick line), and so we must turn to what’s been the accepted norms of all parties in international law and our most up to date VALID land claim is found through our Piast Dynastic succession, as documented herein. And enjoy these Runic bracelets from this Pomeranian region(Greater Poland). Not only the last blood heirs but kept it up to date in international law for ready reclamation (preserved in multiple treaties of current governments). Enjoy the article, note it effects Russia and Ukraine as well:

more info on these Polish (Scythian / Saxon) runes at

Numerous (thousands of) Anglo Israel books have been written on the topic linking the Scythians with the Saxon and kindred peoples who are the Israel of God. Only the Northern Kingdom was called Israel (also called the House of Israel), while the separate Southern Kingdom Judah was called the House of Judah. The Northern House did go into idol worship and for this reason was divorced from Yahweh God, but were as it says in the New Testament, re-married back to God through the Son (Jesus / Yahshua the Christ).

Note that Jacob gave the name Israel only to his two grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh (the Anglo-Saxon nations of today, fulfilling their national prophecies etc), and the prophecies say “the Government Shall Be On His Shoulder”, the Onyx stone kingdom, the tribal gemstone of Manasseh was worn on the shoulders of the High Priests. It is a stone of just weights and measures. A stone of law, of reconciliation, of reasoning, of sobriety and of judgement and justice. The largest ethnic group of America being Anglo-Saxon German, the nation with the weapons and representing the true original non-Jewish Israel, although rebellious as ever, and for this reason being punished by our loving heavenly Father. Punished with being overrun by foreigners and those who hate our God and culture, and now with plagues.

The alloidial heirs of these Saxon(including Frisian and Danish) realms that spanned most of Germany) the Guelphs land were sea to sea actually (from Sicily to the Baltic). The house has kept these claims alive, and had always much contending on this part. The family name and heraldry preserves these claims. There was a continual protest to keep our rights alive for a real sovereign German nation, which the dukes of Brunswick acquired numerous existing (recent) treaties to regain such German Empire. None of the estates (not even the Gothian alloidial lands were brought over into the post 1815 new creations of Hanover Brunswick, all were put under the ban and if captured under edicts of death):

In another related article “The GLORIOUS FUTURE For The Viking Tribe of Dan” you may read how much of this is coming to pass in the future. Also of some recent signs in the heavens, as it says God would give,

On April 29th 2020 you may view yet another unmistakable “sign in the heavens” proving again the DANELAW Government is of God(Dane and Saxon having a strong Imperial tribal alliance for all time). Read on for the info where you may view the incoming asteroid : -) April 29th, 2020.
It is unmistakably reminding us of this covenant of Danelaw rulership. What it boiled down to is that our age-old God given rights were protected by the sword against the tyrant. This article is for those familiar with British Israelism (and kindred nations) truths. Perhaps you have a dozen, or perhaps you have a HUNDRED books on the true Israelite nations of God, which are not called Jews(who 99.5% were removed in 400BC anyhow).


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