Young lady savagely beaten by Floyd Protesters. *sober analysis and real solutions (P.S. Peace Institute)

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Daily there are more such videos sent to us. Normally the small women are beaten by several larger black men and women. These often don’t let up, even after several clear kicks to the head. We have shared several of them on our Watchman News page (although there is a limit on the volume we can post there).  We presently have no person employed to be able to keep up with even 10% of these daily savage videos. 

Over the last few days as hundreds of buildings have gone up in smoke, dozens of police stations and hundreds of cop cars as well, we see much worse things happening to the innocent and vulnerable.

There are now hundreds of cases of elderly being savagely beaten, often these are unexpected attacks from behind in places no one would expect to be attacked, like in front of a store. They are attacked from behind, one boy was stomped so badly they broke many bones in his body. The victims all had one thing in common, pale skin.

Out of all these I’ve watched not an inkling of them had any blacks or others intervening, or telling them to relent. This is much much different than 30 years ago during the LA riots. You didn’t have then an epidemic of elderly being attacked in elderly homes either, like they have today. Back then at least some blacks tried to stop their fellow blacks from destroying. Most will agree there are owner victims of all groups, however, they normally don’t attack black elderly or young ladies like this

watch the video of the beating of this young damsel in distress:

THIS MAY NOT END. Everyone can see now ONLY Whites are getting stomped to death. In Minneapolis the police reported “Somalis” stabbing and shooting any whites in their paths. Very savage beatings, getting them from behind when they wouldn’t know.

Over the last 24-48 hours the overwhelming majority of the list of crimes are much worse than just 1,000+ buildings burned, much more than the 100 cop cars burned*and counting, much worse than the dozens of police stations vandalized, with many taken over and burned to the ground, much worse than the hundreds of “affordable housing units” burned. Gangs of 30 or more stomping to death unarmed young white children, breaking half the bones in their bodies, the stomping to death of the unarmed elderly and even much worse than the dozens of cops that are presently being stabbed and shot.

These hoards vow to continue their killings for weeks, months and years, to reach every community. They won’t make it to many, that’s for sure.

30 million lost their jobs due to covid so they have free time to loot and carry on as long as they want. When the jobs come back, the rest are forced under federal law to take them in and provide them jobs in positions of trust, and grant them authority over more vulnerable people. We will be risking safety of more vitims they are now documented as torturing in a massive scale.

Here’s a good video from a wise brother who has been documenting these crimes for more than 30 years. He offers his sober analysis and Real solution, as provided from his organization’s pamphlets and video at American Renaissance, 

I covered much on this topic, where it’s NOT the criminals doing this, but leaders of Harvard, and other influential community leaders, persons in government and with real power, are calling for ALL WHITE PEOPLE TO BE KILLED. Here’s a small compilation I did quoting these leaders of our degenerated society, where they literally teach widely that all whites should be killed: Public Leaders Quoted Saying: “Kill All White People”, powerful people calling for genocide and holocaust (study from the Priory of Salem, Peace Institute)

However, one must ask, *is it a real solution to give the blacks what they want, a white-free zone? Is it a solution to disengage, let them have their own cities, to provide 100% for themselves, and train their own security etc?

There needs to be a realization the last 60 years of concessions did not work, and just adding more layers of “forced mixing” will make it worse. Blacks respect strength, the other shades seem to like to scream and accuse whites of real savagery, now finally they got something they can point at, so they’re running with it. These groups have been wanting to burn down our cities for a long time. Now with the covid stimulus checks etc they can rest at ease for backup plans while they pillage, so now they have some time to bring their plans into full gear. Till the applicability of race can be acknowledged it will be very dangerous for weak people to be in those areas.

The Minneapolis protesters say because all their hundreds of buildings are burnt down, that there’s nothing left. So they vow to come destroy the suburbs. Several looters have been interviewed openly (as they are wearing masks) and vowed to make this continue for months or years (they hope). They are told the violence against elderly in the elderly homes and other care facilities are warranted. Seeing how they mostly cheap-shot the weak and elderly, I expect it to be more the former. That is yes, unless they are helped by the Communists.

What will be some of the real solutions? First we recommend you join the Priory of Salem, Institute of Peace Studies. Secondly we recommend you join our Templar Order. Thirdly we recommend you move out of the urban areas and to the countrysides. Take care and God bless.